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Found 4 results

  1. DFaultPlayR69

    When you do a good job as a CV

    Just had the best CV play I had for a long time, and i both got reported and complimented Shame though I didn't get a Kraken since the last remaining enemy ship, which was the Graf Zeppelin killed himself with his last DB squadron. I suspect the reports i got were from the salty Graf, and the poor Belfast that I deleted with 1 AP bombing run.
  2. Graf Zeppelin のテストを行っているようだが、爆撃機2編隊のみの攻撃で、戦艦において 6万程度のダメージを受け、ほぼ満タンのHPが殆どなくなった。今の仕様で本番に反映すると、バランスが大きく崩れ、大きな不満が運営に押し寄せるだろう。Graf Zeppelinの大幅な性能ダウンが必要。
  3. HMS_Audacious

    Enterprise and GZ op?

    Hey, guys I had somebody trying to make me think that Enterprise and GZ with AP bombs are op cuz they wreck BBs so much. But I don't really get it cuz I usually roll close to the CAs. What do you guys think?
  4. NO MORE 3x5 TORPEDO BOMBER???? who need 7800 HE 3x5 divebomber?? - secondary from 4.5 to 7.5 - still crap fighter..... ________________________ okay here we go, i am waiting the Graf Zep since playing CV. and if WG turn Graf into crap T6 CV in T8, absolutely like Enterprise..... it will be Ultimate CRAP. as you know, Enterprise actually have T7.5 plane not T7..... why? because enterprise got access for T9 upgrade like +5 max speed or 15% bomber HP. even with those upgrade, Enterprise still cannt surpass Shokaku in term of air supremacy (but win in strike). looking for leaked stat, fighter and bomber HP of Graf is so CRAP, it can be destroyed easily by ship AA.... well, i must agree if WG not try to make Graf Zep OP by giving 3x5 TB. but, 3x5 DB is SO WEAK, Shokaku and enterprise got better plane, loadout and strike capabilities..... so if Enterprise got T9 upgrade, why not give Graf Zeppelin : - Special secondary upgrade, if normal secondary upgrade increase by 20%, it GOT 40% instead :V - access to special repair party, like the RNCA - lower concealment....13km?? - 3/0/2 loadout instead, more fighter less bomber, so Graf will be focused on providing AA support (its fighter is weak anyway, 3 fighter is balanced) - thicker belt and deck armor (optional), also turtleback armor (muss) like other German BB - of course, 9km Hydrocaustic search (optional) - 8x4 side torpedo 12km 2 min reload - 20 sec reload DCP (duration 30 sec) - 8 sec, torpedo reload booster - smoke consummable - can Swap secondary amunition HE or AP - infinite consummable 40 sec AADF 1 min cooldown - high arc secondary shell like Lolanta Make Axis Great Again ~ Rothschild