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Found 4 results

  1. We have experienced ups and downs this year.The world is in a big change.But the World of Warships is still advancing.Before the coming New year,I sincerely hope that everyone can spend a healthy and happy New Year. No matter what the future will be.We will always be your supporters
  2. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    coal grinding

    so now that i have the jean bart, it was a tough grind, but the super container drops for steel help big time. buuut what now? georgia? but i dont have an american bb captain... thunderer? but again, i dont have a british bb captain, (and i dont have experience with either of the 2 lines) yoshino yes, i've always like the look of it, enticing for someone like me, a japanese main. and i could grind for moskva when she becomes a coal ship, although i'm at the donskoi, maybeee grinnd narai w? atlanta, free xp flags and all, i could get there 😄 well for anyone who owns these mentioned ships, one or multiple, or all, please, try and sell it to me. biggest downsides, or biggest strengths? thanks again!
  3. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    WoWs- i'm out for a while :(

    It is with great sadness and annoyance, after 4 years of downloading edgy shit off the internet, or hard shut-downs, my crappy lappy has had it, done, nuh-uh. So im not hugely annoyed but at the same time I am-especially with WoWs, I was going so well So yeah, I doubt im gonna get JB (with coal, at least, and I don't wanna explain to my parents why I threw $100 at a game for a boat with guns) I guess I could do 1 thing, and let somebody hold my account for a while until im back, I just don't know... id also like to thank you all for your support on my recent forums, even beta and super testers have helped me especially @drakon233 :) so please, if you wanna help out, or pad my shitty stats, feel free to reply to this thread, or message me, (maybe DM me on my insta or FB? im more active on those platforms) Peace, Griffin
  4. Ok so i have the Tirpitz, the premium t8 German battleship for captain skills i have; Priority target, Exp. marksman, superintendent, AFT and manual fire for secondaries One thing i have noticed is that the secondary skill helps so much, the secondaries hit their target more often, rip destroyers apart, and it makes it more enjoyable. The Tirpitz, well, i have no particular playstyle. But one thing i've learnt is that this thing cant handle focus fire, and despite the 32-50mm deck armour, i still get 14k salvos... through the nose. This varies from amagi to vlad. Another thing, this cooks so incredibly easy its not funny, and no matter how many times i watch Yuro's guide, it doesnt help. (however that vid was back in 2016 so very very old, not IMO) I've tried being aggressive, it sinks in the blink of an eye, i've tried being a support ship, follow top tier bb's, but it never really works. However i have had some great games in it, so its definetely fun in the right situation Overall, i love the Tirpitz, its fun even though its been power-creeped the hell out of. I would love it even more if i knew how to properly play it. Advice is greatly appreciated 😄