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Found 5 results

  1. So is it just me and yes full disclosure I am definitely NOT a UNICUM WoWS player but I find the British Heavy Cruisers (have only made it to the Surrey at Tier VII) completely underwhelming in every respect. I see few replays on the WoWS replay website, yes they are new but not that new. Very few "You Tube" or other such Community Contributors with praise for the cruiser line. Their gun range is pathetic for their given armour layout, good luck surviving to get within torpedo range and if you do get them off good luck surviving the launch while showing broadside. So far the only thing I have enjoyed about them is their AA but even this has no consequence to the game and they certainly cannot carry. At least with the Italian line they bought something new (SAP). Their HE fire chance is mediocre (a good thing for the game i.e it is balanced (looks at smolensk)) and their AP is shite. I am finding it very hard to be enthusiastic about continuing the grind. So I have finished the line now and the Tier X British Heavy Cruiser now sits in my port slowly gathering dust. What a HUNK of garbage, If I was forced to play all tier X heavy Cruisers one after each other then the GOLIATH would be last on the list. It has no tricks up its sleeve, it has trash armour for its tier, trash gun range, trash AP, mediocre to lack luster HE, its just so MEH don't waste your time unless like me you enjoy pain and have no other lines to grind. Over and OUT.
  2. Please someone give me the executive summary on the Tier V and Tier VI ships, so I know what to expect. Comparisons with Furutaka and Aoba would be helpful.
  3. Nishizumi_AnkoSP

    Fail Cruisers

    Well look the amount of fail on these cruisers well.... [content removed] [content removed] Naming and Shaming. Post edited and locked. User warned. ~dead_man_walking
  4. HELLO CAPTAINS and GOOD DAY! I've recently started my CA line beginning with the Furutaka and grinded my way past and now have the Aoba. Heavy Cruisers are very different from the Light Cruisers I've settled in quite well in the past. Playing with CAs have given me new insights into proper cruiser play but I could use more advice and information on handling CAs. First off, is the Expert Loader skill viable in the CA line? I didn't use it on CLs since the switching in between shells was quick on the 150s and lower. I ask this since I find myself switching shells alot whenever a broadsided target appeared and switch back to HE as soon as he/she's angled. Right now, the Aoba is my second and newly purchased CA. Should I consider more on using AP over HE? So far the raw HE damage is amazing but I know I could do more with AP but the enemies I face at T6 are smarter and angle themselves making AP a bit more dicey. From what I've digged up on the net IJN CAs should stick with HE but I could be doing this wrong. After I'm done eliting the Aoba, I'm gonna have a go for the Yorck and beyond. Just letting myself learn alot about proper CA play with IJN CAs as training wheels. THANKS FOR THE READ! and HAPPY HUNTING!!
  5. Why not really separate them into Light And Heavy Cruisers? I mean, someone here probably suggested that at some point. Similar to how some tech trees in World Of Tanks have branches that lead to different tanks that offer different play styles. (i.e. the Russian Heavy Tank Line) There's probably enough ships out there to populate both a Light and Heavy cruiser line for both the IJN and the USN. This would be undoubtedly be more relevant to the USN line since it would pretty much define which line makes use of torpedoes or guns. And how about some unique high Tier premium destroyers like a certain representative of the Japanese Shiratsuyu Class (which has a technical reading of being a modification of the Hatsuharu Class of destroyers.) which fought in the First Guadalcanal campaign who managed to heavily damage USS Portland before being hit, badly damaged, abandoned and sunk later. This Destroyer of the Shiratsuyu class is well known in this battle because she has seen using hammocks as sails after being badly damaged earlier. I guess those sails should be seen on the ship if it is ever added to this game (it would probably penalize the ship's overall stealth but would give her a better overall turning rate)