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Found 27 results

  1. I have played both Ryujo and Weser at tier 6. Ryujo is the one that comes out top for me in 0.9.6 . I always get matched with tier 8 which obliterate german planes meanwhile DD hunting is much better on Ryujo. However with the reticle and DD concealment changes in 0.9.7 which ship line will come out on top ? I can only go up one CV line.
  2. Robby_Hermanto

    German CV line

    Hi Developers, By this thread I would like propose for WG to found the German CV line. For Forum Administrators: You can move this thread to the proper section as you see fit. Here is the tech tree proposal: Tier 4: Ausonia Tier 6: Jade Tier 8: Flugzeugträger B: is an alternate design of Graf Zeppelin (Flugzeugträger A) which is a premium ship. The Flugzeugträger B has no name yet. Feel free to name it as WG see fit. Tier 10: Europa As the other nations tech tree split line are in the shelf awaiting for progress, here is the alternate tree line: Tier 4: Stuttgart Tier 6: Type II (Was a plan to convert incomplete captured French cruiser De Grasse at Lorient to a CV). Please name the ship. Tier 8: Elbe Tier 10: Weser Comments are very welcome.
  3. I bet this topic is debatable, but I want know the true source of this made-up german cruiser, Tier IX Roon. Apparently, the russian community suggests that this ships is based on the P-class panzerschiffe(http://goo.gl/1IT7hT), while there are only few references of P-class to this ship. First of all, as I mentioned, P-Class was a "panzerschiffe" which are armed with at least 11" as main armament. Plus, the overall design of Roon is similar to light cruiser Nurnberg rather than P-class. The layout of main armaments(one turret at bow, two turrets at stern), shape of superstructure and funnel is pretty much identical to Nurnberg. And the developers put some reference of other WW2 ships, including P-class, to this fictional ship. They took the 8" as main armaments from Admiral Hipper and upgraded them from twin to triple, took the side secondary armaments from Deutschland, and took the idea from P-class that placing twin 5.9" turret right behind the front main armament. Overall, this ship is a heavy cruiser version of Nurnberg with adding references from various german cruisers. Currently, there's no clear explanation about it in the game client. If the developers made a fictional ship based on the projected ship, I suggest to put some explanations about it in the game. What's your opinion about this one? Is Roon based on P-class panzerschiffe, or other ship? If there's a official statement from Wargaming about this topic, it will be appreciated. P.S.: Tier X is obviously based on Admiral Hipper class. There's no doubt about it.
  4. ONE: Make AFT and BFT work for ALL DD guns. There are DDs in this game that have guns larger than 140 mm (like, 3 of them)... 10% reduced reload for reload of 7,5 s or 6,777 s is actually kinda insignificant, but they shouldn't be left out. Maybe DD guns that are larger than 140 only get 10% instead of 20% for AFT. TWO: Add a Hull B for Z-52 and a Torpedo C module for Z-46. Hull B for Z-52: No Speed Boost, but standard cruiser Repair Party, and DAAF in the same slot as Smoke or Repair Party. Torpedo C for Z-46: 12 km range, 62 knots, 90s reload, 1,5 km detection range, 14400 alpha. A side-grade. Z-23 may get some good out of these torps. Or, you know, just buff German DDs' maneuverability. T8-10 kinda need DAAF regardless. THREE: Redistribute HP for parts of German cruisers and BBs, esp. high tiers. WG stated that HP distribution adjustments (would) help with French DDs' survival, so, without actually increasing protection or HP pool, German ships can survive longer if this is implemented. FOUR: Please give Akizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo DAAF in the same slot as Engine Boost... They are designed to be AA ships IRL... It'd be bad for Akizuki though because she's slow AF. FIVE: Maybe, sorta, kinda, perhaps, possibly allow ships of all tiers the access to ALL upgrade slots. Maybe, sorta, kinda, perhaps, possibly consider that. Just a suggestion. A maybe, sorta, kinda, perhaps, possibly suggestion.
  5. Yes. Yes it is. Before any stone is thrown, there are valid historical designs that can make it to the line. https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/zplan/cruiser/kreuzerm/tech.html https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/zplan/cruiser/kreuzerq/index.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-class_cruiser And this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_cruiser_Lützow_(1939) “Lützow was originally designed as a light cruiser version of the Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruisers, armed with twelve 15 cm (5.9 in) guns instead of the Admiral Hipper's eight 20.3 cm (8.0 in) guns.” And an image (from somewhere I fail to remember): A bit of a disclaimer: the estimated HP, based on the ships’ standard/full displacement, for the ships aren’t 100% accurate (but I did some tests and the results are very close). WarGaming may use different sources for the ships’ displacements. It’s a formula(s) I stole from someone I know and I do not have the permission to give them to anyone else. The line: VII: M-class Q-class VIII: Hull A Hipper with Königsberg's guns IX: Hipper with Nürnberg's guns X: (Slightly) Modified Hull B Roon with Nürnberg's guns Let’s get into the details: M-CLASS Q-SUBCLASS PROPOSED DESIGN OF LÜTZOW Opinions: + The line in general: I know WG could always make brand new models for the ships but it’d be much easier to put existing models on existing models. That’s basically the concept of the Lützow light cruiser proposal, right? RIGHT??? + Traits: Tanky light cruisers? I mean the M and Q even have “sloped decks”. While I cannot confirm what it truly means, but I assume that “sloped decks” are essentially something similar to “turtleback armor”. “Turtleback armor” is not a technical term by the way. If you view armor profile of a ship like Hindenburg and select to show only the ship’s vital part (the citadel), you will see sloped “sides” of the citadel box, and those edges are called “armored citadel deck slopes”, whose thickness is 60 mm. On German battleships, the armor is arranged differently, so you can’t truly view the actual thickness of the slopes. But they are there. “Sloped deck” on light cruisers. German through and through. The later ships are, of course, as tanky as German heavy cruisers get. That fact needs no more advertisement. 1/4 HE pen, like the heavy cruiser line. + Consumables: I can’t think of any except being identical to the heavy cruiser line already in the game. Would Radar be a good thing? I mean German Hydro is already too good, I don’t think having “German radar” on these ships would be much better than just popping German Hydro, which is long-ranged, lasts longer and can also detect torpedoes. Maybe better Repair Party? Myabe no catapult aircraft (I can see this happen)? + M and Q: Due to the similarities between M-class and Q-class (they are of the same class anyway), I can think of 2 ways: Q-class would the Hull B of M-class -OR- M-class gets in the game as the T7 for the new tech tree, Q-class is a semi-clone as a T6 premium ship. I do have a concern that other T7 cruisers in the game have much better HP pool than those ships (ALL of them to be correct), but M and Q do feature excellent speed and their “sloped decks”. + Lützow: I can think of splitting this CL Hipper into two. This is not a very good way to implement them, admittedly. One as T8 and one as T9. The T8 version will have the 150 mm turrets from Königsberg (7,5s reload) and the T9 (the historical, proposed Lützow) will actually have her designed guns from Nürnberg (6s reload). Since both of the ships would be light cruisers, there would be little problem if the ships have smaller HP pool. For example, all US heavy cruisers will have larger HP pool than all US light cruisers of the same tier – Des Moines’ 50,3k versus Worcester’s 45,4 k. In-game Hipper has 37,3k (Hull A) and 43,8k HP (Hull B), having about the same or slightly more HP than Hull B of some T9 cruisers (Donskoi, Seattle, Ibuki and even Zao – a T10). The very good reload will make up for protection (as if they even lack protection). What I don’t like is making the same ship (the same hull) two different ships in a ship line. But KGV and Monarch exist. Thank to WG for setting the precedence. Also I’d like point out that if the design indeed only changes the main guns of the Hipper-class, then the Fire Control System would still be the same, which means the firing range of these ships would be the best of all the light cruisers in the game: 17.7 km (FCS module B) versus Worcester’s 16.7 km). Even with FCS module A, at 16.1 km, it’s already better than Minotaur. Coupled with the impressive 6s reload, this ship can be really really powerful. + Tier 9 and 10: Alternatively, a light cruiser using Roon’s hull and Königsberg’s guns would do well at T9. Probably too well because of the huge HP pool for a light cruiser. It’s a German ship. It would be characteristically overweight. The last ship of the line would be a largely fabricated design (who’d have thought?) and I can think of 1 of 2 ways. If the T9 is indeed a ship based on Roon’s hull, then the T10 could be using Hindenburg’s hull with Nürnberg’s guns. Admittedly, a ship with Hindenburg’s hull and Nürnberg’s guns can be a very powerful ship in the game. Roon’s hull can have 4 turrets on it easily because: Nürnberg’s turrets are much smaller than Roon’s turrets (being a smaller caliber) and the forward superstructure can be pushed back just a bit to make space for the additional 150 mm turret. Here are my proposed stats of the T8 and T10, T7 is M-class and T9 is the historical proposed Lützow: TIER VIII TIER X
  6. This has nothing do to with anything but whatever, gotta post it. Information on most classes could be found on: https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/ships/destroyer/index.html And Wikipedia. On Type 1937J: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_1937J_destroyer The split is as follow: Historical note: All German 127 mm are actually 128 mm, and all German 150 mm are actually 149.1 mm. I doubt WG use 149 mm anyway. I use 128 and 150 for convenience. Characteristics on the 150 mm line: + Carry 150 mm guns so IFHE won’t be an absolute requirement. Also those guns have slow-ish reload (6,7s – 7,5s). BFT and AFT will only be required for AA builds. + Are very big (basically overweight) so expect massive HP pool and big detection range. T10 will get full BB AP pen damage like Khabarosvk and Harugumo. + Similar to the main line, they have sluggish rudder and large turning radius. About Aki-Kita-Haru (and Khaba) level of maneuverability. + Decently fast having at least 36 knots speed on all ships. + Roles: cap support (only cap when it’s safe to do so), HE spammer, potential DD hunter (don’t go against Kapparoast, Akizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo though), torpedo sweeper (because German Hydro). + Consumables: I think they don’t need any consumable gimmick, aside from the German Hydro the current line already has. Maybe Heal at T9 and T10 in the same slot as Smoke, like Khabarovsk. A bit of a disclaimer: the estimated HP, based on the ships’ standard/full displacement, for the ships aren’t 100% accurate (but I did some tests and the results are very close). WarGaming may use different sources for the ships’ displacements. It’s a formula(s) I stole from someone I know and I do not have the permission to give them to anyone else. Some side thoughts: German torpedoes on DDs are spammable, mobile and stealthy yet short in range. Torpedo B modules are always straight upgrades from Torpedo A modules. A somewhat boring trait. The 150 mm line can have a different set of torpedo modules that have long range and more reload time. More damage is 100% optional. They need long-ranged torpedoes. That’s all I’m asking here. THE SHIPS TYPE 1936A - Z25 Tier 7- 150 mm guns TYPE 1936 - Z17 DIETHER VON ROEDER Tier 8 - 128 mm guns TYPE 1936A – Z23 Tier 8 - 150 mm guns Now no longer carries 128 mm guns, only – 5 150 mm guns (one twin in the bow, 3 single in the aft). Nothing else will be changed. TYPE 1938 A/AC Tier 9 - 150 mm guns SPÄHKREUZER 1938 Tier 10 - 150 mm guns PREMIUMS TYPE 1938B Tier 7 TYPE 1937J Tier 9 TYPE 1945 Tier 10 SPÄHKREUZER 1940 Tier 11
  7. Paladinum

    German BB split proposal

    Yes, it is. Commemorating the release of Prinz Eitel Friedrich, this is my take on the (inevitable) German BB split. This split is a "when" and not an "if". I just don't care when. I’ll go through the possible setups of the 2 lines first, then the stats of the ships down below. I’m not going through AA for the ships, if anything, I would just compare the AA of the ships to the ships that already in the game. Also protection stats for the ships can be changed/adjusted by WG so I would only mention some details. I put everything in spoilers to avoid unnecessary mouse-scrolling. Just click the ones you want to see. Sources: https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/index.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page http://dreadnoughtproject.org/plans/SM_Studienentwurf/ And some other sources include someone I know who is a WW1/2 ship nut. A bit of a disclaimer: the estimated HP, based on the ships’ standard/full displacement, for the ships aren’t 100% accurate (but I did some tests and the results are very close). WarGaming may use different sources for the ships’ displacements. It’s a formula(s) I stole from someone I know and I do not have the permission to give them to anyone else. Setup 1: Old line – All-new line Setup 2: THE SHIPS VON DER TANN Tier 3 - Light line MOLTKE Tier 4 - Light line SEYDLITZ Tier 4 Premium DERFFLINGER Tier 5 - Light line MACKENSEN Tier 6 - Light line ERSATZ YORCK Tier 6 Premium or Tier 7 Tech tree/Premium - Heavy line O-CLASS ENTER THE GAME AS TIER IX "CRUISER" (URGH) SIEGFRIED Tier 7 Premium GROßERKREUZER 4541 Tier 7 Tech tree/Premium - Heavy line If having 420 mm guns somehow breaks the line, GK4541 can be substituted with Ersatz Yorck with the better reload, and GK4541 can be a premium instead. HYPOTHETICAL DESIGN FOR TIER 8 Tier 8 - Light line H40A Tier 8/9 Premium H40B Tier 9 - Heavy line FREE XP VERSION OF FdG Tier 9 Premium/Freemium H41 Tier 10 - Light line
  8. PanzerRunner

    German Line Discount

    Since the German cruiser line is having a discount, im currently playing German cruisers. Im taking a break from playing BB too, so i thought playing cruisers is a great idea. I would appreciate if you guys could give me tricks and tips for playing cruisers. Cheers mate
  9. Does anyone have experience with both the german DDs? I see they are about the same price for base ships. I am looking for a trainer for when Igo up the German DD liner propper currently at the Gaede Had a look at the reviews and they seem similar enough that I cant decide which one is better. Any Ideas?
  10. 1. Description T8~T10 german battleship missed their aircraft on catapult. link about the bug report 1 year ago. Another link about bug report more than 1 year ago. Other players found this bug too. 2. Reproduction steps Except Tirpitz and other nation's ships, T8~T10 german battleship in match rounds before launched aircraft or in ports. 3. Result There should have aircraft model on cruiser's or battleship's catapult. 4. Expected result This game doesn't display aircrafts on T8~T10 german battleship's catapult. 5. Technical details No mod is installed on my game.
  11. we have another Saipan at T8.... AAAAND..... GG secondary confirmed...... [Kaga need buff 12km secondary] Source : https://www.facebook.com/WorldofWarshipsAsia/ Plot Twist : WG put T6 plane to Graf Zeppelin...... but with 15km secondary.....
  12. DeadlyDeeevil

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    With the Indroduction of the new British cruiser line, whats the strongest cruiser line to proceed down?
  13. I was playing with my fuso today and i have been shooting at a lot of german bbs. My recent game, i was 3 km from a scharnhost's broadside, shot about 3 salvos yet i cant even score a citadel hit. I was shooting at the boiler and the magazine below the turrets. The other game i was shooting at a Bayern's broadside at around 8-12 km away, after 4 salvos, zero citadel hits even though it actually hits all over their broadside. Can somebody explain to me where to shoot? the only time i managed to get a citadel hit was on a konig.
  14. DeadlyDeeevil

    German DDs Worth It In 0.6.3

    Are German DDs Worth It In 0.6.3?
  15. Boo_Keeper

    Battleship Development

    Battleship Development Upgrades and More!!
  16. DeadlyDeeevil

    Best Battleship Line

    The other day I asked about the best Cruiser line in the game and it got me thinking about the best battleship line. I've heard that the Montana is the worst of the 3 tier 10s.
  17. Peanutflower

    The Kaiser

    |19/09/2016| |Ship Reviews| |The Kaiser| |By Peanuflower| So, the Kaiser, I like it but is does still have problems. Main Battery The Kaiser is the current tier four battleship in the German battleship line. It has 10 305mm guns that pack a somewhat decent punch but still lack the punishing power of the higher tiers, this means that broadside cruiser can get away with their error. The guns tend to get quite a few penetrating hits on enemy ships but especially against battleships they struggle to land citadel hits. The lack of citadel hits is however balanced out by the fact that the German engineers who designed this ship managed to use an upturned turtle to give it extra armour, this is more formally know as turtleback armour. While you don`t take citadel hits in the Kaiser very often you also don`t dish them out often. Now all that being said about the citadel hits from the main battery on the Kaiser you will still take large amounts of damage out of a cruiser`s health bar. I will briefly go over the high explosive shells by saying don`t use them, they are about as useful as the Italians were to the Germans during World War 2 (don`t worry I haven`t gotten to the French yet). The turret firing angles are a bit wierd and you have to give the enemy a full broadside to fire all of your main battery guns. Survivability The survivability of the Kaiser is very good. Like all of the other German battleships it has turtleback armour which was mentioned before whick makes it very difficult to citadel. You do have to turn your ship broadside on to actually get all of your guns pointed at the bastard who is shooting at you. Just treat this ship like it doesn`t have a fifth gun turret and you will be much happier for it. The ship is also good bow on as you can wriggle your rudder and effectivly get six guns pointed at the helpless ship infront of you. Just like Germany your job is to bully the new players/countries who expose themselves to you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and be a damage sponge for your allies to hide behind while the one attack they mount on the French fails horribly (looking at you Italy). Agility This ship is about as flexible as the Maginot Line was. Its rudder was welded to the hull so it wouldn`t get Bismark`d and start to make a big salty doughnut in the ocean while getting smacked around by the Royal Navy and a bunch of biplanes. Anti Aircraft It might stop one aircraft but just like the Bismarck even the shittest plane will get through and do damage through the horrific torpedo belt that all of the German battleships have. You would think that the germans would actually learn some lessons from the Bismarck but no they all have shite torpedo protection. Stones can break through the ships torpedo protection and cause flooding. Secondary Battery The secondary battery is quite good on the kaiser like all of the rest of the German battleships but due to it`s relativley short range if a destroyer gets in range you`re probably going to be starting a forum thread winging and crying about destroyers being overpowered and needing a nerf even though if you turn every now and then you won`t take a torpedo hit unless it is a carrier manual drop which you can`t evade if the carrier capitain isn`t a total donkey which is a distinct possibility at the low tiers (please don`t look at my carrier stats or my stats in general, I`m good I swear). Concealment It`s a battleship, if you fire your guns you will be detected battleships are about as stealthy as an East German night club. Conclusion I`m going to hope that I have covered all of the points so I don`t embarass myself and conclude this review. I liked the Kaiser, it`s an okay ship and I think the only reason I even liked it in the first place was because of my extreme hype for the German battleships whick I`ve had to put on hold whilst I am on holidays. If you don`t enjoy this ship at least the grind is small to get to the lovely Konig at tier 5. The Kaiser let`s you bully the new players and the french into submission while they charge across an open field and into heavy machine gun fire while the french generals (aristocrats) wonder why the hell it isn`t working.
  18. Hi guys Is this the most coolest Battleship at tier 3 or what! Maybe it's just because people are all playing with a level playing field with 5-10 on every bodies team every game but for me already having a 34k average damage for a BB at tier 3 is crazy and way better than both the Wyoming and Kawachi. Those Secondaries sure help, throw in my Kolberg captain so I've BOS, BFT, Faster turret Traverse & superintendent. Superintendent seems to be a must for her as in the 8 games so far I've run out of charges in her 5 times, but have yet to be killed in her! My suggestion is to go for the hull (better secondaries/turning), then engine (she's a slug otherwise), then guns, as I found I can live without the range. You also have to switch ammo types a lot and that dispersion is just the same as every other tier 3 BB...... insert sarcastic "yeah" I'm a little surprised not to see many dd's or St Louis's in the game as they can run riot! I've watched them completely destroy my teams flanks but she seems a lot more fire resistant than any other BB I've played at this tier which has saved me a few times. All in all a great tier 3 Battleship, well done WG.
  19. This helped me settle a little disagreement with a friend
  20. Dangerfish

    LF Excel of Tech Trees

    does anyone know of a fan designed document with all the tech trees within ? thinking of something I can print off as A3 or maybe A2, would consider designing one or improving one .... whatevers needed, cheers
  21. MeloMelonSoda

    German Carrier Tech Tree

    Latest information about German Carrier tech tree by The Chieftain. "Some Imagination" Love it, Waffentrager Zeppelin may be ?
  22. Issue: When running the live server client using the Chinese locale, German ship names do not display correctly if there is an umlaut within the name. Screenshots: Occurrences: All casesTested: ReproduceableSeverity: Low. Although it looks rather ugly, it does not impact gameplay itself.Details: This is a problem with your choice of typeface. Consider changing the system fonts so that Roman letters use the same typeface as the English client, while keeping the typefaces for Chinese, Hiragana, Katakana and Thai the same.
  23. It seems we have some more ships and Cruisers coming this Octoberfest! (Also deadly Russian Destroyers) Are you excited for this? . . . I know they'll have the Royal Navy Soon, Warspite isn't enough to the Royal Navy :/ (So, imo, what BBs,CLs,CAs,DDs and CVs you want to put in the Royal Navy?)
  24. Ermi_Doenitz

    Bismarck Also Premium

    Seriously Wargaming? How can you be so greedy? This is really what we needed, more money scheming nonsense, better make the whole german line P2W, right? What's the problem you might ask? Easily answered! Bismarck already has a wiki page on WG's official wikipedia. And guess what... it's a premium ship that will cost gold to buy! Of course it won't be 500 gold, going by what Tirpitz costs and by how much more legendary Bismarck is I'd say they'll sell it for quite a lot more than Tirpitz is costing right now... seriously... Wargaming is going downhill fast. I guess since they can't fix the issues WoWS currently has they just try to make a quick sale out of it. Get as much money as possible than bail out of the project like with WoWP, ggwp WG. Why not try to use some of that money to fix things like underpowered DDs and OP carriers? Bluelining still not fixed? Do something about the other hundreds of issues currently in-game? Nah, better make more $$$, because $$$ are worth more than the customer, right? Here's the link to the full wiki page, WG should be ashamed to pull off crap like this... seriously wtf... Link