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Found 1 result

  1. It's a great game mode. Except it has a few problems : Far too many people who have no idea what they are doing are jumping on this battle mode. Lemnings are real , as well as poor if not stupid decision making. IDK if this mode is available for ppl who don't have high tier or just purchase a tier IX premium to try it. Ofc i can't fix their decision but i can't fathom how does a tier IX-X mode is infested with so many people who can't look at mini map. But the far greater problem are bots. Since this mode does not reflect on your stats, botting is way too common in this. You know , the kind that only move a bit to the side to get all guns out and shoot. I am quite sour at the number of bots that pop up in this mode since day 1. If i'm not wrong, game stats are not tracked for this mode, people are so much more eager to bot and get away with it. WG need to do something about this botting insanity. I have had games where 50% of all team are bots (not the official ones !!). About Hannover and Satsuma : They are improved Yamato and GK basically. In normal battle they will melt fast, but in competitive they are way too tanky. I think that they should stay in this game mode or other extra activities. WG should not consider putting them in normal MM. Their maneuverability is not that bad compare to normal BB. Only a deficient of around 10% while other important stats are 15% better atleast.