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  1. G'day Folks, Finally managed to finish this bad boy (it was basically done then I had a kid and 10.0 dropped, so had to redo it)... Videos will be a little less frequent but I will still do them fairly regularly, I'll just have to juggle them with Dad duties. Leme know what you think, as usual all the YouTube and Reddit loves are appreciated. Honestly go nuts, this will be the last BLUF for a little bit while I try and update channel art/templates... We'll see how far I get though as it entails redoing the Intro, video graphics, etc etc...
  2. sherpington

    TL;DR Guide on the USS Omaha

    Hey guys, I made a quick guide on the Omaha. Will be making more of these in the future if time permits. If you have any feedback on what could be improved. Would love to hear them!
  3. Hey all, I posted a set of videos in the game guide area, but noting that many skip past the "Game Guide and Tutorials" Sub-Forum (it's tucked away at the top of the Newcomers zone) I thought that I would drop the link in this more active area of the forum. The videos are aimed at first time players, new accounts, or folks thinking of trying out WoWS. Enjoy. Noppers.
  4. Smolensk_Museum01

    Eurobeat's How to Guides

    Greetings fellow sailor, this thread will be dedicated to all my upcoming How to guides of various ships i play in the game For the premiere episode, here's the How to Atlanta guide!
  5. DES MOINES GUIDE - BY N00B1E the Noob (kind of) so, you have a des moines ? and you're crap in it ? look no further! your fellow scrub will share his experience using Des Moines, the advantage and disadvantages of Des Moines, what to know about her and the in's and out's of effective rock hugging Des Memes gameplay ! What TO expect in a Des Moines NASA shells (ie: enormous lead time) stupid AP penetration angles (ie: more forgiving autobounce angle) DAKKA! spam (tips: don't just spam without hitting anything, ammo cost in T10 is expensive) a point and click gameplay (you rarely can, emphasis on rarely. find yourself not moving from your camping spot and still farming 100k+ damage) Battleships spamming AP at you (like, a lot) setting up tent more often than you like (ie: camping behind rock) What NOT to expect in a Des Moines bouncing BB shells by just bowtanking being an roaming cruiser early game being in a comfortable distance away from battleships CV plane strikes on early game a decent person playing DD smoking you up (unless you're in a division, or you're really really lucky) surviving focus fire from enemy team So, after knowing the above topic, let's start the guide ! Des Moines how to 101 STEP NUMBAA ONE : First thing to do ! is to determine where you want to put your Des Moines , preferably a location with lots of island cover (ie: control points, important passageway, center of map, etc) STEP NUMBAA TWO: How to survive ! put your Des Moines in a angled position that make escaping easy behind the island cover this depends on where the enemy approach come from DO. NOT. EVER. GO BOWTANK to a Battleship(exception on 15inch gunned BB's like bismarck and richeleau) the most sensible thing to do is to run away, if you got any sense (unlike me) you will notice BB position and will use your 10,3 km concealment to run if you DO get shot by a BB with 16inch guns and larger, the recommended action to do is either wiggling your boat to mess their aim OR giving a shallow angle hoping for the shells to bounce on your main belt (easier to say than actually doing it !) Make sure you know when to run and when you can hold, for example: running from a couple of yamatos holding off three cruisers from behind island cover generally being a pest to the enemy team from island cover SITUATION AWARENESS ! make sure to see the map from time to time generally making calls on when to stay and when to push up is difficult, but if you're in doubt, it's better to run and find a better spot ! STEP NUMBAA THREE : Farming Damage ! KNOW WHAT TO SHOOT FIRST AND WHAT TO LEFT FOR YOUR TEAMMATES SHOOT at THESE FIRST - broadside showing ships, close range ships (close range) if multiple ships close to you, shoot the closest broadside showing ship first angle your ship to the angled closest ship, since your DPM will vaporize broadside showing ships shooting angled ships is not recommended if you have to, try setting fire on their bow first if the ship angle is shallow enough, you can AP their bow for a hefty pen damage citadeling BB's with AP is possible at close range, do mind it's only for select BB's only (ie: Iowa/Missouri, North Carolina, etc) search in google for the full list do remember that Des Moines is not moskva, don't shoot at a BB's main belt YOUR PRIMARY VICTIMS - broadside Cruisers and Destroyers's (close to mid range) for cruisers, the best way to farm damage is by using AP start switching to HE when your victim turns to angle if multiple, shoot the closest ones first OPTIONAL TARGET TO FARM DAMAGE - Battleships, Destroyers, Carrier and angled Cruisers (medium range) shoot AP on broadside battleships IF said battleship is angled, spam HE if it's already on fire with two or more fires, spam AP on the superstructure instead shooting at DD's at 12km+ is hard for new DM players, i recommend getting used to the shell ballistics before doing this (also applies to Baltimore) angled Cruisers is a little bit difficult to crack, generally the easiest way to do it is by spamming HE or if you are used to the AP shell ballistics, you can spam AP for normal damage at 12km+ since CV usually hang back at map corners, it is not advisable to seek CV but, if you do get lucky catching one with it's pants down. feel free to lob shells for that extra damage TARGETS NOT WORTH SHOOTING (ie: shoot only if you got nothing else to shoot at) Destroyers at 14km+ angled Cruisers running away from you at 16km+ Battleships running away at 17km+ DD HUNTING 101 (somehow, someway. i forgot to make this topic) You are tired of having DD's evade your snail speed shells ? grief no further ! because this guide will teach you DD counterplay in Des Moines 101 ! RULE NUMBAA ONE ! if you got other targets that is easier to shoot at, don't shoot the DD unless the DD is dying that is the reason is, while you got a doubled firepower compared to baltimore, the shells are still those slow moving NASA arc shells. and in DD hunting every shell that hit the DD counts every shell that missed the DD, is a shell that hit other ships, so aim correctly and gitgud RULE NUMBAA TWO ! do not overextend yourself when hunting DD's ! this will lead to you being lewded by other ships or in easier terms, don't get lured in by the tempting DD you can freely chase after the DD if it got no friends around, be careful of Battleships sniping you halfway across the map though or the lurking Cruiser behind island cover with AP loaded, those are scary RULE NUMBAA THREE ! use consumables sparingly while using radar on DD's can be tempting, do see if you really need the radar for it. it can be annoying when you are wasting a radar while the DD is spotted by other ships (or radared/sonared) same thing with DamCon, if you have the HP do not put off a single or double fire. your fire duration is 30 second base, and it can be lowered to around 20 second and Repair Party heals 100% of fire damage too save DamCon for a flooding damage, or a turret break DefAA is useful for guarding yourself/a teammate from planes, or mowing down fighters for your team CV keep in mind the long reload time, use it when you sure that the planes will stick around your ship (or when a ship near you are going to be striked) the medium range AA on Des Moines provide most of your AA DPS, this too affect the DPS boost on DefAA time. if those are dead your AA are useless the AA range upgrade will help you by increasing the 76,2mm AA range to 5km, and AFT will increase it even further beyond !!!! (can't resist the weeb reference) Sonar is useful for detecting torps when you are travelling from cover to cover, and for your general purpose brawl permaspotting behind island cover TIPS AND TRICKS don't be afraid of using AP on far away Battleships ! you can citadel BB's with the plunging fire mechanics, even without citadels you will melt a broadside showing BB if you keep hitting the deck the AP can penetrate a close Iowa/NC's bow and citadel it. that is if you are close enough close range AP on bow on ships are not recommended, unless you're intending to disable the turrets you can penetrate the bow for full penetration damage, that is if you get them shallowly angled for the AP to pen using this trick, you can melt a BB pushing at you, even sinking her do remember to keep yourself angled and keep prevent the pushing ship from ramming you do remember that fires last for 30 second on cruisers, this will be cut to 24 second with Basics of Survivability captain skill MY RECOMMENDED BUILD & CAPTAIN SKILLS SHIP MODULES MAIN ARMAMENTS MOD1 DAMCONSYSTEM MOD1/RADAR UPGRADE MOD AA RANGE UPGRADE MOD1/ AIMING SYSTEMS MOD1 PROPULSION MOD2 CONCEALMENT MOD RANGE MOD CAPTAIN SKILL MUST HAVE PRIORITY TARGET ADRENALINE EXPERT SUPERINTENDENT CONCEALMENT EXPERT SECONDARY PRIORITY (useful stuff) BASIC OF SURVIVABILITY EXPERT LOADER EXPERT MARKSMAN FIRE PREVENTION DEDICATED AA STUFF BASIC FIRING TRAINING ADVANCED FIRING TRAINING MANUAL AA so, in a glance Des Moines is a cruiser that is best for defensive plays, her DPM will make everything be cautious on pushing on her. park her behind a island cover and you will lock down a location, in a right location you can held off a lot of ships. in fact, finding these key locations to park your DM is a must do every matches. but played right she will own the match Please R&R, comments are appreciated and reviews are welcome. i'm going to update this guide whenever it's possible so expect changes Edit: added the DD hunting section
  6. Hello Admiral, people always in doubt and confuse when try to fill the commander skill. They need the expert, the master and the specialist to recommend it. See the example, download the psd (photoshop file) or TIFF (for non Photoshop user, and move the green as recommended skill point to fill. PSD - TIFF 1. Edit the "FOR :" with ship type, tier or specific ship name. (Cruiser any Tier; Yamato only) 2. Allocation the Green box are recommendation skill. The Green box have number as the order to picking skill. Progressing to Level 20 (19 skill points) is a long way, people need recommendation which is earlier and which are later. 3. Use Red Box only for warning. Either for skill that useless or not helping at all to a certain ship types. 4. Explain your choice as specific skill mean specific gameplay. This is just an example.
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1201013798 this guide was made to steam that the new player will comfortable to play which style that fit to them.... and also if you have something to say about my guide please feel free to comment here and comment from the steam to... if there any mistake about guide you can comment here or on steam :) Destroyer They Carried powerfull Torpedo Armament and Smoke Screen althought they have gun dont use it to hunt enemy battleships and Cruiser use it if you think you can beat them but im not reccomended your main role is Capping the control point / base or spotted enemy fleet after capping your second objective is hunt enemy carrier or Battleships but your most priorty is capping the control point or capping enemy base~ they has the lowest Concealment .. because her small body ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (this is not lolicon right?) when you play DD if you ~On Russian DD you use your gun to hunt enemy ships under 10km around that while you on moving...... to avoid enemy fire..... they has the highest concealment among other DD if you on highest tier DD like Grozovoi she has powerfull AA but if you taking Khabarov path she has Repair Party ~On British DD so far its on premium ships only like camble town and gallant your main weapon is gun but you can focus on torpedo since your concealment is support that.... also their HE chance of fire is good..... ~On USA DD you can either focus on Gun boat and Torpedo Boat since their style is balance.... but the main unique about this DD is you can equip with Defensive AA fire also without that your AA stats already powerfull ~On Japanese DD the most powerfull Long range Torpedo and also your main weapon is Torpedo since it has longest range with lowest concealment except Shimakaze 5.9 while gearing 5.8 and akizuki compete with benson 5.8 and loyang 5.8 but shimakaze has the longest torpedo range among other DD in the game its carries 20km torpedo range ~On Poland DD they role is same either you can focus on torpedo boat or gun boat since her role is almost same with russian DD ~On Pan Asian coming soon so far i know its carried Deep Water torpedo which has the lowest concealment among other regular torpedo but it cant hit Destroyer also on highest tier tier 10 DD pan asian DD has the lowest concealment and also ontier 8 to 10 you can either replace the smoke screen with radar.... ~On German DD has the shortest time Smoke screen so far..... has powerfull gun on tier 6 and 8 you can equip her with 150mm gun and they had Hydroacoustic ~On Australia DD coming soon so far only HMS Vampire but its still under development tips use your smoke wisely since on highest tier has Radar and hydro dont hide in smoke to long since smokescreen is torpedo magnet..... Aircraft Carrier Your Role is Spotted enemy fleet with your carrier borne plane such as Fighter Squadron Torpedo Bomber and Dive Bomber Squadron and deal heavy blow on enemy battleships and lonely ships also naughty DD your main Attack is Torpedo Bomber and Dive Bomber but your main Interceptor is your Fighter Squadron if you play as Carrier you will play like Strategy game ..... you control plane to move and attack target ..... you cannot attack enemy ships with fighter but you can attack enemy ships with bomber (dive bomber or torpedo bomber) from tier 8 to 10 you will gain Defensive AA Fire so far the only nation has carrier in world of warships Japan Usa German if you play Japan Carrier has 1 premium carrier your main hitter is Torpedo bomber since their carry powerfull torpedo unit althought they has the smallest number per squadron 4 unit per squadron except Kaga she has 6 torpedo bomber per squad and 6 dive bomber per squad (7 if you using air superiorty) but her figther is 4 per squad (5 if you using sair superiorty) if you choose air superiorty you get 5 fighter per squadron and 5 bomber per squadron the torpedo bomber stay same... 4 torpedo bomber per squadron but your fighter is weaker than USA counterpart and your plane easy to get destroy than usa..... but to cover that..... Japan carrier has lot of squadron in the highest tier on tier 4 Hosho you has 3 squadron 1 fighter and 2 torpedo bomber tier 5 Zuihou you has 4 squadron 1figther 1 torpedo bomber 2 dive bomber or 4 squadron 1 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 1 dive bomber on tier 6 you can use straffing and manual drop its also available on tier 7 8 9 10 tier 6 Ryujou you has 4 squadron 1 figther 1 torpedo bomber 2 dive bomber or 5 squadron 3 figther 1 torpedo bomber and 1 dive bomber or 5 squadron 1 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber tier 7 Hiryu you has 5 squadron 1 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber or 6 squadron 2 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber or 6 squadron 3 figther 1 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber Tier 7 Kaga you has 5 squadron 2 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 1 dive bomber or 5 squadron 1 figther 1 torpedo bomber and 3 dive bomber Kaga has the low Tier plane (tier 6 plane ) but her plane is weak against other carrier but she has the largest hangar size of any Tier VII aircraft carrier at 85 planes but she has unique drop pattern torpedo The drop pattern of her torpedo squadrons can be difficult to dodge, especially for larger ships tier 8 Shoukaku you has 5 squadron 1 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber or 6 squadron 2 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber or 6 squadron 3 figther 1 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber Tier 9 Taihou you has 6 squadron 2 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber or 7 squadron 2 figther 3 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber or 7 squadron 3 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber Tier 10 Hakuryu you has 7 squadron 2 figther 3 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber or 8 squadron 2 figther 3 torpedo bomber and 3 dive bomber or 8 squadron 4 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber USA carrier has 2 premium carrier if you play this carrier branch your main attacker is Bomber and your figther is power full not like japan carrier her unit squadron is big but has little squadron except Saipan has 3 figther 3 torpedo bomber and 8 dive bomber (4 fighter and 9 dive bomber if you using air superiorty) while on usual carrier squadron is 6 per squad (7 fighter and 7 dive bomber if you using air superiorty) tier 4 Langley you has 3 squadron 1 fighter and 1 torpedo bomber 1 dive bomber tier 5 Bogue you has 3 squadron 1 figther 1 torpedo bomber 1 dive bomber or 3 squadron 1 figther and 2 dive bomber on tier 6 you can use straffing and manual drop its also available on tier 7 8 9 10 tier 6 Independence you has 3 squadron 1 figther 1 torpedo bomber 1 dive bomber or 4 squadron 2 figther and 1 dive bomber or 3 squadron 1 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber tier 7 Ranger you has 3 squadron 1 figther 1 torpedo bomber and 1 dive bomber or 4 squadron 2 figther and 2 dive bomber or 4 squadron 1 torpedo bomber and 3 dive bomber Tier 7 Saipan you has 4 squadron 2 figther and 2 torpedo bomber or 4 squadron 3 figther and 3 dive bomber Saipan has the only Tier 9 plane than the other carrier but change for that she has the smallest number per squadron 3(4 if with air superiorty).... except her dive bomber 8(9 if with air superiorty) tier 8 Lexington you has 3 squadron 1 figther 1 torpedo bomber and 1 dive bomber or 4 squadron 2 figther and 2 dive bomber or 4 squadron 1 torpedo bomber and 3 dive bomber tier 8 Enterprise you has 6 squadron 2 figther 2 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber Enterprise is very unique since you can choose your Dive bomber with HE Bomb or AP Bomb At 96 planes, Enterprise has the largest hangar capacity of any Tier VIII carrier. Has access to Upgrade Slot 3, allowing her to mount upgrades usually reserved for Tier IX and X carriers. But the fighter squadrons contain only four planes instead of the six that the dive bomber and torpedo bomber squadrons have. Tier 9 ESSEX you has 4 squadron 2 figther 1 torpedo bomber and 1 dive bomber or 5 squadron 1 figther 1 torpedo bomber and 3 dive bomber or 5 squadron 3 figther and 2 dive bomber Tier 10 Midway you has 5 squadron 2 figther 1 torpedo bomber and 2 dive bomber or 5 squadron 1 figther 1 torpedo bomber and 3 dive bomber or 5 squadron 3 figther and 2 dive bomber German Carrier only has 1 Carrier and its premium so far Graff Zeppelin is the only carrier that german navy had (KMS) in world of warships and since.... its still under development im not sure how to add it but all i know she has 5 unit per squadron 6 fighter and 6 dive bomber if you choose air superiorty Pros: Ability to choose between AP and HE bombs. Balanced loadout with both fighters and attack planes. Secondary armament provides decent protection from close-in destroyers. AP bombs can devastate enemy battleships, cruisers, and carriers. Adequate anti-aircraft suite for self-defense. Cons: Unable to switch bomb types mid battle, which can leave the player helpless against certain enemy team compositions. As a Tier VIII aircraft carrier, captains may face off against large amounts of high tier AA. Unable to train captains for any other carriers, and requires a specialized German captain to perform well. No torpedo bombers, making it very difficult to deal with enemy destroyers effectively. Poor base surface detectability range at 16.2km. Has weak fighters compared to other Tier VIII carriers. AP bombs are nearly impossible to land hits with, even when auto-dropped. Tips use strafing wisely since its cost your plane but its also can deal lot of damage to enemy plane learn using manual drop since autodrop is not reccomended in high tier :) dont let enemy destroyer near you since she will hunt you with torpedo and bothering you with HE shell and it can be deadly..... if you let her bothering you go with your team,,,,,, your place is not on frontliner...... your place is on back Battleships Battleships the Big Gun..... and also Tanker..... your Role can be Sniping or Tank your team while pushing...... because your HP and good Armor.... but dont even broadside.... or you get easyly kill and please when you pushing dont be crazy enough to yolo alone....... because some lonely BB will be easy target from enemy Carrier And Destroyer..... with their torpedo and plane even you have powerfull AA your AA wont cover you from enemy Air Attack if you alone...... By the way if you meet a broadsiding BB or cruiser..... please dont use your HE.... unless your BB is british BB you can use HE though but most of it please use AP shell because it will deal more heavy damage to them ....... or even devas the broadsiding cruiser..... Battleships has Repair Party that heal your wound but use it wisely because your repair consumable has limited number... per battle arround 3-5times Japanese specialise at long range attack because her accuracy still good at 15-20km...... but also can be used at pushing with your team..... to deal more damage especially in tier 3 to 4 you will be pain in the♥♥♥♥♥br>but in tier 5 you will get good battleships it Fast battleships Kongo with good accuracy ..... can even penetrate and devas your enemy in range 15-18km..... most of it was cruiser..... but in tier 6 you will get Fuso and her accuracy is suck but..... she good at medium range arround 10km tier 7 BB you get Nagato from this point to tier 8 amagi and tier 9 izumo your accuracy is good in medium to long range 10-18km..... dont sniping to long because you will need to help push with your allied..... tier 10 you will get the famous battleships and proud battleships from japanese Yamato she carried the most powerfull gun 45cm and can also devas enemy ships most of it cruiser from 20km if you bought premium ships tier 6 mutssu and tier 8 kii and ashitaka(still developing) i dont know about ashitaka but if you bought mutsu and kii you will even taste the torpedo .... because she carried torpedo launcher.... USA specialize at air defence and mid range support 13-17km because her armor are strong...but in tier 3 to 7 you will get slow but good armor battleships with good accuracy...... in mid and low range...... even in tier 5 to 7 you already get good AA to cover you.... on tier 8 to 10 you will get Fast battleships.... with good armor even good accuracy on mid and low range also your AA is improve and more powerfull.... German good at pushing and brawler.... your Secondary is strong because has the longest range than other BB thats when you already on tier 7 to 10.... because on tier 7 your secondary is 7.2km on tier 8 you will get 11km range secondary (full upgrade with skill) to tier 10 so your main role... in pushing with your allied not sniping because your penetration is scary when you on mid and low range arround 7km to 14km but please dont go alone...... also from tier 8 your ships get Hydro accoustic British specialize at burn your enem ships because british BB has the most better chance to creating fire on enemy ships..... even deal heavy damage on HE shell..... the scarry part your concealment is the lowest on highest tier among other BB on the crazy part while you on HE shell you even can citadel your enemy cruiser even BB on low range also... in tier 9 to 10 you will get crazy repair party that british cruiser has..... even you get heavy damage and almost die you can repair with repair party and get your HP back to almost full health but the weakness on british bb your armor is bad even can be deal heavy damage by enemy battleships while angling.... if you want to get easy arsonist achievement this ships is reccomended :) France since all i know is dunkerque... and there is more i know but its still under developement so i just put it dunkerque.... specialize on tanker with not showing her broadside..... because she only has gun in her front good at taking any damage while not showing broadside and repel them but you will get heavy concentrate fire from enemy ships even can kill you because if they use HE you will dead because its still taking any damage and decrease them but thats your job use it to push with your team.... dunkerque good at hunting enemy cruiser.... Russia tips,,,, dont always show your broadside you will get easyly get kill by enemy bb if you show your broadside..... your broadside is your main weakness remember that.... Cruiser Cruiser Light Cruiser your Role can be Destroyer Escort...... and support your team on pushing and also carried Torpedo (but your main power not torpedo but your gun) she also carried AA gun to cover you and your allied from enemy Air Attack Heavy Cruiser She can be use as Pusher.... and also support in long range support with your HE to burn enemy ships...... and scare them XD she also has powerfull AA to protect your ships and allied from enemy Air Attack your AA can be take with defensive AA fire..... thats will annoy enemy plane.... even make carrier think twice before attack but use it wisely.... on high tier you will get repair party except british cruiser they already get on low tier till high tier the crazy part..... it has crazy repair party that can heal your HP up to 50% by the way if you see enemy broadside cruiser.... and you near them please use AP to deal more damage to them...... Japan.... specialize at long range support can also be use at mid range and cover your allied..... her weakness only her armor is bad..... but if you use it wisely she can be potential to deal heavy damage to her enemy.... because japan cruiser has good damage on HE her chance of creating fire is good... Usa specialize at AA and cover your allied on frontline..... while pushing also on high tier 8 to 10 they got Surveilance Radar than can detect enemy ships up to 9km its will scare the DD out of it.... so your role is cover your team while capping or stop enemy advanced British specialize at suprise attack and the only cruiser that arrmament with AP shell only..... she equip with smoke and has the lowest concealment..... can be use to support your team on near enemy fleet.... and carried a torp attack on them.... but dont get to cocky since your armor is weak...,.... can get easyly devas and return home lol she also has good AA your smoked can be change with radar on high tier 8 to 10 even on minotaur (Tier 10) fully upgraded with upgrade radar ,concealment upgraded and skill has 8.9km concealment with 56 sec radar that can detect enemy ships arround 9.9km with 56 sec France all i know about this its bring a Engine boost and also create a good chance of creating fire to enemy ships but it has a poor armor but has a good torp belt..... even that... still be dangerous to help pushing..... Italy German the only cruiser that has good penetration with her AP shell.... German cruiser is has good mobility and also good accuracy even on high tier you even can citadel enemy BB if you near them..... well if you hav lot of guts but please im not reccomended to 6km..... unless its intended to suprise attack on behind the island to torp them.... but i mean it 10km already bring Decent damage with your AP shell arround 8k 10k even 12k to enemy BB even cruiser.... you can even bring from 100% HP to 25% HP if you direct hit to enemy cruiser with your AP shell also you cruiser has a good AA defence even if you equip with defensive AA fire it will make enemy carrier lose lot of squadron Russia specialize at long range support since she can deal good damage on long range to with her HE she has radar but her radar is not.... that long.... but it has good range then other radar ships arround 11km...... on high tier she has torpedo... but its only 4km and also on tier 10 Moskva doesnt had torpedo but she actually a decent cruiser
  8. Hey guys, I made a small video about some of the things you should consider when you do decide to purchase a premium ship. I hope that it's able to help a few people out who are tossing up between what to buy. Check out some of my other videos for more content. Any feedback will be really helpful. Good luck and see you guys in game!
  9. Lupusregina

    Video guide for Akizuki

    This is my first time making a video guide for a ship. Please check it out and give me feedbacks on it! Thank you and hope you guys will enjoy it!
  10. All, Regarding new players, each class has strengths and weaknesses. You'll learn them as you go. I've prepared some notes below for your general reading, to hopefully provide you with some guidance on what to expect for classes and trees, and how to perhaps assist gameplay improvements. It's an opinion piece only.....not an extensive guide. It's aimed at newer players to help with ship selection. Just click on each spoiler below to see nation detailed information, and / or read summaries underneath for each class. (NOTE: DD = Destroyer, CA/CL = Cruiser Heavy / Cruiser Light, BB = Battleship, CV = Carrier) US Destroyers IJN Destroyers For all Destroyers Turn your AA off by pressing the P key (you'll see 2 small yellow icons appear to the left of your HE ammo, indicating AA is off). Only turn on your AA if you are fully spotted by aircraft (i.e. they're above your head). Do not drive in straight lines. Ever. Do not expect to gun duel with anyone and live. It's the other stuff shooting at you, because you are lit, that will probably get you. US Cruisers IJN Cruisers For all Cruisers As you get into higher tiers (5 and upwards), you should be thinking about how you support your team. One of your first roles should be to position yourself as AA cover for those who need it, for the first few minutes of battle. This may mean hanging within a grid square or so of your CV(s).....because the enemy will be sending strike aircraft your way, and you can demolish their first wave in a CA/CL. Very important overall that you pick your targets. Don't pretend to be a DD. They're better at it than you ever will be. Be a shepherd for your fleet instead. Either destroy DDs, or at least drive them (and their torps) away from your herd. Use sequential fire, HE, if and when you can. Hard to avoid a storm of HE, regardless of what ship you're in. HE is your preferred ammo type, but AP can be useful against the right targets (sometimes BBs). US Battleships IJN Battleships For all Battleships People whine about BBs all the time, but you have to play them carefully or you will die pretty quickly....and it will be your own fault. Finding yourself without CA AA cover, being attacked by DDs that pop out from islands 4km away.....these are things that you can avoid. Battleships are awesome and difficult at the same time. Nothing gives you the warm and fuzzies more than firing a broadside at a CA and wiping out it's 30,000 HP in the one salvo. But, nothing is worse than sitting there watching torps coming at you, and knowing that you have stuffed up and you can't possibly turn in time to avoid them. Forget chasing DDs and enemy CVs.....you're slower, you have less spotting range, and a half decent enemy will kill you before you have a chance to curse their name. Your position in your fleet is "foundation"......pick that area of the map I mentioned, and head towards it.....then adjust strategy along the way. US Carriers IJN Carriers For all Carriers NEVER send your fighters too far away from your ship, unless you know where the enemy CV strike aircraft are. Don't always think that you have to kill the enemy CV(s). It is handy, but if you lose your aircraft doing it, you're useless. Enemy BBs are also very juicy targets, and can be game-changing if you remove them. Learn how to use the ALT key to drop torps. Sometimes, "bait" aircraft are useful. That includes baiting a lone enemy fighter flight into combat with two of your fighter flights......cut off his line of retreat by sending stuff out wide and behind him. Hard to explain this skill, but very effective. Sometimes, it's better to try and hit the strike aircraft on their return leg home, instead of trying to chase them on their inbound leg. This means sending your fighters to the line of retreat for their strike aircraft. You may not stop this attack, but you'll probably be able to wipe them out so they can't attack again. CVs are pretty game-changing, in the right hands. Be aware that any DD worth his salt is going to be trying to break through your lines to hunt you down, and the average player knows exactly where you are on the map. Don't lose sight of the strategic picture, and move your ship accordingly. Overall Advice Division up when you can. Mad if you don't. Don't be afraid to use Co-op to get to know a particular ship, before hitting PvP with it. Try to avoid being the first person spotted. It draws enemy fire for some reason..... Learn and understand your Commander's skills. Research, talk to others......before you allocate them. However, it isn't that expensive in Dubloons to reset if you muck it up. (note - the detection one is handy, even in a BB......sometimes you need to know when there's a DD nearby....) As I said earlier, not an extensive guide or anything....there are plenty of other considerations, but this is just a guide for those who are starting up. Just my thoughts and playstyle. Folks are welcome to disagree with my tips here, but remember - this is my list of things. Each person might be different across a multitude of areas. Cheers. Noppers.
  11. nikhilpunalur

    A Small change in fucntion

    i think the spotting of enemies should be changed, i played tanktastic and in that game there is no enemy and ally marker. you should remove the small marker showing the enemies and allies, but you can continue with the outline marker that comes when we aim enemy. its getting bored because enemies are easily spotted. please change it.
  12. Hello all!, today im going to post a guide to ranked battles. Now as you all may know ranked battles is like some sort of Gamemode where you progress up a level via gaining stars when you win, and you loose stars when you get a draw or a loose. In a 7 vs 7 match, which will test your skills and teamwork to the best. now I am going to split the guide in several part as follows: 1. Ranked Format & basic how to 2. Ship class roles & tactics 3. Conclusion Part 1. Rank Format and Basic how to To access ranked battle you simply click on the game mode selector on the top right side next to the battle button , select rank ( the one with a red circle with a star in the center) and you're good to go. Rank battles will require you to have at least a tier 5 up to a tier 6 ship , for rank 16 to rank 11 the ships used are tier 5-6 ships. While ranks 10 to 1 will require you to use tier 7-8 ships . Like I mentioned earlier , as you win a ranked battle you get one star and you loose a star for a defeat or a draw. Each time you ranked up , one star will be added to the next rank instantly ( ex: you pass ranked 15, thus one star will be added to rank 14). The number of stars you need to collect to progress up a rank depends on either if you're in rank 18-11 ,10-2,and rank 1 , ranks 18-11 require you to collect 2 stars while ranks 10-2 will require you to collect 4 stars and if you're in rank one there is only one star ( so if you're rank one and you loose , its back to rank two). Think of it like the Football leagues where there is a system of relegation and promotion, you win and collect enough stars you move up the table and get promoted to the next rank while if you loose stars you eventually will get demoted to the previous rank. As simple as that. Now nearly every time you rank up, you get rewards which is mostly signal flags or camouflage. Which is beneficial in helping out your grind or to strengthen your ship , and in some higher ranks credits. To check the reward in each rank , simply go to your profile ingame and select ranks. There you simply click the box with the WoWs icon in it to check the rewards if you reach that certain rank ( note: some ranks might note have rewards as I mentioned earlier) Part 2: Ship class roles Now some of you may know the Individual ship class roles already, but lets quickly review it again Battleships/BB : Your role is that you are the spearhead of your team, use your massive health pool to soak up damage ( and recover them using the health recovery consumable) and your big caliber guns to dealt massive damage to other BB's CA/CL's and CV ( DD is possible but remember that slow reload time and dispersion) , also use your long range to progressively "snipe" enemy's from afar as you push forward with your team to try and get as much damage as possible so when you're in mid-close range the enemy might have slightly to even very lower HP pool than you or your teammates. Cruisers / CA&CL ( Heavy and light cruisers ) : You're role is also like a BB, a spearhead of the team though much more flexible. Use your fast reloading and more accurate guns to engage other cruisers, give supporting fire to BB's and protect BB's from destroyers. You have fast speeds and good maneuverability so you can keep up with the rest of the fleet and disengage if needed (ex: to engage DD's that are trying to harass you or your teammates ), also you have that defensive AA module so you can (depending on the ship) stir up the skies to prevent enemy bombers from approaching. And for ships that have torpedoes you can use them for ambushing enemies when in range. Destroyers/ DD : You're role varies, you can be a spearhead of the team, scout & get those cap points early or as an ambusher. Use your fast speeds, low detectability (for some ships) and hard hitting torpedoes or insanely fast RoF guns ( for some ships) to harass the enemy and also ambush unsuspecting enemies. Also you are very maneuverable , so use that to your advantage. Carrier/CV &CVL ( fleet and light carriers ) : Your role is to protect your teammates from enemy bombers and retrain air superiority , harass and deal damage to enemy ships via your torpedo or dive bombers and do some scouting using your planes. [Remember for all ship classes always maneuver when needed and keep your ship angled to the enemy to reduce shell damage] Now since Ranked Battles are 7 vs 7, and winning or loosing is much more important than in Random Pub games. Always keep a high level of teamwork , so you and your teammates can push effectively up the front. NEVER play passive and just stay near the spawn point, OR snipe enemies from affair (especially BB's. cmon you got that big HP pool and big caliber guns + you have teammates that can protect you so please don't camp and move along with your team. And cruisers too especially ones range boosted by AFT , don't stay back your teammates need you to help them push and need your support in defending your teammates) and not really moving from one place (aka, staying still or not going with the team in the push ) . As that will not benefit your team when your team is actively pushing , since you're far away back to reliably help your team. Sure you conserve HP but , your team will lack the support that you can give to them. ALWAYS stick together with your team, this is important ! as you can help your team when needed. Push and work together as a team, its a 7 vs 7 so teamwork is really a VERY big key in winning a Ranked Battle match! Without teamwork, you and your team can be easily defeated by the enemy. ESPECIALLY if the enemy team has good teamwork , if your team has good teamwork too your team can survive much longer and can possibly win the match too! Part 3. Conclusion Ranked battles is a good game mode that offers good rewards and more levels of teamwork (though it depends, but its important) than in Random battles , the better your skills and your teamwork ( as a player and the whole team) the more possibility that you reach a higher rank and get more rewards. That is all from me, I hope you guys enjoy the guide and see you on the high seas! and also if you have any thing to add to the guide or anything else to say just leave it down in the comments bellow!
  13. I've noticed a lot of people just don't know where to find the Arpeggio ships once they've unlocked them. Here's a simple guide on how to access them, how to remove the voices and how to hide all Arpeggio content.
  14. JustforlolzFYI_ASIA

    World of Warships with JustforlolzFYI

    Hey There! JustforlolzFYI here- YouTuber, blogger, streamer, gamer, father, husband...but mostly just a regular guy with a kick for anything with big guns. I write the Wartime Blog (wartime-blog.com) and you also might have already bumped into my videos on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/JustforlolzFYI) about various tank and ship games My videos are mostly fail/LOL compilations, reviews and guides, so if you are looking for some lighthearted but informative videos, come and check it out! See you around
  15. Hello everyone, just wanting to show that Eurobeat has done it again. so with out further adieu, How to Tirpitz!!! Keep up the dank vids Eurobeat you savvy dog you!
  16. Ok, so I seen this many places, but I just cannot understand how to handle this ship... I read through many battleship guides, aim guide, and have a decent understanding on all the game mechanics. I mean it's accuracy is poor/troll, turn sluggish, and huge surface deck area... It's AAs aren't impressive if you get match up with tier IX/X aircraft carriers (which I do 80% of the games). Sluggish and huge hull with 'meh' AAs means you are vulnerable to all air-drop attacks. And again, since I got matched in Tier IX/X, Yamato, Shimakaze, and both nations' carrier are common, which means sky is full of flies and sea is full of torpedoes. Considering the above Cons, how can I improve my survivability in this hell? *I have Hull (B) and upgraded Gun firing control. I really I wish I was doing something wrong so I can improve, else it will be a long and painful grind toward Yamato... Feel free to give any advice, Thx and have a Merry Christmas!
  17. I've occasionally played a few matches in the other servers, and since I got into the CBT in the Asia server which is my native server, I decided to become more active. I've seen many players screw themselves up, or even, I have screwed myself up without even contributing any damage. And so I think that it would be a nice starting ground to actually write down a few pointers, so that you can at least help your teammates even if you're going to die. Of course, an amateur guide is still an amateur guide, so take this with a pinch of salt. Most of them should be quite obvious to you, but those who just started may find it in their favour to try it out. The points below are contributed by a few acquaintances and players I met through games. Originally posted on my blog, but I wouldn't link it here to avoid getting thrown out by Forum Rule 2.3. 1. Destroyers should preferably group and flank through the corners of the map at the start. Ultimate power is in your hands if your enemies are distracted, and you flank them. Destroyers being fast ships are the only ships able to flank. Not to mention, having multiple destroyers doing torpedo salvo can kill – there is nowhere to run. Always target the corner of the map, and drive slowly into opponent base killing all in your way. 2. Destroyers should always try to have a battleship/cruiser covering you. I think this is just to avoid being cannon fodder if your fast speed drives you into a gank. Unless on one-on-one combat, destroyers should generally be at 3/4 speed or less. While destroyers are fast enough to evade shots, it is much safer to have supporting fire from heavier teammates. 3. The best lair for a destroyer is an archipelago. This is no wonder, with how little space there is between islands. No ship other than a destroyer can evade torpedoes there, and let’s face it – if you have numbers, you should kill off at least a quarter of the enemy ships. 4. Never keep your torpedoes out of service. I see funny destroyers moving around with a full pocket of torpedoes. That shouldn’t be the case unless you’re looking for an opening, but destroyers shouldn’t take that long to find one. The moment your destroyer reloads, you should be shooting especially at the start. Many at times I have seen a torpedo I launched 3 minutes ago destroy a battleship, and I think you can do it too with decent luck. 5. Kamikaze when at a disadvantage – as a last effort. This can really make a difference, trust me. Of course, don’t just do it anywhere. Do it when the following conditions are met: Your opponent has T-crossed you (Check up on the term if you don’t know). Your ammo/torpedo is reloading You’re surrounded Generally, just as long as you know you’re about to hit the seabed. Kamikaze is good especially for destroyers, it can seriously prove a menace to your enemies. I did it with two cruisers in separate games; one destroyed it and one got damaged really badly. If you’re going to die, might as well help your teammates. 6. Be the Commander if nobody else is. Unorganized fleets, every time. Destroyers at the side going straight to the middle to get cover from battleships, but get shot down in transit. Wasted metal the Japanese and Americans made, you think? Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” See that the enemy has tons of heavy high-levelled ships? You can still win. It’s 100% possible, unless you have uncooperative teammates – then it’s their loss. 7. Never lose sight of base control. Sometimes you’ve killed every ship but one, and that one little destroyer is hiding and running within your base. Great. Even worse, the control bar is almost full. What can you do? Surrender and learn from this. And you will be able to do the same thing as that midget. When you know you’re going to lose (let’s say, 2v6), just head straight into enemy base unless it’s heavily protected. Hide behind islands, because other than torpedoes, anything that hits you is generally a scratch. Even better if the enemies are heavy ships, because if they’re rather far, they will never get to base in time. Your victory. 8. Go for the small fry when you’re almost dead. Let’s say you have a full HP cruiser at your right, a full HP battleship in front (but is currently engaged with another ally) and a destroyer with almost no HP at your left, who seems to have launched a torpedo at you. You can either be a smartass and shoot the cruiser, assist your ally like a true team player, or try your luck for EXP with the destroyer. Pick the last, it’s probably more strategic and helps your team by stopping torpedo rage. 9. Have some situational awareness. This is not a joke, this is something that can really help you. Every now and then (make it fifteen seconds?) right-click to see your surroundings. Especially useful in the beginning of each game when you’re driving to where you want to camp. Right-click OP. Even the game tips tell you that. This can honestly help you avoid torpedoes and ganks when you’re chasing down an enemy. 10. Moderate your speed. This is something that I’ve been trying to perfect. I wrote a few speeds that I use on my original blog post, but I felt that they were too rigid. Players should find the speed they like. But of course, I would advise you to slow down at the start to avoid getting ganked by heavier ships. 11. Evading tips. You can generally find these in the game tips, but ALWAYS move left and right without stop. When you’re fleeing, do that at full speed. You’ll feel victory when none of the battleship rounds hit you at all. Recall World of Tanks maneuvering. Other than that, always change your speed abruptly – throwing the rounds off is great. You can also hide behind islands, rounds that enemies fire seem to either hit the island or ricochet and give you less damage. 12. Shooting Types You can find these in the game tips, but not many people actually care about shooting control usage. It may not seem like it makes a lot of difference, but shooting controls can help you build good foundations to handle higher tier enemies. Also, don't mind those names I give to the different controls - I couldn't find better ones. Manual One-shot: Your typical one-click fire. Useful for accurate shots, but takes a longer time to shoot and run. A good choice for attracting attention or testing enemy movement. Full Salvo: This can be achieved by double-clicking. You can effectively hit a target multiple times, but if it is a moving target, misses may mean a long wait for reloads. Hold Volley: This is done by hold-clicking the left mouse button. It lets you fire your turrets one by one sequentially, and this is good for moving enemies as you have a higher chance of hitting them. Effectively, you can change your turret angle with this firing control. However, compared to a full salvo, this will take longer, and will deal a huge blow to your reload and situational awareness. 13. Ammo I think this needs not much explanation. Most people use HE rounds, and yes, I have to agree that HE rounds are the safest. But when you’re in close combat with a CV or BB and you want to kill fast, load AP and keep aiming for its engine or ammo box (you gotta guess where it is :v). It should help you a lot, especially when enemies are starting to support the enemy ship. A good idea when using AP shells is to aim for the citadel of the enemy ship. Because the game doesn't tell you, a good pointer would be to look up military history websites online, and find schematic drawings of warships which outline the location of the citadel. 14. Aircraft Interception As a general rule, you'll want to intercept and kill enemy aircraft as far as you can from any possible targets. If you're a heavy cruiser, that means interposing yourself at least 3-4km out from battleships/carriers. If you're a carrier, that means sending out your fighter squadrons between you/your team's battleships and when the enemy carrier is predicted to be. Aircraft interception should be prioritized as such: 1. Torpedo bombers coming in on attack runs. 2. Dive bombers coming in on attack runs. 3. Enemy fighters with ammunition. 4. The same 3 as above, but returning to their carrier. 5. Scouts By conducting a layered defence system and intercepting enemy planes away from your team, they'll be either destroyed before getting into attack range, or damaged to the point where their attacks can be easily avoided. Every bomber shot down is one less torpedo/bomb you have to deal with. If you're even letting planes get into attack range and shooting them down on the way back, your AA defence is inadequate. 15. Combing the Tracks A crapton of people tend to complain about torpedoes, but from what I've seen so far, a lot of people have no clue how to fight torpedo-armed ships. The easiest way to avoid a torpedo is to make sure torpedo tracks are parallel to your ship's course. This is called "combing the tracks", and is meant to either completely evade torpedoes, or take as few hits as possible. There's two ways of doing this. 1. Don't go broadside-to-broadside with something that has torpedoes. This goes double if you're a cruiser and triple if you're a battleship or carrier. Doing this is likely to get you killed. Try to point your bow towards enemy destroyers/torpedo bombers approaching you at all times, and keep an eye on the minimap so as not to be surprised by torpedo strikes. Break off attacking your current target if you have to. You can always circle around and reacquire your target if you stay alive. The exception to this are DDs, who are nimble enough to dodge torpedoes after they've been launched. 2. If in the event you get torpedoes launched at you, do a radical course change IMMEDIATELY, and kill your speed. Torpedoes, once launched, are aimed at the point your ship is predicted to be, and by changing your speed/heading, you'll minimize the chances of being hit by a full spread. If your enemy is inexperienced and launched their torpedoes from a far distance, turn as parallel as you can towards the torpedoes. It's better to turn *towards* torpedoes than to turn away from them, as turning away risks a torpedo hit on your stern, destroying your propulsion or rudder and leaving you helpless. Exception: If you're between an incoming torpedo swarm and a more valuable target on your team, your sacrifice will be remembered. Of course, there is but another thing to learn from this point: When launching torpedoes, aim widely: Don't aim everything at one point. ------ I hope the above pointers may help beginners and maybe even a couple of more experienced players. As this is a WIP guide, please do guide me on how I can improve it. Thanks for reading this and I hope to see constructive feedback from you guys. I actually intended to have a few strategy tips for each map, but I happen to be busier these days, so I apologize for being unable to do it now. Credits to ExudingFate, Syanda and benlisquare for offering their opinions and ideas.
  18. A simple guide born out of the frustration to most CV captains I've seen and being a beginner one myself' maybe some sharing may improve gameplay. (I hope ... ) Step 1. DON'T HIDE IN THE CORNER ! Simply because EVERYBODY knows you're there. They may not see you yet, but it narrows down where they need to look and send the bombers. Also hiding behind an island may block level line of sight, but since planes ignore terrain its only a matter of time until you are spotted. Step 2. Learn the AUTOPILOT Having established that staying in a corner isn't a great idea, this means you should get moving. But steering a ship and coordinating planes will take alot of multi-tasking and hotkey effort. So to lighten the load ... Use ship-autopilot ! Setup a course following your teammates with waypoints, slow or fast it just means a) you are not in the same spot than before hence it may take enemies longer to find you or get closer to you. b) you are closer to teammates who can help or escort you c) you are closer for returning planes and hence shortening attack times. d) at least you are moving than starting at zero speed. It helps to minimise torpedo and bomb hits, Step 3. Battle awareness. Because you can launch planes, and they move faster than ships ... means you have additional duty to find where the enemy is, If you know where the enemy is before they know where you are, as a CV you can avoid them better. As any other ship, with the information provided to then setup your attack formation better. This is especially important in the early phase of battle because if enemy DDs are found and destroyed early ... the battle can shift in your team's favour fast. (Not foolproof advice, but the key is giving your team the knowledge to react properly) Step 4. The attack. Attacking is what a CV can do well, but its down here instead of being the top piece of advice. Why? Because if you can preserve yourself well, then its easier to concentrate on the attack part. When attacking, try to aim for 'loners' (preferably BBs and CVs) for the simple reason that its much easier to eliminate enemies who cannot protect themselves well. You have your protection secure then attack, they don't have their protection secure they become prey to you. Another thing about attacking is that its a process in itself ... i) move planes through the best gaps in defense ii) estimate plane to target approach iii) setup attack ahead of approach point iv) try to ensure planes can come back alive That's enough for the moment ... I'm not too experienced a CV captain, however I do hope that its something to start improving the play quality of anyone starting CV. For vid reference ... you can watch some guides from generous early players (included below)
  19. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Artillery Lead Calculation

    I was missing a lot of shots where my target was moving towards or away from me so I did some calculation based on a speed multiplier of 2.6m/s per WOW knot. Adjust your firing range by +/- km according to the following table to compensate for the target moving towards or away from you. (Shell flight time and range to target show up on ALT sights) Lead Required if target is moving directly towards/away (KM) Target Speed/knots Standard BB Fast BB Battle Cruisers US Cruisers Japanese Cruisers 20 27 30 33 35 Shell Flight time/S 6 0.31 0.4 0.5 0.5 0.5 8 0.4 0.6 0.6 0.7 0.7 10 0.5 0.7 0.8 0.9 0.9 12 0.6 0.8 0.9 1.0 1.1 14 0.7 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Range adjustment needed if target is moving at 45% Target Speed/knots 20 25 30 35 35 Shell Flight time/S 6 0.22 0.30 0.33 0.36 0.39 8 0.29 0.40 0.44 0.49 0.51 10 0.37 0.50 0.55 0.61 0.64 12 0.44 0.60 0.66 0.73 0.77 14 0.51 0.69 0.77 0.85 0.90 This table works in the vertical (distance) axis but not the horizontal axis (unless you turn off target tracking).I would very much like to work this out in the horizontal axis too (its not so necessary but I'm interested) ~ can anyone think of a way of working this out (working with target tracking)?
  20. 這視頻可以教您怎樣使用魚雷轟炸機。好好學習哦!
  21. benlisquare

    Damage mechanics guide

    The following is a guide on how damage mechanics work within this game. While the placement of individual shots fired is heavily influenced by RNG, the damage figures of each shot is rather straightforward to determine. AP shells can bounce off or fail to penetrate the target for 0 damage. They can over-penetrate, doing 10% of their maximum damage. They can penetrate but fail to hit any critical component for 1/3 of their maximum damage, or penetrate the citadel to deal maximum damage. Cruisers typically have maximum AP damages ranging from 3000 to 4000, so you'll only see the big numbers pop up against other cruisers when you hit multiple citadels with a single salvo. Battleships have maximum AP damages starting at 10,000 and going up to 14,000, so they only need one good citadel hit to severely damage whatever they're aiming at. HE is a bit more complex. First of all, normal HE shells hit for 1/3 of their maximum damage. This means that if your HE shell has a maximum damage value of 2000, the standard HE hit will do 667 damage. The exceptions are HE citadels (usually against unarmoured CVs, which deal maximum damage) and against DDs—if you hit a DD amidships (where the DD's "citadel" should be) HE can do 1/2 damage. HE also suffers from damage reduction, however. Every ship is divided into 5 sections (bow, front half, rear half, stern, and superstructure) and these sections have different damage thresholds. Once a section reaches its damage threshold, all HE damage from that point on will be cut in half. In other words, your HE shots that started off doing 1/3 maximum damage will eventually do 1/6 damage instead. This is why it can take so many shots to finish off the last 10% of an enemy's HP. There is a second damage reduction threshold beyond this that reduces all incoming HE damage to 0, however most ships will be dead before that happens. HE can also be blocked completely by armour, usually BB belt armour. HE does 0 damage in this case, although it can still set a fire. The basis of this guide originates from a series of posts by various people. I have made a few adjustments and modifications, but the general idea remains the same. Thanks to anon for compiling the ideas together.
  22. Part 1 - IntroductionWith the release of World of Warships, Wargaming.net has introduced a feature not seen previously in World of Tanks or World of Warplanes - Account Levels.These levels allow players to unlock extra in-game features and receive bonus rewards as they play either Co-op (PvE) or Random (PvP) Battles. Some of the account features that can be unlocked via the progression system include the ability to mount Flags (which give you various bonuses) on your ship, earn and use Free XP and even train up Captains for your ships - just to name a few. I'll go into further detail about exactly what can be unlocked as your level increases a bit later. The quickest and easiest way it to find your current level is to check the top right hand side of the screen while you are logged into the game As you can see from this image, the top account is at Level 8 and the bottom one is a Level 4 account. Also note the icon next to the Level - each level has it's own unique icon If you want to see your current progress towards the next Account Level, you can click on the arrow next to your In-game Name To level up, simply play either Co-op or Random Battles. As you play and earn experience (XP) to upgrade and unlock new ships this XP is also put towards increasing your account level. When you have gained enough experience, your account's level will automatically increase and unlock new features Now that I've covered the basics, in next part of this guide I'll be going through each of the available Levels, covering what features get unlocked and any rewards that are given edit: 14/07/2015 - added Part 2