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Found 3 results

  1. Ireina_Victorica

    [Poll] German Cruiser Dilemma

    Hello everyone, The incoming release of new Russian cruisers, along with other ships and (indirectly) IFHE changes has affected the German cruisers somewhat. Originally good and balanced upon their release, since then they have been stigmatized by some as powercrept, and lack any meaningful identity right now. But some voiced up that German cruisers are in good shape somewhat, and such stigma are only fabrication. May i ask, which side are the better perception of things?
  2. I recently purchased Yorck and it is a solid ship in my opinion. I mean just look at my personal stats on the Yorck... Look at the winrate, it's such a high winrate. 3 of those battles are just basically these Epic victory
  3. Captain_Black_Beard

    NerfedBerg (Nurnberg) buff

    So far I have 35 battles in the Nürnburg. Not that many battles but I think enough to draw a general opinion on the ship. So we begin... the mighty NERFEDBERG! After using the Königsberg, (which is an alright ship) I unlocked the Nurnburg and not to much surprise its pretty much a reskin of the Königsberg. Expect you will be seeing Tier 7-8 ships in roughly 80-90 percent of your games. Overall HE as we all know on the german ships is useless. But we got high dmg ap right! Yes and no, against cruisers at under 13km giving broadside sure you can citadel Otherwise its useless to. You can do serious dmg to BBs at close range but that brings me to my next point. The armor and hit points. The armor is so weak even a DD can pen your citadel (AND the citadel runs almost the entire length of the ship). It's only 50mm thick. It's hitpoints with the stock hull is 23k and you will see t8 ships! So no armor, medicore guns, what about its long range man? Well while in tier 6-5 games the range is just fine since you see t7-8 so often you have just as much range as other cruisers, and of course are outranged by BBs. You often can't get closer to engage because of the weak armor and huge citadel, and angling doesn't help due to the armor being so thin... So speed and turning? Both crap as well. The speed is quite average and slower than Jap and US cruisers, and it's turning is worse. Not even going to talk about AA and rudder shift. Overall this ship is lacking I'd like to see some love for this german cruiser and all the german cruisers in general. Before you show me your awesome games in this ship and tell me I'm wrong let me tell you that It hasn't all been bumpy sailing this ship but its certainly painful and I can't wait to get rid of her!