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Found 40 results

  1. I really feel like a noob now, but any tips in using a CV after its rework? Flying planes with WSAD isn't the same as leading them by a mouse pointer, back in the day. Do I need to sign up for World of Warplanes to learn how to play a CV these days? /s I've been watching Toptier in YouTube, but learning from a video isn't the same as actually learning how to do it properly. To add insult to injury, I FXPd Ranger to get Lady Lex so I really need to learn how to play a CV if I'm going to get a Tier 10 ship in both Midway and Hakuryuu, next year. Any tip is fine as my real problem is how to control the speed of the squadron so as not to overshoot the enemy ship in the process with targeting just a little bit easier. Thanks.
  2. So I recently got the Montana, and I've heard she's really good. I can see that - great AA, accuracy and speed, 12 guns etc... I have found my play to be inconsistent, however. Most of the time I either get HE spammed to death (Smolensk, Conqueror, I'm looking at you) or on the rare occasion trying to escape the fiery hellscape of HE shells, I get torpedoed by an opportunistic DD. Rarely do I find myself citadel'd by another BB in an evenly matched fight, leading me to believe that my angling and positioning are decent. Often trying to stay out of range of the HE spammers I just keep myself too far from the action and end up with a paltry 30-40k damage. I have had a few decent games, what I consider 100k+ matches, mainly these games are devoid of Smolensk or Conquerors. So is it something I'm missing about Tier X gameplay, or is the Montana just obsolete in the current invisible light cruiser HE spam meta?
  3. Well, after update 0.9.2, when I click the WoW icon (on the screen), i received a brief window login and then the game crashed, giving me this message. Apparently I'm missing some sort of /profile/python.log but I dont know for sure. It would be nice if someone could help me (I use Window Store download, so things might work different from launcher, plz notice) Ah, and the mod doesn't have anything to do with this because it doesnt fit with Window store download in the first place
  4. Izumo: Playstyle? Guns? FXP? I am getting very inconsistent hits, overpens, and bounces more
  5. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    PC questions

    Okay, so my laptop is dead and I only have my phone. So there’s 2 things I can do 1-sit around and go ‘hmm, would be nice to have a pc’ or 2- get help on good but relatively cheap parts (1080ti is something I’d like to get within my rig) yeah, I have basic pc knowledge, but enough to get me started. It would be great to get some help from pc experts to see which is cheaper, is it worth it, etc. so I have a few questions 1- is it cheaper to buy everything separately? Or pre assembled 2- for a game like wows, how good are your specs and how well does it run? 3- I’m hoping for a 1,500+ price range (AUD) so is it worth it? Will it last? 4- is there a way I can make some ez cash from streaming? Fellow streamers, tell me your story to fame xD Thank you all if you can help 😉
  6. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    Where to go now

    So. If you seen my last topic, my laptop ha officially died.exe It would be beneficial for me to have a pc (for schoolwork as well ) Any suggestions for a mid range gaming PC, $1,500 kind of price range. My friend... has a pc, cant remember the name of it, but it has a pre good internal setup. GTX 1080Ti I believe. 480gb SSD. not bad but its OK. cant remember the rest any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Just not too sure whether or not to buy a car first (turning 16 next year, my own car would be beneficial) or a pc then a car thanks! :)
  7. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    WoWs- i'm out for a while :(

    It is with great sadness and annoyance, after 4 years of downloading edgy shit off the internet, or hard shut-downs, my crappy lappy has had it, done, nuh-uh. So im not hugely annoyed but at the same time I am-especially with WoWs, I was going so well So yeah, I doubt im gonna get JB (with coal, at least, and I don't wanna explain to my parents why I threw $100 at a game for a boat with guns) I guess I could do 1 thing, and let somebody hold my account for a while until im back, I just don't know... id also like to thank you all for your support on my recent forums, even beta and super testers have helped me especially @drakon233 :) so please, if you wanna help out, or pad my shitty stats, feel free to reply to this thread, or message me, (maybe DM me on my insta or FB? im more active on those platforms) Peace, Griffin
  8. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    Which coal ship?

    Yep, its another one of these, and my main question is, which of the freemiums to go for out of Jean Bart, Georgia or Yoshino? (maybe salem, played des moines in space battle and it was so fuckin fun) Now im asking now so when I get the coal for it, which one? Some BG info, my first line was the IJN line, so the Yoshino's long range 310mm 'high explosive watermelons' is very appealing ive watched a lot of flambass, and he plays JB a lot, so I've seen the best of her However the Georgia is a hybrid that im interested in, not many guns, but they're big and accurate. It seems appealing as I have the tirpitz, and secondaries are what the Georgia and Tirp specialize in, and very similar style of armour excluding the turtle-back armour scheme of the tirpitz. not only this but also I've heard you need a 14 point captain for her to truly shine aaand the salem, well, the only experience ive had with des moines is, like I said the space battles, which is very different to the random battles, but it was huge fun and I was doing damn well. nonetheless I think she wouldn't be a bad investment. overall I need a ship that can bring back the bacon, because... well to say this much, I went from 1mil credits to 200k after playing ranked battles with the rental ships. ofc that was my first time playing those ships AND in ranked so clearly was never gonna do well oh well, still, that's just gonna be something that I will want help with, and also ik that JB is goin to go before everything else but idk how to play it, oh well, every new ship is going to be trial and error anyway thanks again!
  9. XxxGr1ffinxxX


    I need some major help with my gameplay. Seriously go check out my stats I reckon its because of my poor map awareness and positioning, and also not knowing playstyles Thanks for reading :)
  10. Ok so i have the Tirpitz, the premium t8 German battleship for captain skills i have; Priority target, Exp. marksman, superintendent, AFT and manual fire for secondaries One thing i have noticed is that the secondary skill helps so much, the secondaries hit their target more often, rip destroyers apart, and it makes it more enjoyable. The Tirpitz, well, i have no particular playstyle. But one thing i've learnt is that this thing cant handle focus fire, and despite the 32-50mm deck armour, i still get 14k salvos... through the nose. This varies from amagi to vlad. Another thing, this cooks so incredibly easy its not funny, and no matter how many times i watch Yuro's guide, it doesnt help. (however that vid was back in 2016 so very very old, not IMO) I've tried being aggressive, it sinks in the blink of an eye, i've tried being a support ship, follow top tier bb's, but it never really works. However i have had some great games in it, so its definetely fun in the right situation Overall, i love the Tirpitz, its fun even though its been power-creeped the hell out of. I would love it even more if i knew how to properly play it. Advice is greatly appreciated 😄
  11. I can win games in Baltimore in 2, or 4 CV random battles. My winning strategy is simply to babysit the BBs on my flank. Wait with them for the strike planes to come, click sector AA, click DFAA, turn to keep active sector on squadrons, shoot down planes. Repeat. Repeat again. And again. At the end of the game, either push in to clean up on a win, or kite off and die on a loss. Typically I don't fire a round from my main guns until after the game is half over, since the BBs are engaging targets well beyond my gun range. It's as boring as it sounds, but it works. Anything else that I've tried has been ineffective. Trying to play as a radar cruiser, pushing up to a forward island to support my DDs, has left me overexposed as the rest of the cruisers and heavy ships are all back in spawn. This leads to me inevitably getting outflanked and killed off early. Any kind of open water shooting gets me focused and killed, since there is no way to disengage while plane spotted, and Balti is not tanky enough to bounce angled battleship AP. On a very lucky day I might find a bit of space behing an island to open up undetected, but the number of planes in the sky means you can't sit still for long. And anyway, if I move away from my BBs they'll get mobbed by enemy bombers, leading inevitably to a loss. Typical game result: (65k plane damage, 20~30 plane kills, then some killsteals late game as I erased the enemy DD and CV during the clean up phase.) Note pathetic damage output. Well, I literally had nothing to shoot at besides aircraft for 90% of the game.
  12. Just started playing her.
  13. Fr00dyDud

    CV manual dropping

    Hey there fellow captains, so I was facing this problem on my keyboard in which both of my alt keys are not working. Since I just unlocked my first Japanese CV, I was very exited to try manual torps dropping, and all the manual stuff. but since the alt keys are not working I decided to change the key bindings to something different but it still doesn't work. It just doesn't show the manual dotted circular thingy from which you can do a manual drop, please help me guys. Thanks.
  14. Dendi_Superman

    Freddie the-not-so Great

    With the current meta, how should I spec the captain? CQB or Flamu's tank build? Or perhaps the meta will change once the CV and concealment changes go thru? After playing a few rather short lived games, I find that I can't click with her yet. Get close to try to support DD, gets IFHE to death by Worcester (yes, 100 to port), guns are controlled not by me but by rng, triple cits in one game but overpens and misses for the rest. So errrr, need some help. Notice me senpai!
  15. So this, I'm not sure if I'm posting on the right section but.. I am in dire need of veterans or a clan that can speak and understand english. I realized I needed to improve my skill on playing DDs preferably KMS line and Z23 to be exact. I don't really know what I'm not doing good with my Z23, whatever the game is my MM is sucking real hard, like 1 in 5 games are a win for me.
  16. Pete_the_pirate

    Locked on sector

    This is probably a stupid question, but what key do you use to get out of 'Locked on sector'? Had this come up only 2 or 3 times and I have no idea what key I must have accidentally hit to get locked onto a sector. Recent game a number of enemy ships were near or rapidly approaching and I was also being harassed by torpedo bombers and suddenly I got 'Locked on sector' and while I was frantically trying different keys to unlock my guns I got pounded and sunk. The only thing I could find under the controls menu was locking onto a ship with the X key, but that is ships not sectors and I have still been able to move my guns away from a ship that I have locked onto (though it's easier to do if you unlock from that ship first). Got me baffled. I think on one occasion I stumbled on the key but it happens so rarely I can't remember what key it was.
  17. Eula keeps coming up every time i start the game, can anyone pls help? Wasn't sure where to post this....
  18. Asian_noone

    Dunkerque help wanted

    I find that lately my performance in Dunkerque has been very lackluster. I just can't find a way to manage even decent damage numbers (50-60k) consistently. So I decided to post some replays and hope someone can offer me advice (that isn't bowtanking all the time because that's a noob trap). At the very least, I just want more consistency in my performance in Dunkerque. Also, I come from the NA server, maybe SEA is different and I need to change myself (because I'm highly aggressive and prefer to close range wherever possible). How is the playerbase different? More or less skilled? Too passive for Dunkerque at mid tiers? Even aside from Dunkerque I tend to perform worse on the SEA server than NA. 20180302_065830_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay 20180302_071248_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_41_Conquest.wowsreplay 20180302_072937_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay 20180302_074305_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_41_Conquest.wowsreplay 20180302_075855_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  19. Hi, i'm recently trying to buy the 13,5k doubloon pack with 30day premtime bonus priced IND Rp787,636 , but when i'd finish inputting my card information and pressed pay the transaction are not processed. I tried it mutiple times and each time failed without a cut to my debit card, any suggestions on what caused this problem?
  20. _Blink_Blackwolf

    How can I view this page?

    How do I view this page without creating an account in NA server? https://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/78189-russian-irnsoviet-vmf-battleship-line-–-recovery-from-wounded-pride-stalins-envisioned-ultimate-warship-for-the-ocean-going-navy/ It is clear that the issue relates to login in NA forum/server as what appears when I try to view the page is this: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H Existing User?/Login
  21. Phat_Cat


    Alright so, how do I khaba? Yes this probably sounds ridiculous but I'm having trouble with the terrible range and rudder shift khaba has.
  22. FreshEricchi


    Help me guys.. i dont know why this always pop ups when i launch the launcher... anyone can solve this? I already check and repair game integrity Also.. if i press yes.. then play the game... it wont connect to the server...
  23. Eggy_Bro

    Unable to start WoWs launcher

    I ran into a problem where the WoWs app kept crashing after being open for only 5 seconds. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, only to find that now I can't even start the launcher. Every time I start it, it tries to create a shortcut to the WoWs game folder, but it can't find it so it just quits. Any advice?
  24. So I was playing WoWs and then the game suddenly crashed. The game then kept on crashing every time I restarted it after just 5 seconds. I attempted to uninstall and reinstall the game multiple times, but then the launcher would not open at all. No idea what's happening. My computer is a macbook 15 inch running version 10.11.6 with an AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics card.
  25. As an IJN main i just don't understand how to play this game anymore 100 days ago it was going fine, bought a year of premium, about 3 months have passed the game doesn't seem to be playable i am an above average player putting average = 50% win rate i don't like russian ships for personal reasons i hate Cleveland because my aoba can't seem to citadel it i dislike how painful german AP are i dislike the acceleration on British cruisers dang those IJN HE hurts annoying USN gun arcs that you can't return fire ? everything seem fine until you put radar into the game and well.... how to even play destroyers now? i seriously don't mind playing shimakaze even i have 0 torpedo tubes or just with those slow 20km torpedo, i am a safe player , RIP long range torps in tier 8 ++ i love em to be honest and reason for their removal was cuz of team kills ( from what i heard) well.... its not like i care if i did a team kill or i become pink because i have faith i wouldn;t be pink because only bad destroyer players are behind friendly ships for the most part but honestly Radar hurts, i can't even play anymore.... someone gotta fix the concealment changes to something that allows DD to have some chance in this game else please just remove the ship class of Destroyers entirely