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Found 5 results

  1. I've played a couple of days worth of games, all in my Gearing. About half the games have aircraft carriers, the other half were the usual CB mix. Here are my thoughts and impressions, prefaced by the admission that I am far from a unicum Gearing player... 1. Want a challenge? This is a challenge. TX ranked means you face, and play with, some of the best players. It's extremely difficult, but undeniably rewarding. Victories feel earned. 2. What about CVs? Perhaps the MM has been programmed to alternate CV/non CV games, that's how it feels like: One game is CV, the next, none. Honestly, speaking as a Gearing player, I've had my day ruined by a Moskva's 12km RADAR more often than I have by any CV. My main complaint is that since CV and nonCV games play so completely differently as a DD, switching style back and forth every game is brutal, mentally speaking. It's just impossible to find a groove. 3. Doesn't playing a Gearing kinda suck? It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. Rewards are pitiful, since opportunities to farm damage are so limited. Many of the things a Gearing does to help the team win are worth precisely zero points: smoking up teammates, torp speads which cause a BB to move broadside to the friendly Yamato, defending a cap, etc. So it ain't done for the ribbons, that's for sure. The upside is that you have significant influence on the game outcome, and you don't have to kill a lot of ships personally to engineer the win. 4. What about potatoes in rental ships ruining the games? As far as I can tell, the MM has been programmed to split rentals evenly between both teams. That doesn't always help: I've seen one game where the enemy had a rental Shima and rental Groz vs two rental BBs on our side. We wiped both DDs in the first 5 minutes and won easily. Most games though they seem to pull their weight, especially rental BBs. It hasn't been a huge problem, though I really don't recommend going into Tx Ranked in any ship you haven't already built up considerable experience in. 5. Speaking of potatoes, how's the salt? Not so bad. No one likes to lose, and some games you just find yourself with the wrong ships in the wrong position with no viable paths to a win. In those cases I've seen some recriminations, none of them really justified. Pro tip: the people complaining in chat that their DD or CV is a noob generally are the ones who don't know how the game is played. Think carefully about that before venting... 6. What's your Gearing setup? Glad you asked. It's really nice of WG to allow free captain respecs, I strongly recommend taking advantage of it to iteratively tweak your builds. Try something, see how it works out, repeat. It's a good learning experience. Currently I have DFAA, AA mod 1 and AA mod 2 installed, PM / AR LS / SE / CE RPF captain skills. The last few games taught me that RPF is required. All your opponent DDs have it, so its just a matter of what to give up to get it. For the AA, it feels like a waste in non CV games, but for the few times CV takes an active interest in you it's well worth the investment. Still, best to stick close to your Worc for maximum safety. Midway squadrons vs. combined Gearing+Worc AA? They drop like flies. 6. Will you keep playing Ranked? Yeah. For a while, until the grind becomes unsustainable. The rewards (for advancing) are good, but more importantly it's a good experience. Really tightens up your game.
  2. Prometheus_____

    Selecting lines as a newbie

    I’d like the forum’s views on which lines I should grind as a newbie, especailly which destroyer line i should grind. I understand the basics of wows because I have over 6,000 games played on world of warships blitz (and nearly 40,000 in world of tanks blitz, although this isnt so relevant). I have just started playing world of warships on PC (or macbook in my case) and am still coming to grips with the controls and game system. I dont think I want to grind too many lines. I’d rather pick a good and competitive line of each ship type and learn to play them well for my first 10,000 games lol. I’d like to pick all-round lines that are generalists. I generally play by myself, not in division. This is a major factor in deciding on which lines to grind because i want to be relatively independant and not too team reliant. I have decided to grind the RN BB line because I think it will be a fun all-round line that is competitive through the tiers. I like the idea of good concealment, super heal and strong HE in a BB. I have decided on the IJN cruiser line because of its all-round capabilities and consistency throughout the line. I think it will be a good line to learn PC gameplay. I like the flat gun arcs and HE spam. In some ways, I think it will be a similar gameplay to the RN BBs. I am not interested in playing CVs at this stage. So that leaves destroyers. I am trying to decide between the USN Gearing line and the KM Z52 line. Both a generalist DD lines and good cap contenders. I get the sense that the z52 line is less team reliant and I am leaning towards it because of this. Any thoughts re my approach to selecting initial lines to grind? In particular, any thoughts re Z52 vs Gearing line as a newbie looking for a generalist DD?
  3. 5.9 as Gearing (which has the similar concept[Hybrid DD] and "Better" Torpedo. Both with insane AA power) would be nice. or are there are any reasons this ship has to be 6.1 concealment instead of 5.9? ps. Z-52 has 6.1 too, but German Hydro cover up it's weakness on concealment Spotted -> wait 1 sec forward -> hydro on -> spot everything within 5.9
  4. potato18

    New Video!

    Hey guys sorry for the late upload to those of you who actually watch these videos and those who do I thank you very much I really appreciate it. Anyway here's my first ever game in a DD I'm not lying too I mainly play BB's or CA's so please if I screw up lol.... you know what screw it this is a free world laugh all you want haha.
  5. FenrirApalis

    Gearing torpedos

    ok guys, since the IJN now gets access to three different torps at T10 and USSR gets two torps to choose from to better suit your play style, why shouldn't the Gearing get to choose from the 16.5km torps with less damage and the 10.5km Fletcher torpedos for more damage and faster reload? I would personally choose the Fletcher over Gearing anyday if I want to go for some torpedo runs but I also want to be able to utilise the Gearing's amazing guns. I also wanna get up close for a better chance of hitting and even more damage. So what do you guys think, should the Gearing get access to Fletcher torps?