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Found 5 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    An Uphill Battle

    That time I sunk a Massachusetts, an Akizuki, and a Guepard with my guns. And we still lost.
  2. First Kraken since the rework. In a CV game. With only a 6 pt captain (aka no CE). TIL: While most DDs can't dodge rockets in 0.8.3 (this is planned to change in the next update) Hatsu is more maneuverable than most DDs, and that puts it just over the threshold when it stands even odds of the rockets missing. Plus it has credible AA against T6 planes. The enemy CV attempted to attack me a couple of times, but got frustrated because he lost planes and did no damage. He then made the critical error to go and farm his damage elsewhere rather than keep me spotted. With somewhat predictable results, given that most of the rest of his team were ... inexperienced, to put it kindly. I've always liked Hatsuharu, but I've had a number of great games in her recently. She seems to thrive in the new CV meta. She faces very few real threats at T5-7. It's only in T8 games that life gets hard.
  3. Like the title says, I really need some advice on how to make this ship perform because it has not been working out for me at all. Some background: I'm an above-average but far from perfect player who does best in DDs for ranked play. Perth and Gallant got me to rank 4 with a roughly 55% win rate but I was feeling the pressure to get with the meta, especially in matches with only 1 dd per side so I switched to my 14pt hatsu captain and the results, to put it mildly were terrible. 7 stars lost over 11 battles and probably my chance to rank out this season too, subpar stats across the board. As far as I can tell I'm doing everything right, but not matter how long I keep enemy dds spotted or contest caps or shield BBs I invariably end up on the losing side and often bottom of the xp table. I don't die to torps, it's always BB volleys that do way more damage than my team seems to be able to put out on the enemy DDs. On one memorable occasion I kept a Farragut spotted for more than a minute and he took no damage. That was an outlier, but it feels like it's always this way. I'm pretty good at working out what I did wrong and improving it, but there must be something I'm missing here. How to make it work?
  4. CarbonMonoxide

    how to play stock Hatsuharu?

    6km torpedo 6.7km detection range 9.3km gun I don't know how to play this at all I'm used to the old hatsuharu with 8km 67kn torpedo but now the captain is on akitsuki and the stock torpedo is only 6km I find myself hardly contributing to the team now I only do spotting, poping smoke for the allies, or just scaring away the enemy with smoke I can hardly deal any damage if I fire at <9.3km, the CA and BB, especially some scharnhorst, can sink me within 2 salvo if I torp at <6km, I'm simply dead All BBs in the front which I can engage, are so smart that they will turn and give you big hits if you engage them they will even stay some distance from the corners that I can't strike them at the corners While the noob BBs are all staying behind the CAs that I can't survive if I get spotted near them can somebody teach me how to CQC the BB with torpedo? or tell me how to make use of the stock hatsu? I'm not going to skip it with free exp as I would better save them for the harder grind and I believe there should be something to learn in the stock hatsu
  5. 27000ants

    The Hatsuharu Experiment

    Welcome. Back in March (or roughly before the ARP Haguro mission was active) I was grinding a ship that I thought was absolute garbage. It was the Hatsuharu, and it seemed that it was a downgrade from the Mutsuki in every aspect that mattered (Speed, Concealment, and arguably, Torpedo reload rate), and being a tier 7 meant that it was unable to mount the concealment module. It was one of the worst performing ships in my stats with a pathetic average damage and win rate (41% over 120ish games). Being the scrub that I was (or possibly still am), I was trying to rush through the ship to get to Fubuki, which did not help the poor performance. Recently (after about 100 games in Kagero at 41% WR [Fletchers are a nightmare]) it has come to my attention that to get good at the high tiers one must get good at the low tiers, hence the decision to revisit some of my most hated ships. Hatsuharu was the first I decided to try. From experience in Kagero and Fubuki, high tier IJN-DDs (read: those with 5inch guns) actually have to start to use guns to deal consistent damage, and that with AFT one could invisifire for about 2km on Fubuki and 1.3km on Kagero. And on that basis the Hatsuharu experiment began with me attempting to use her as a Gunboat (stock hull). Because I did not have a free 10pt captain I had to use a new guy and train him up. But it was in leveling up a new guy that I realized the reason why I failed earlier. Back in March I had attempted to use Hatsuharu as I did a Minekaze, coming up to point-blank range, unleashing 6 torps, and spend the next 40s reloading. So that old captain had Torpedo Acceleration, and that made hunting capital ships through a cruiser screen impossible. Now, I realize that her stock torpedos are superior to the faster upgrades for 1 reason: Detection range of torpedos. When the ship is alone, the difference is small, but when there are many escort fighters orbiting the target and her escorts, every 100m less detection is important for running the gauntlet. Next comes the largest change in my opinion. Hatsuharu works with the Torpedo Reload booster better than Kagero does. Kagero needs the smoke slot because she is slow (pop smoke and hope the Fletchers come to within 2km and cant dodge 8 F3s) and high tier carrier players will absolutely murder any DD player on sight (better to have him guess where you are in the smoke than to be Taihoed. But Hatsuharu has the speed to disengage and carrier players at that tier still focus on killing the battleships, so she stands a chance of survival without smoke. Also, I realized that by using the stock hull, it is possible to actually fight American DDs and win should the situation allow, only problem is having less health (which is irrelevant in tier 8-9 games where cruisers will evaporate you in 1 salvo anyway). This would allow one to torp-spam (gasp), and when one is skilled enough (or lucky), you can use the first set of torps to bait the target into a turn, hopefully set a flood with them, and have him in a vulnerable spot to take the second set (I can go into great detail in another comment box) Currently I would suggest the captains skills as follows: BFT, EM, Superintendent, AFT, Concealment, and if you have the magical 19th skill point, Survivability expert). I currently have the first 3, with AFT not long off. It seems that this build would suit the upcoming IJN DD branch (unsure about how their lower speeds (33-34knots) would affect this, given how USN DDs of tiers 6-8 are around 35knots). As it stands, the Hatsuharu experiment would run until I grind out ARP Takao, or when the new IJN DDs come, whichever is last. To summarize, I am currently driving a Hatsuharu around with the only upgraded module being the gun range and without smoke just to prove myself wrong, and to get a commander ready for Akizuki. Edit: Forgot to mention that in the space of 30 battles I brought my WR up to 44%. It's something...