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Found 4 results

  1. 2020 has been a difficult year for many of us and the run up to Christmas can be a stressful time. Fear not though! BOBS and Friends are back again for a 3rd year of Christmas festivities and we will do our best to make sure that the run up to Christmas is full of laughs, smiles and festive cheer and derps. Starting at 17.00 GMT on Saturday 19th December over 30 BOBS & Friends Warships streamers from around the world will bring you over 77 continuous hours of Warship madness!!! Games, Giveaways, Laughter, Fun and of course Festive Cheer!! There will be some names you know, and some names you won’t yet – but all of them have one goal in mind. To make the run up to Christmas and the end of 2020 the best we can for everyone. Each Streamer has a 2.5 hour slot, after which you’ll be raided through Twitch to the next Streamer – All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the fun and laughter. We will be also auctioning off some very unique prizes, including the opportunity to get some 1-on-1 division time with some of our Community Contributors. All proceeds will be going to Save the Children!!! The full schedule is available at the following link - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16C4Si4CLWxubXKA2FR1oQir7mLfdSH0BKKB6V2Ay6o0/edit?usp=sharing
  2. I have been interested in Linux for a while and after watching an episode of Linus Tech Tips that you can game on Linux, I took some time and tested if I can play WG games on Linux (Without Steam). I got to try Ubuntu in 2005. Back then, Windows XP was way better than any Linux Distro (Distribution) I have tried. Overtime Linux seems to be getting better and better and the GUI is more friendlier than before. Some functionality still has some issues and sometimes stability of the OS. However, comparing that to Windows 10's forced update, in linux, you can opt not to update right away if you feel uncomfortable, and let others try it first, look for bugs, then once they have been ironed out, you can update with peace of mind. Just like Windows 7. Playing WOWS in Windows is still mostly stable by a long shot, as WOWS is built in Windows. Playing WOWS in Linux, Linux requires some "emulation" to be able to play most Windows game. It is not perfect, but if the Linux community, the WOWS community, and WG dev staff will help and get the game to work on Linux, it can and will make the game work flawlessly. Here are some screenshots of the Game played on Linux: Where's waldo? In space, no one can hear you fart. Do not touch my model. Damoi! La bataielle commence What the...., who dares?! In just 4 minutes -_- I have been trying to re-introduce myself to Linux again since 2017 (12 years of being dormant). After watching Linus Tech Tips, Gaming on Linux episode, I find time to try and test the game. 1 weeks to play around Linux OS. 1 week to try to play and install the game in Linux, 1 week to play the game in Linux, and 1 week grind fest to get T6. I will post on how to install and play WOWS in Linux in the nest thread. So that I won't make this one long. Also some few solutions to make the game experience playable to Windows level, and some issues I have encountered and yet to replicate or find solutions. If the community can help to make the game smoother in Linux, let us post the solutions or create a forum dedicated to Linux.
  3. 🔔WELCOME🔔 Voice MOD Kamoeda from Danganronpa Download Link : https://mega.nz/#!50gBlAZA!o0G_ZNzLLSs5KSZ1KOLcLMmFOaorzkN0sgtlchmK6WU (0.8.x.x) ✔️ by : 猫フロ(Neko furo) Voice MOD Ace Combat 5 🛩️ Download Link : Download Original link from author :http://www.mediafire.com/file/hjvn1vc2u30tv4a/AC5_voiceMOD_ver0.8.1.1.zip PASS:Thunderhead_wows Alternative link : https://mega.nz/#!woxxDajZ!_dWTWueXoRdaJ4KoIaAkBKZvI-KqvTdJHWFRBYUCGwQ (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Voice MOD Ace Combat Zero 🛩️ Download Link : Download Original link from author :http://www.mediafire.com/file/2mrkie8372dh0v9/ACzero_voiceMOD_ver0.8.1.1.zip PASS: EagleEye_wows Alternative link https://mega.nz/#!R05RVSYB!A0irEWT9I28KUpih7HacusDZ72qPxwMLVQ85r7QsGF0 (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Voice MOD Megumin 🔥 Download Link : Download Original link from author :http://www.mediafire.com/file/ptci5q9rzrt7xxg/Megumin_VoiceMOD_ver0.7.2.0.zip Alternative link https://mega.nz/#!gtwxXCAa!VjZ09M5BOQ20WLCMPuuX0A_IBrZXt-vZHDKoz_ZiTjM (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Please tell me if that's mod have a missing command VO or not working with a new patch
  4. So, you know it. When a badass comic/manga/novel series starts hitting the mainstream and getting epic 5-star reviews from critic,chance are sooner or later someone will come and say: I want to make a movie/animation/game/live action series out of it. So from those four mediums,which one do you think is the best of them all. Also I would like to know what other comic/manga/novel series you wished have an adaptation. And your reaction if it does happened.