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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm from the other side of the pond and I just wanted to say hello. I'm from NA and have an account there, if any of you play from NA y'all know who I am. I decided to go over to SEA so I can play with the majority of players that I know from Reddit, Discord, etc. A couple things need to be clarified for me: First, does SEA ever get events that NA doesn't? Second, what time is "prime-time" for playing games?
  2. Personator

    Just Introducing Myself

    Hello! General background: I came here from the NA server just to see what it's like here (in the battles). My IGN is the same as over on NA. Game community background: I'm an official Wiki Editor under the supervision of Pigeon_of_War, updating wiki pages constantly and testing ships to give accurate recommendations for their playstyles. IRL background: I'm Vietnamese and am looking to see if there is a Viet community here, as I don't know many others of my own ethnicity playing this game. Hope to see you all in battle! \o/
  3. JohnBalls

    Ship disappeared *POOF*

    So i was in tier V USN destroyer USS Nicholas and in a duel with tier VII british battleship HMS Hood. When things went south, i popped my smoke and hide inside it, wanted to wait for the Hood to come closer so that i can torp him (maybe detonate him too ). The moment i popped my smoke, poof. The Hood disappears out of my sights. He was at 8km and only reappears at 5km. I don't really play destroyer much but this really made me curious. Is this normal? Do explain to me too. Cheers
  4. Centurion_MK64

    Ahoy there

    At last my ship has come in