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Found 9 results

  1. TimurGlazkov

    SteelSeries bonus code

    If you have a SteelSeries account, you can redeem your code here (Available for all servers) World of Warships Free Loot Shipment + SteelSeries $10 Credit Key Giveaway Each person will get: 5 "Lucky" container 10 “Triumphant” camouflages
  2. Gday legends! To kick start the BOBS charity stream I am running a 30hr plus charity stream in support of https://tiltify.com/+bobs-and-friends-christmas-stream-party/bobs-and-friends-rasing-funds-for-save-the-children I will have over 30 giveaways, 8 Premium ships (if we reach 5k followers), a Logitech Mouse (G502) and a RTX 3070 gpu up for grabs plus much much more. Tune in from around 2030 AEDT and please don't subscribe or donate to myself, if you can or are able to donate please do so to the charity direct and if we raise over 1000$ USD within the 30hours I will shave my head live on stream! Lets support a great cause, giveaway a bucket load of stuff and hopefully make some peoples year a little bit better! -DobbyM8
  3. 公式Facebookより、Exeter Giveawayの告知。 (和訳ガバは許して...) 艦長の皆さん!HMS Exeter Giveawayを開催します! あなたはこの Tier V イギリス巡洋艦を入手する幸運な 3 人のうちの 1 人になれる? 6 つの方法で運を試そう! https://wo.ws/2JnJQR2 概要 ・景品: Tier V イギリス海軍 重巡洋艦 Exeter ・応募期限: 5日後 (CST時間かつ正式な時間は分からないので、この書き方になっています) ・景品配布: CST時間 3月29日 (金) に港に届きます。 ・当選人数: 3人 ・応募方法: リンク先で提示された手段で応募を行う。 以上
  4. The Santa Claus Legion ends shortly. In my random act of kindness to offset my upcoming year of forum trolling and general game shittery I will give 5 big Santa Boxes to 5 random people. Rules: Your post must contain your IGN and "gib santa box plox" Its currently 9.00am here in Sydney. This will only be available until 9.00pm Sydney time. All people who have posted correctly in that period of time will be entered into a random number generator which will chose the winners. I will advise the winners shortly after and all participants will get an upboat for their effort. Good luck
  5. Hello Captains, If anyone is interested here, I will be streaming WoWS (SEA) for 24 hours starting 10am Eastern Australian Time on Friday 15 September 2017. During this stream I will be doing giveaways which will include premium ships and doubloons from the gift shop. Feel free to stop by and say hi - https://www.twitch.tv/xxh4d0uk3nxx Good luck and fair seas gentlemen! Hadouken.
  6. VonFreya

    Wargaming Staff

    So , around January i was joining a Livestream Giveaway and i Win an Model Kit From the stream and Yeah i got notified and fill the form and send it so come the day where the wargaming staff is sending me an email for confirmation and i was happy but something went wrong ! it has been 2 month i didnt receive my prize and i try to ask again to the staff by email they said will check for further , and yep another month passed so i try ask and emailing again but until now i didnt receive any reply or prize coming so i want ask is there any way to contact or claiming again ? since i try to send a ticket its like "oh it was not from Wargaming Asia event,try to send ticket to here ( NA Wargaming web )" and the NA replied "oh it was not held by NA , but its EU - so send ticket to EU web" and yep no reply on my ticket .. My question is : is there any wg staff here to help contact them so i can claim my prize ? i know maybe its not really worth but i still want my prize
  7. Hello players of warships.Fancy of winning some premium time??.Join my stream today at 2.00 pm till 6.30 pm Singapore time to find out how you can win this giveaway. Im giving out 2 X 14 days of premium time for guys to use for WOWS or WOT.So if you are interested,feel free to join my stream and also share this with your friends if they are also playing WOT or WOWS.If you have no idea who I am,Im one of the community live streamer for Wargaming.Hope to see a number of you on my stream.^_^ My twitch channel:https://www.twitch.tv/aeonace My forum Thread:http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/66070-monthly-giveawaycoming-back-stream/ A preview of my stream: :
  8. Please find the details here http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/5822-giveaway-two-cbt-codes-to-giveaway-upcoming-stream/ Is now Live! Please note that the giveaway method has been changed. At random times a raffle will be held. When announced type !raffle to enter in chat. Moobot is the program being used to draw the raffles.