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Found 1 result

  1. please...... start from T7 German BB have this +++++++++++++++++++++ for T9 ship +++++++++++++++++++++ if you really hate CV this work for at least USN and KM BB. the higher tier BB, the better ship AA. for IJN, they have crap AA no matter what tier. its the old pict, The Bismarck did have FULL AA BUILD.... enemy bomber CV cannt do a sheet because intercepted by catapult fighter. and just saying WE GOT NOOB TEAM, so the Bismarck did tanking several BB too. it wasnt killed by CV, AND I AM NOT PROTECTING HIM! enemy CV is desperately try to sink this Bismarck. a sweet victory...... also i will say this again, CV weakness is FULL AA build..... FULL AA BUILD! but remember, the ship atleast possess some AA. well maybe some 3~5 plane will slip away if you are unlucky, but the catapult will somewhat work i remember try to sink a Yamato, i know he got full AA build. he delete 3~4 bomber i send (a normal Yamato dont shot Shokaku plane).... i try to sink him several time. yet it still survive.... i will admit i did 70K damage alone on him. but its healed and STILL ALIVE the higher tier BB, the higher their HEALTH!! if you are BB main and really hate CV so much..... GET HIGHER TIER AND BUILD AA! _________________________________________________________________ - i am using radar on charles martel..... a real radar on ranked..... yet no one find out and "its fine".... people still believe its RDF - i am using mod that help aiming that everyone said its legal..... and now somebody get banned - i am intentionally TK friendly ship with main gun (TK with torp is only for NOOB) - i am intentionally suicide using DB when playing CV to see firework - i am spamming chat with useless talk and harsh word - i am intentionally read manga or watch anime or eating when playing BB - i lie to everyone when in battle, "i am actually press F4 but did nothing" - i am intentionally doing stupid thing in random for my own please and burden the team - i am intentionally loosing the battle at the critical moment because i think people will get mad and rage and i find it funny... - i am intentionally provoking enemy to do stupid thing - i am intentionally trying to ram enemy ship and yell "to valhalla" (madmax4 reference) and for no tactical reason - i am intentionally using speedboost and speed flag in charles martel..... drifting and no shooting..... AT RANKED BATTLE - i am quit playing CV and sold my Taiho..... long-long time ago.... yet i keep ordering people to play CV - i am intentionally......and the most worst...... i lie :V except you have AADF, full AA build cannt do a sheet againts CV (except Memetaur and Nep Nep). 30%~60% attacker depend on RNG, will slip away and bombing you. THE GOOD NEWS, the attack bomber wont return to carrier since you get massive AA. the problem is, higher tier CV have enough reserve to rekt everyone..... oh the another good news is, AADF is enough to stop CV even without AA build. its cause bad accuracy on bomber.... so yeah. ah memetaur...... i cannt imagine if this thing got AADF..... ______________________________________ this is the frickin reason why i start playing CV ale, you wont see me for a while. i will busy grind to republique for a while..... in alt :v and my work seems..... a lot of task this month if you really hate CV in BB and want to beat CV so badly.... just until T8 in IJN CV line....you will know its weakness