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Found 12 results

  1. Rascam_Games

    Graphical Bug

    My game has been recently experiencing this graphical bug and I don't know how to resolve it.
  2. After updating to 0.9.6, my game graphics got SO UGLY! Even if I set it at Ultimate Graphics it always come out as fuzzy or hazy, both at the port and during games. What is going on?? BTW, It also happened to me during Public Testing of 0.9.6. I pointed this out in the feedback, and I thought it will be during the Public Test. Sadly, even here. The attached file is set at Ultimate Graphics Res at an average fps of 70, but I can't see the details of the port and in-game locations anymore.
  3. greywolfsdb2013

    Graphics got UGLY after 0.9.6

    After updating to 0.9.6, my game graphics got SO UGLY! Even if I set it at Ultimate Graphics it always come out as fuzzy or hazy, both at the port and during games. What is going on?? BTW, It also happened to me during Public Testing of 0.9.6. I pointed this out in the feed back, but still the same.
  4. IndominusWrath

    Change the torpedo effect pls

    I really hate when torpedoes really make Looooooooonnnngggggggg foam on its step, where torpedo should be totally stealth. and idk its a bug or not, but when you take eyes off it and look at it again, you see a gap on that torpedo trace. Wouldnt it be better if theres no trace for torpedo, and torpedo icon change from that triangle top of torp, into little circle around the torp? . Also, i saw in movies when a ship gets hit by torp, a huge boom happens ON the ship (in game it only little boom side of the ship) and a black smoke for a long time. I wish to see it in game too
  5. installed World of Warships Ultra from the official website on a MacBook Pro 2017 with a 15.4-inch display, 2.8GHz Intel i7 7700HQ processor, 16 GB RAM, and Radeon Pro 555 2 GB. The game client is very likely to freeze when entering battle in "Fullscreen" mode with a suitable resolution (2880 x 1800) even though the general graphics quality is set to "Medium" (about 30fps in the port). Sometimes, no matter which graphics options were selected, the client freeze during the countdown so I had to force quit the app from the desktop or restart the computer by holding the power button. Tonight, I changed the DirectX 9 to DirectX 11 and found there is no more freezing when entering battle in "Fullscreen - Windowed" mode (with a fixed resolution of 1680 x 1050, but I also had encountered freezes at the very end of a co-op battle in "High" general graphics setting. Thank you very much for spending time reading this, I wish we can eventually figure out the optimum setting of graphics in WOWS.
  6. Hello I am enjoying world of warships game. There are certain issues i noticed in game play graphics which i need help. I am using Windows 7 64-bit with Intel graphics Card. Default settings - Low graphics with Direct X 9 I am unable to see effects - like ship on fire, smoke emitting from ships - which is used as guide to aim accurately, unable to see AP shells landing on ships that are far away (white trace is not visible as clearly as HE shells yellow trace), white pillar of water that is seen when shells hit water. I saw these effects in videos uploaded on You tube. When i switched to direct x 11 i saw these effects but then the game crashed mid-way of the battle. I read on another forum that PCs with Intel graphic card will lead to game crash due to heavy memory consumption. So i wanted to know settings options where i will be at least able to see AP shell traces and ship smoke so that i can at least improve my aiming which sucks at the moment. (I am not blaming the graphics or my PC for my performance) Any help in altering the Game Settings - Graphics without game crashing, will be appreciated. Thank You. P.S - i have checked out the settings related video from WOW official You Tube channel although it is good guide but it was not useful to solve my problem
  7. Since update 6.10 we have had improved graphics, but to me they seem more like hindrance to gameplay than improvement. -Aiming at close range when your ship is burning is impossible because of the black smoke. How am I supposed to drive-by execute the enemy Yamato when I can't see where I am aiming? -Water splashes blocks vision, making hitting of small ships especially hard, when more ships are firing at it. -Generally, too much black smoke affecting vision. Can't WG make the smoke transparency adjustable or something? Perhaps such hindrance to gameplay is intended, and we have to live with it, but are there any mods to revert the graphics back to the old version? Or is it impossible as WG has intended such changes to have said effects on gameplay? Or do I just have to git gud?
  8. StormPilgrim

    extra optional gfx suggestion

    Hi love the game. One thing I reckon would be really cool is the option to have the following graphics you could turn on; 1. Realistic smoke from big damage or destroyed ships. Whenever you see real footage or an old photograph of say a WWII battleship burning there is a massive black column of smoke rising miles into the heavens. This would look so cool in the game. Perhaps whenever there is a citadel hit a ship would emit this for some time until repaired.. and destroyed ships could emit this for the remainder of the game - so everyone would see a bit tower of black smoke from just about anywhere. This real pic of the Yamato burning gives you an idea of what I mean lol. 2. Ship wakes - in real life my 14 foot dinghy just about leaves a wake as long as the Yamato in WOWS does. By the wake I mean the white trail behind the ship - this should go back miles and would be a cool option. Bow waves would also go for miles but this might be too computational and graphics intensive. Longer and more persistent wakes would be really cool and add to the realism of the game. Just my 2c worth in what I think would be cool additions to an already very good game
  9. I'm posting this on the behalf of anyone else who might run into this problem. Description: It Basically as the problem states, I can normally exit the game with no effect on my computer. But there are sometimes when I exit the game you get the usual black screen but it stays a bit and then puts a grey screen. That happens really quickly then I get my desktop again and but all the programs and files I had open with my game are gone - like I had shut down and restarted. Current Status: I've had this for about 1 week I'd say from now (25th July 2016), I have updated my graphics card with a clean install and the problem hasn't occurred yet. What happens afterwards is that your graphics card will no longer function properly, even though the screen is rendering in my native resolution (1080p). So you need to restart the graphics card (restarting the computer, disabling graphics card/the service for the graphics card - I just restart computer then check if is working though 'Device Manager' - if its not then restart again or disable/enable the graphics card in device manager, it should be functioning again. I've only had this problem only with world of warships so far and that why I am posting here. Issue: 'As described above'Screenshots: None, see descriptionShip: -Map: -Occurrences: On Occasion. Reopen the game 2nd or 3rd time, or even for the first time.Tested: Have a couple of Google Chrome Tabs up, some Office programs, and Text Editors or Spotify and run the game.Severity: Since it occurs when I close the game it has minimal effect the actual gameplay, but is really annoying to occur at random.Details: 'As described above' ​System: Windows 10, Intel i5-4760, NVIDIA GTX 970, 8GB RAM o7
  10. war4sure

    Tough Choices

    So,this year I was planning to upgrade my 5 year old potato to make it up to date with the latest games.Part of this includes upgrading from my current Windows 7 to Windows 10,and jumping from GTX 750 to GTX 980 Ti. However,as this site shows(read the comments to see why),the R9 390X can give you more FPS on Windows 10 than than the GTX 980 Ti could do. I do check the prices and while the R9 do cost RM 400 cheaper than the 980 Ti, I have serious trust issues with AMD graphics ever since my last PC before my current one.Does anyone here who's on Windows 10 and actually using a R9 390X confirmed that the GPU really did give you more FPS?
  11. Hello everyone, firstly I'm sorry if the regarding issue had been posted somewhere previously. However I've done some research and didn't seem to find any solution regarding the problem i have. Anyways, heres the detail of the bug: I couldn't set the "Texture Quality" settings in the graphic/video settings to "High". Every time i adjust the option to "High" and then click apply, the screen flickers for a split second just like every time there's graphical settings change were made (I believe that is normal for every user here). However after the screen goes back to normal and the graphic settings interface closed down as if the changes had been successfully applied, I find out that the "Texture Quality" settings reverts back to "Low". No matter how many times I tried to change the settings to "High" it always revert back to "Low". So heres my graphical settings cycle of doom: 1. Opens graphic settings interface 2. Set Texture Quality to High 3. Clicks apply 4. Screen flickers 5. Reopens graphic settings 6. Texture Quality resets to Low 7. Repeats process until Orlan becomes a Spaceship with railguns and inter-galactic travelling capability *Been asking other players from ingame chat and apparently no one had the same issue like me. If this problem is a game related bug I hope someone could help me regarding the issue that i have. Good luck and fair seas. Regards, Kavan Red Text. Post Edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking