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Found 2 results

  1. i just got detonation (this time not using flag,but still have -70 detonation upgrade) but the weird sheet is THIS GUY IS JUST T5 Okhotnik, IT GOT KILLED FIRST! i repeat IT GOT KILLED FIRST! he got first blood? and i got detonation too? oh he also get devastating strike, it mean its not his first time detonating ship..... the ultimate luck is come! even after being sinking by other ship, you can still got kill and deal high damage.... eh wait...... do you think its luck? NOPE! its Russian SHELL! imagine if Gadjah Mada also got stalinium infused! it will make my life easier! the real first blood Russian DD Okhotnik got both achievement..... AND HE GOT MORE XP despite losing??? man this is it! i want the Russian Stalinium on my Gadjah Mada! #GadjahMadaneedbuff #MakeGadjahMadaGREATAGAIN (its already great actually) #GadjahMadaLELWATERTORPEDO _________________________ since GadjahMada is badly need buff, here is what i suggest to WG * 50 more HP * 5 second faster torpedo reload * 0.5knot ship speed * 0.1 sec faster reload main gun
  2. Swiftter7

    Unexpected Battle results

    So, as I was busy trying to get up the Russian Cruiser line, I ended up not looking at the requirements of the "Soviet Cruiser Mission: First Advance" mission. And after many hard-fought battles, the progress bar didn't rise so I thought it was "In 1 battle, get 200 hits on target" And that's what I did... which turned out to be the best Tier 3 battle I've ever had. Then I was like "wtf y u no compelt misioon?!!". After another look at the requirements.. I realized I derp'ed so hard . That's why kids, always check your mission requirements before you try-hard for no reason... But hey, least it was the best T3 match I've ever had... MORE PICS