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Found 3 results

  1. ellofiend

    Isoroku too hard?

    Hi All I have to come ask you on your opinions for the isoroku campaign, I am up to stage 4 but the stuff is too hard, I mean really, 7 Devastating strikes?!, 7 defended ribbons in one battle?!, 2 dreadnoughts?! and 2.5 million potential dmg a match + survive? this is getting ridiculous. I can probably get through with the battleship damage and the 100,000 secondary damage and re-do those but how am I going to do 5? What are your opinions?
  2. What if WG removed the multi cap game mode and just had the 2 spawn point caps? It would be much easier for the majority to understand, as at the moment, the most common action for asia server players is to completely ignore the cap circles regardless of what is happening. eg 'Enemy has all 3 (or 4) caps, hurr that's fine, I'm a DD and I'll keep chasing the CV which is 20km away'. It would improve gameplay vastly, by creating focal points (but only 2) on the map. Any more than 2 key points just seems to be too hard. Out of a friends list of 30 players, maybe 3 are active in this game. I think that part of the reason is the massive gap between 'capable' and 'normal' asia server players, making solo random gameplay painful at best, and mind bogglingly dumb at worst. Getting rid of some of the cap circles on maps may go some way to at least make the game easier to understand, and maybe later, when the majority get used to the idea of goal oriented battle, WG could slowly reintroduce an extra cap circle here or there on some maps. Giving the server population less to think about other than one key point and more time to think about possibly getting involved in the fight or even 'gasp' showing some initiative and attacking/defending a known and understood key point might just fix gameplay in mid - high tier randoms. Just a thought, obviously WG have always catered to the lowest common denominator, but it would turn an otherwise enjoyable game into maybe something with some longevity for anyone other than anime fanbois.
  3. _Storm

    Win rate

    I've seen a bit of talk lately about win rate, mostly from people who aren't quite informed about it, many of their comments boil down to what is essentially "win rate doesn't matter" for a various number of reasons. So, I'm going to explain why win rate does matter, to hopefully get rid of some of these misconceptions. And for those unfamiliar with what win rate is, it is the percentage of games you have played that are wins, and is generally regarded as the most important stat by which individual skill is determined. The most common reason people cite when attempting to deny the validity of win rate is "win rate is luck, and entirely dependent on the teams you get", this comment is usually brought along with great helpings of anecdotal evidence pointing out great games that were lost because every other player was too busy attempting to recreate scenes from Titanic or whatever insidious feat resulted in an unavoidable loss, not only is this a fallacy, it also is a contradiction, by saying the better team will win (or whichever team has the least AFK players), you are thereby saying that better players will win more often (which is exactly what win rate suggests), after all, not every team can be entirely composed of players out to lose game, somebody has to be better than the other guy, and therefore win more games. Alternatively, with a more mathematically inclined approach it is also worth pointing out that yes, over a small sample size you can play like the best player in existence, yet still lose 9 of the 10 games you played, however the opposite is also true and you can AFK your way through to an absurdly long winning streak, games like this with fairly large, randomly selected teams can and do result in mathematically improbable results over low sample sizes, however, over a large enough sample size, these incidents, being as improbable as they are, will not affect your win rate any more than somebody else's, so while the results of 5 games is not really indicative of anything, you can be certain that the results of 500 will paint a pretty clear picture as to how good someone is at tipping the battle in their favour. This is a competitive, PvP game, you may not be interested in stats, but I can assure you that they are important regardless, as they represent how much you contribute to your team's chance at winning, and hence will always continue to be brought up, whether you play4funz, or are more interested in stroking your e-peen, in short, your win rate is always important.