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Found 11 results

  1. The problem is there no more upgradable and commander skills after a few years later on each of playable ships are stocked hull very sluggish maneuver Without Lexington who have stun all enemy movements the enemy bots can easily spam the number kill the Tower 2 despite tighten defense incoming bots This is just Normal difficulty if to be Hard or Madness you already dead at the first wave of Rasputin
  2. Before i start, hi again! its been about 6+ months since my hard drive died, and i got a job AND a new one recently, so i'm back to wows! what have i missed out on (yes i know, the lwm+cc's shit-show and dutch cruisers) so it's spooky season, and since i last played, i really wanted something like the hunt for filth again because that was the best ltm, i think, ever. seriously, you got cool, free camos, special commanders who looked awesome and i got an ungodly amount of commander xp. so as you can imagine, i would like it to return because it was also fun, 9 times out of 10 it was a pve game mode where we all abused the ai ships, and if we all survived, dunk on the rasputin and run from the spooky khaba's. i miss it, will it return this year?
  3. Twilight Battle is really great, and the best thing I like about it is when players keep their word. Kudos to the players I met here in this very recent battle (just a few minutes ago). Very, very, pleasant and enjoyable game.
  4. ArmoredFrost

    If I purchase Scorpioid

    What will happen to the Commander after the Halloween Event is over? Will I get to keep the Commander that I purchased for 300 doubloons?
  5. If you are in a highly active clan, then this should be a helpful tip for any clan want to try out new Halloween PvE. Optimal team formation is 2 BBs, 2 CAs and 3 DDs. I've tested this formation with my clanmates and it works (at least in Hard mode we earned 5 stars and 4 in Super Hard) 2 BBs always stay near each other and close to the Transylvania so they can heal both of them and the Trans thanks to their consumable, also 2nd build is the best build in this mode for BBs. 2 CAs will provide sight for team by activating their radar and use reload booster to kill Scarab because they deal most of the damage to the stations (or whatever you call it I can't remember its name) 3 DDs: 2 DDs in your team should camping around the spawning point in order to kill the Gorgon, don't worry about the zone because DDs have their own repair party (7 in total) so they can easily stay inside the zone and kill the Gorgon with torp reload booster. The last DD will be in charge of the Rasputin and help team kill all those Vargs. After the first station destroyed, you might want to call your team back and setup a defensive around the second station and this is the key to win the Scenario. And that's that. I hope anyone are struggle with those PvEs can find this tip helpful. Please share your tactics and team lineup so we all can receive premium containers 🙂
  6. PanzerRunner

    Submarines Are Coming

    Yes they are coming for real and fresh. I dont know if this is a good news or bad news for you, share it down below! Remember that guy who wants submarines to be added into the game? His/her wish is about to came true. I will clarify some things or two : First off, they are adding Submarines for the halloween special event, i still dont know if Submarines will stay as a permanent line or not. Second of all, they are still WORK IN PROGRESS so expect some changes, nerfs and buffs. I said theres a chance subs will stay as a permanent line because they always used the Halloween and April fools event to test new mechanics / gameplays. Last but not least, to balance things out, Subs will have a different spotting mechanics underwater compared to spotting mechanics at the surfaces (obviously) Lets hope when it arrive it will be "balanced" as much as possible, im worried And yes, DD will play a role encountering these Submarines. So we can basically sums up that in 2019 there will be two new lines, the Submarines line and the reworked CV line. The reworked CV line is basically just a new class. For more informations, gameplays and opinion you can click the video down below :
  7. Testing the new Halloween mission with the first submarine, on two consecutive missions my submarine was set on fire and it continued to burn (to death) under water, for the full duration of the fire even though I fully submerged the submarine after being set on fire.
  8. This is a (simple) game guide for new Halloween scenario. I don't recommend using DD in this mode because they're too fragile(The filthy boost can't heal much HP),unless you play in division and have an experienced CV that can heal you.But one game strategy is supporting your team by torping outside filth until reached 20k damage.Actually BB and CA is enough to deal damage.But it's better to have at least 2 BB,because they're tough and can heal the team.CV only carry 4 heals at most,and it is only used for emergency. At the beginning,CV shall immediately retreat to the back,somewhere around the middle tower,or even further,because the expanding filth will do extra damage to CV,also sending a CV in front of enemies is not a wise choice.(However today I've seen at least 4 doing this!)It's better to retreat by the white route in above screenshot because at -14:30,the enemies attacking the front tower will appear in the red circle(s),and Rasputin come from 1 of the 3 yellow ones. Also at the beginning,it is better for CV to send attack squads to the blue circle in order to hunt enemy BBs and do damage.Others can go to the yellow circle and defend the front tower.Though it will definitely get destroyed,saving it from the attack of the 6 enemy ships will buy the team some time.If the enemy ships appears around tower,CV need to disable them immediately.But if it collapses(or after it survived the 1st attack),move to defend the middle tower ASAP. As for the 2 big ships Rasputin and Great Gorgon,I have to say,it somewhat needs some luck. If Rasputin appear outside of filth,it is easy to kill.But if it is inside,it recover HP at a speed about 5k/s,so concentrate fire is needed.But DD's torp salvo will make this much easier. As for the enemy CV Great Gorgon.don't expect killing it with TB/DB:Its AA is too powerful.Its AA does more than 700 damage per second,also have DFAA.I also don't recommend using DD because it will still take some time to eventually kill the enemy CV,but its secondaries hit hard. But the most simple way to kill them is ram with a shield-activated BB.With Hotel-Yankee will be better because sometimes killing the enemy CV protected by filth takes more than 6 seconds.The biggest problem is,it's hard to locate enemy CV in filth,so CA's radar is a must. 1 good thing is,after the filth disappears,you have about 10 seconds before the game finish.During this time period,all enemy ships will suffer a 5k/s damage(however only 30k in total),and the Great Gorgon and Rasputin is not protected by filth,so concentrate fire on them immediately.
  9. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    [FANART] Bad Advice: Dread-Not

    After viewing the latest bad advice episode, so a mad engineer/captain/commander rebuild ships that are broken and RASPUTIN was built, so zombie ships? an image pop up in my head and made this as the result. Just saying HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! sources:DeviantArtPixiv
  10. What to expect from WG's 2016 Halloween Event? I'm seeing Halloween theme on WOWS website already. Looks like 2 new event ships huh? :d CAN'T WAIT Red text. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  11. Zekamashimakaze

    [ Vship- Team WSVN ] Halloween Dock !

    Enjoy yourself LINK : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8C5DEbzbwxKTlY4OVRGYWhDLVk