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Found 8 results

  1. (Also, while I was trying to discover the button for hiding the UI, I accidentally discovered that you can actually honk your horn in port)
  2. Dendi_Superman

    To Do, Or Not To Do.

    Is it possible to reach the Moskva before the change? Currently: T3 Prem time?: none (unless I get some thru super cont or the current event) Super unicum?: I'm a 3.6 , not great not terrible Play time: at most 90min /weekday ; 120min /weekends or holidays. Debating if i could do it or not waste my time.
  4. KirstieBeau

    Donskoi vs Chapayev

    I'm enjoying russian cruisers recently especially the Shchors so I decided to keep it. This week I just got Chapayev fully upgraded with concealment build and its such a troll to DD with its 10.2km detection and 11.7km radar. I really enjoyed the slight difference in playstyle to the shchors as you're not tied anymore to long-distance HE spam as you can close-in to a cap and support my DD. Problem is I only have 2 relevant Soviet captains: a 14pt for the Chapayev and a 12pt for my Shchors. In a few days I will be unlocking the Donskoi. Any Donskoi captains here can say if it's a fun ship to have as the chappy and is it worth it for my Chappy captain to move to the Donskoi? Or will I stop at Chappy?
  5. I'm in a confusion... Like most of you know.... I've been grinding lot of ships at the same time and it kinda payed off... Now I unlocked New Orleans, Edinburgh and Izumo... If I leave Izumo... I can buy New Orleans and Edinburgh at the same time... Thing Is I want to get Yamato as quick as possible but Izumo's concealment bothers me most then IJN BB's Stock hulls have slower AP shell which IMO doesn't get you citadel penetrations and no AA at all because IJN... with the mods I can get me concealment mod but I don't know how much it lessens it's concealment(It'd be helpful if stats are provided)... New Orleans this is the ship I'm looking forward to and I want to get it because I liked grinding pensacola has been a good ship for me... How much AA does it get when fully upgraded and how are the shells are they same as Pensacola's...? Edinburgh looks different from other RN CLs looks huge with lot of citadel area... Feels hard enough by looking at it... So If I can get any info on them would be helpful.... I don't have PTS files were corrupted .. So I cannot test them out on PTS... Thanks in advanced....
  6. This is something that I haven't considered before reading some helpful topics in this forum. My Nagato captain is currently at 13 points. It will take a long time if I bring him over to Amagi. Will it be a good idea start a fresh one? How bad is Amagi's stock grind. I have never played this ship before. Is stock Amagi playable with almost no skill captain? Just unlocked Amagi, don't have the credit to buy her yet. And don't have dubloons to spend for captain retraining as well.
  7. Pseudoscope

    Make the game fun again

    Hi Devs, Been on and off the game now for a while. And I just don't find the game near as fun as it used to be. The main reason for this is the grind, or as I like to call it, the backwards grind. Everything from tier 6 up, is a massive uphill slog. And the games are worse for it. As a player, when you lose, you lose big on credits for repairs, so everyone starts playing really conservative. Ships are shit because you can't fully kit them out anymore (not enough credits) and everything takes way longer than it should. Something needs to happen with the cost of repairs and modules at higher tiers. Something needs to happen to promote spontaneous aggressive gameplay, Something needs to happen to make this game fun again.
  8. If you research a ship that has a stock torpedo module, that same torpedo module automatically becomes researched for free on other ships as well. This means you can slice off anywhere between 500 to 9,500 XP from your grind. This only applies to torpedo modules of the same name: This WILL NOT APPLY for guns and fire control modules of the same name (e.g. researching the fire control upgrade for Kongo will not also give you the fire control upgrade for Minekaze, even though they both bear the same name). Researching Phoenix (tier 4 USN CL) will grant you the Mark 11 torpedoes for free on the Clemson (tier 4 USN DD), which will save you 1,700 XP. Hence, it is recommended to research the Phoenix before the Clemson, if you can. Researching Tenryu (tier 3 IJN CL) before the Umikaze (tier 2 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 44 mod.2 torpedoes for free, which will save you 500 XP. Researching Kuma (tier 4 IJN CL) before the Wakatake (tier 3 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 6 torpedoes for free, which will save you 1,600 XP. Researching Aoba (tier 6 IJN CA) before the Mutsuki (tier 6 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 8 mod. 2 torpedoes for free, which will save you 9,500 XP. On the Myoko (tier 7 IJN CA) you can research the Type 90 mod. 1 torpedoes for 11,000 XP, which is 5,400 XP cheaper than doing so on the Hatsuharu (tier 7 IJN DD) where it costs 16,400 XP.