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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Everyone :D As you see in my stats, i'm a fairly new player to the game, and just gotten my first ever Tier 7, the Gneisenau. And with that, came the wall of reality that hit me, is that the game are very unforgiving in the high tiers, especially T9 Battle. The Prospect that a Musashi and Iowa can punish me with those nine big 18 and 16 inchers from Mars while i'm stuck with six 15 inchers that can't hit a barn from the inside. Then there's this lovely BBQ cookers named Atlanta that shoots from behind the islands, and of course, the loliboats. Then there's my dilemma. I know my gun sucks, so i need to get closer to at least 11 km. The problem are, that i got focused by half of the enemy team no matter what i do. The fact that everyone is camping, and just spared me as a bait and retreat really grinds my gears so much. I always push with the cruiser, though all of them got deleted first hand and the other BB on my flank just stay behind 10km away, while i'm getting spanked by Iowa, burned by Atlanta, and torpedoed by the Loliboats. If i tried to snipe, well you know how 'accurate' German guns are. The guns also lack the necessary punch to penetrate larger battleship from 15+km. And you usually lose a long-range artillery battle. Then the hybrids of the two, which most say as the best playstyle in Gneisenau, which mandated that i just snipe in the first half of the game, then push if the enemy flank started to crumble. The problem are, it's either that my flank crumbled first rather than the enemy, or just no one on my flank thought of *push* after the enemies retreated and then i got obliterated because i'm all alone. Yes i know, i'm a noob and shouldn't complain too much and 'git gud'. Some also suggest to just play T6 to learn more, but Gneisenau is very different than Bayern are. Anyway, can any veterans here suggest what should i do to improve myself? Suggestions are welcome indeed! Sorry for the rage everyone, and sorry if i offend anybody. TL;DR i suck in Gneisenau and need of suggestions. Notes: I'm running a full specced-build (7.6 km secondaries) with 12 capt skills on Preventative Maintenance, Expert Marksman, Adrenaline Rush, Basics of Survivability, and Advanced Firing Training. Wish You Luck, All :D
  2. Hai folks , I love playing yamato . But for a while thought I try other lines too . So grind-ed tier ix grobe used free xp kinda . But wew its painful idk what I am doing wrong . I used to rekt with 460mm but 406 I am getting ricochet a lot .Also whats with these 420mm ?I cant do enough damage to angled cruisers forget bb lmfao !!! Is it any better but I guess those 4 second gap could be critical in close range brawls? Also dispersion is terrible I cant sniper shot anymoar .Whats the range to play tier ix - x german bb ? Your inputs are greatly appreciated. Much obliged !
  3. 30cmtruedamage

    How to Bismarck

    Hello folks , I am struggling with bismarck . Just terrible dispersion . Is that because I am using secondary built or what ? Should I spam He on higher tier ships ? 380mm guns are potatoes I cant even citadel at par tier BBs effectively . What I am doing wrong ? Please help Thank you
  4. KirstieBeau

    German BB FCS

    When I first got Gneisenau, I instantly upgraded her hull with free xp but left her FCS stock for me to grind and I had terrible games in it and the shots were awfully misplaced. In fact, my average win rate at that time was at around 40% and around 25k damage, so I thought, yeah, I will just grind my way through to get Bismarck and sell this ship. But after I got the FCS upgraded, suddenly my shots were actually hitting, dispersion was quite good for a German BB, and my win rate and average damage went up. I liked Gnei so much I decided to keep her. Now I got Bismarck, and same story. Upgraded the hull ASAP, but still has the FCS stock. Took it to battle. Was 4 km on a bow-on Iowa. I targeted his front turrets to disable it. Guess what? All 4 shells go left and right off of the turrets missing it! History is repeating itself. Look at my Bismarck stats. It was hideous. Maybe it will change when I get my FCS upgraded just like what happened in my Gneisenau. Now my question is: Does the FCS upgrade reduce the dispersion of German BBs particularly Gneisenau and Bismarck?
  5. After playing my beloved Bismarck for almost 300 games, highest for any Tier 8 I have played, I managed to get the necessary XP and the credits needed for FDG or Friedrich der Grosse. Kinda disappointed with it to say the least as she isnt that mind blowing as Bismarck used to be. Played about 10 games with it to realise that while it is a Hard-hitting BB, compared to other tier 9's she is underwhelming. Any ideas on how to play this double-edged sword? And how to build her in terms of modules?
  6. Hello, after a rather brief stint in my Gneisenau, which was rather short for a tier 7 Ship, or any tier 7 BB, I finally unlocked the Bismarck. Fine ship, I would say though I miss them torpedoes. But the Secondaries more than make up for that shortfall as I have had quite a few good games in Bismarck. However, there lies a confusion within me as to how to play her well, because being a non-Premium account holder, I am not able to make much money out of her as I would in the Gneisenau. I also find that many a times, cowardly teammates often become my undoing because while I push any flank or a Cap, I alays find myself in the thick of it. This always pisses me off and I feel it may also be because of my own misreading of the tactical situation. Hence, I request some tips and advices on how to play Bismarck and also how to strategise effectively for various scenarios such as when a Bismarck goes against a Higher tier BB or the same tier BB.
  7. karrablaster123

    Bayern grind for Ranked Battles

    So I am enjoying my fully upgraded konig. I am 44k away from the bayern and I think I can grind that exp before the Ranked Battles come. My question is: Is is worth it? Will the Bayern be a good ship for Ranked? PS: I already have a Farragut and Cleveland
  8. According from NA Supertester Tanz He made amazing historical camo ship skin for all nation ships Battleships,Cruisers,Destroyers and Carriers (Japanese only) Of course German Battleships skin after tier 6 and higher are now available Click on it I hope this post won't inappropriate or you already known I apologize for this PS.There many option skins for your choice check before you install them in res_mod folder follow present patch (such as AND these ship skin belong to respectful owner. Happy nice day
  9. FenrirApalis


    So it is confirmed that the premium Scharnhorst is coming out sometime after patch 0.5.8 SOOO EXCITED I really hope we get to choose between 280mm and 380mm tho, also hope that it comes with torpedos btw does anyone know if its going to be classified as BB or as CA in game