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Found 1 result

  1. I totally played as a filthy casual these last 30 days. I took one look at the PR grind, realized is wasn't for me, and didn't try for Gorizia even. Just enjoyed playing randoms and 1v1 ranked with a few of my favorite ships. Mostly DDs. I bought 1yr of premium time at 50% off (New Years special) and 4800 doubloons at 30% (anniversary coupon) and I think 2000 other doubloons (towards Shimakaze permanent camo). Still, at the end of it I got quite a decent haul of "stuff": * Lenin from free Xmas box, 10pt captain * Exeter from free Xmas box, 10 pt captain * Gorizia from completing directive 3, 6 pt captain (as I said above, this just ticked over naturally - I didn't try for it) * tons of flags for getting to rank 5 in Lightning * a smaller ton of flags for progressing partway through building Puerto Rico * Halsey, for completing the campaign * Shimakaze, Kitakaze, Iowa, Fiji, Lightning .... XP and FXP from Random games * A smallish haul of flags for breezing through the Science of Victory campaign, which I'd never bothered with until now and can be done extremely quickly when you have a 3-year old account and a dozen or so T8-10 ships. So this is how I feel about WG and the PR grind: On a personal level I don't really care. While the dockyard was cool and the partial rewards generous the progression mechanics could only be described as "opaque and manipulative". I was not interested in the ship. As such, the PR grind just went off my radar, just like the Xmas lootboxes which I don't buy. I was surprised how angry everyone got when they found out that grinding PR for free would be very difficult. I never got through the PEF or Benham grind for example. Even Siroco was excessive ... no way would I expect to get a T10 ship playing the way I normally do. Moreoever there were plenty of ways you could get Puerto Rico if you really wanted without playing 6h a day for a month, for not an excessive cost. And a couple of ways for an excessive cost. Plenty of reports now of people who got the ship after only moderate grind by buying Gorizia up front for doubloon compensation and/or paying for 1-2 boosters. I guess what really ticked people off was Wargaming telling them they couldn't get something while simultaneously telling them the something they couldn't get was something they really, really wanted. People look forward to the Xmas event as something everyone has a chance of getting, its the inclusivity of the event which is in the spirit of the season. WG this year broke with that by building up the PR event as this main event instead of a Whale-only hardcore extra bonus round. Gorizia - a T7 cruiser that would in any other time have been considered a pretty good reward and was generously given away for very little commitment, got completely lost in the blast of negativity surrounding PR.