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Found 3 results

  1. I'm aware none of the Dockyard event's warship have been made available again; but what are everyone's thought on Odin? How long do you guys think WarGaming would take to get her back in the Armoury/Premium shop? For Odin's user out there, how does Odin perform after the commander rework, and what differentiate her from Scharnhorst and Pommern? (ignoring disparity caused by Tiers)
  2. OneFitzableBoi

    How to not suck at the Bismarck?

    Hey guys, I just got the Bismarck now, full-stock. Loved this ship even while reading about it while I was a kid, so I'm really hyped to get to play with it. But I seem to have a lot of trouble playing it properly. I've got a 13-point cap on it, built for secondary as of now (PM, AR, BoS, AFT, only MFCSA missing, will be spec-ing for durability after that). I can't even get proper salvos in! I've had some experience in brawling since I've read from the start that KM BBs were balanced in the game to be like that. But the higher you go in tiers, the closer to impossible it's become to get in and brawl properly. I mean... is it still even viable? I've had a T10 cruiser shave 22k off of me in a single salvo behind an island, GDI. Another DD gunboat was able to get the same amount by lighting me up with HE. I've had more fun with the Nurnberg even if it's a glass ship. I rarely get my account to premium unless I can dedicate time to play, so I end up using 4+ hours of Bismarck gameplay just bleeding my credits out trying to get me a decent first win. TL;DR YOUR Experiences with it, how you play the ship, upgrades, damn it even how to aim with the main guns properly, lol! I'll take any info I can just to make the Bismarck fun to play instead of being a showpiece in my account.
  3. Hey there fellas! I was wondering which of the 3 skills would be most useful for my Bimarck which would be a secondary build. Right now im training my captain on Bayern and i do like brawling quite a lot. I have personally done some research and high alert seems quite right but than again vigilance is also quite tempting.. Opinions and suggestion? Thanks!