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Found 8 results

  1. PanzerRunner

    Damage Counter Bug

    Just look at the damage counter, it passes all the way trough the screen
  2. mr_glitchy_R

    Invisible ship glitch

    So, yesterday i played a scenario called 'Aegis' with my Normandie. At the start until at the middle of the battle, everything is fine. And then at the end i see an enemy Furutaka. And then i realize that only her flag, smoke, and gunfire was the only things that's visible. And no, she is not inside a smoke. If it happened in random battle, It would be legit AF. I hope my username wasn't the cause of this.
  3. So currently the Achievement Chief Naval Architect is bugged for me as the requirement is research 50 Ships and im currently at 63 ships researched so its past the point were i should of obtain the achievement... although its not really important its just annoys me
  4. All support ships just stuck on repairing the 'RAPTOR' engine progress. And the 'RAPTOR' stuck behind island after his engine malfunction. We got no repair and can't continue with mission progress after the Kongou and her squad spawned.
  5. First time posting. Oh boy. I'm not exactly an expert on this game or anything, nor am I a particularly good player, but...
  6. Nishizumi_AnkoSP

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm flying boates

    Well look what we have flying boates hehe.
  7. Sooo anyways, finished my last mission (10 CV wins) and it shows up on the page... AND THEN I refresh and it goes from 10/10 to 5/10 (yesterdays tall methinks) WG - ummmm how is it THIS buggy? Also would you mind fixing it? Point of the post: anyone else have this issue?
  8. Since the CBT forum is being reworked I might as well post here. If you're a moderator or forum staff, please move this to the CBT's Bug Report section after it gets reworked ASAP and fix this. To cut straight to the point: Battleships get a permanent 20% range increase from scout plane abilities while in battle if the scout plane is shot down and/or destroyed, which can carry onto other matches if the ability is never activated again. - TESTED ON MYOGI ONLY SO FAR. I'm not sure when my scout plane was destroyed, or if this glitch can be recreated on other Battleships with the same ability. It randomly happened in battle, where I was still in the midst of shelling another battleship at long range. As you know scout planes increase main battery range by 20%, this increased my gun's range from 15km to 18km and it stayed that way even after my plane was shot down, leaving the ability to stay active indefinitely. The glitch CAN carry onto other matches if the ability is never activated again. Here are a few screenshots: Main Battery's Normal Firing Range with Upgraded Fire Control System: Main Battery's Firing Range in-game with Scout Plane ability not active: Another in-game screenshot (2nd match after glitch occurence): Notice the range change. It's permanent. (Sorry for the "outburst" you can see in the chat.) Also, yes. I logged out and back in between playing the two battles to test if it would go away and it didn't. I ask any Wargaming staff to look into this immediately.