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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, as the title suggests, Musashi's Haifuri camo is not accurate to the one in WoWs, and I think WG should fix it. First, Musashi is missing the modern radars that it is supposed to have: But Harekaze has the correct radars: Musashi is also supposed to have her name at the back of the ship: Again this is missing on Musashi's HSF camo: But, it is not missing on Harekaze: Even the way WG makes the red stripes is wrong: Since I also paid to buy the HSF camo for Musashi, I think WG should fix these glaring inaccuracies on the camo. If they can get it right on Harekaze, they have no reason to make so many mistakes on Musashi. Yamato's HSF camo is also missing her name and modern radars. I really think WG should fix these, or not call these HSF camos because they are inaccurate to the ships in the anime.
  2. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    HSF Harekaze third hull guns

    First of all, I rarely if ever find anyone who even uses the third hull option for the Harekaze. The gun reload time is just too long and not as competitive as the second hull option. As such I'd like to recommend that the gun reload time to be reduced to be perhaps 3.3 seconds, similar to that of the Benson. So that people actually have a better incentive to use the third hull instead of just using the second hull, 90% of the time. Thank you.
  3. I think everyone already knew about the opening of High School Fleet, if you don't you should watch it now. For this topic, I just want to know who's engage in battle with Harekaze during the opening video. First, it look like Harekaze is under attack. Then, we can see the target ship looks like Yamato-class battleship Of course, Harekaze will drop their torpedoes to the target. Then, explosion!! The big question is, where's that torpedoes ? We all know that Harekaze will deploy their torpedoes. But where's that oncoming torpedoes coming from? Is that battleship have their own torpedo tubes??
  4. Just got my hands on Harekaze with my sad little salary from part time. While she is fun and all , i have serious problem getting her to do something useful. Her torps just seem to slip through almost any ships ; 62 knots + 1.6 km detect range really make these seem rather pointless as i had a single torp hit once every three match. The guns , while very effective against dd , has too many problem. the 127mm IJN guns are the best at taking on anything that is not dd, 100mm is best at shredding dd but little else and US 127mm jst doesnt have the DPM to back it up. Also , the ship seem to be extremely prone to get something knocked out , even more so than other dd These combined make my damage per game and win rate looks dubious if not questionable ? I really need advices on how to spec her cpt and how to play her. I intend to keep 100mm , ditch IFHE and use AP to combat dd , use torps against everything else. Does anyone has a different way to use it ? P/s : I missed the HSF Spee due to no money to buy it , will there be 2nd chance ?
  5. For the hsf graf spee package, it says it has "Thea Kruetzer" and "Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeberg" Voice pack. Does it mean two separate voice packs or is it just one pack combined? I only have the voice pack for Thea Kruetzer whereas Wilhelmina is no where to be found. Any clarification or correction is greatly appreciated, thanks!