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Found 33 results

  1. After Z-23 got her 150 mm guns replaced, I figured I might as well play then Z-46, as being more of the same but better. At T9 you have a lot of strong enemy DDs as your opponents. It's easy to die early. You are outgunned and outspotted by many, and random battles are full of radars and planes, as well as other fun police like Kitakaze and Jutland, and that's before TX is considered. I've been playing Yugumo a lot, and Udaloi, which meant I had forgotten how to play the cap game. Yugumo generally flanks, or only takes a cap if it's open. Udaloi generally stays well back until late game. German DDs are expected to mix it up in the cap early on, so they play by the "DD rules": forward at half speed at the start of the game, unless there is no CV : you want to move up with the fleet smoke up your cruiser well outside the cap, if he is following your advance (you need to give him space to get out safely, far enough away from radar and torps) have the enemy DD or radar cruiser been spotted? Is the cap still uncontested? If "no", don't cap. Patrol nearby and wait for things to happen ... they always do the main goal is to take out the enemy DD, but tricking him into advancing too far from his team and getting spotted. Once you know where he is, and especially if he doesn't know where you are, it's pretty easy to dispose of him cleanly using hydro, especially if your smoke is back off cooldown by that point after that you cap and then move up with the rest of your team to push out across the map and win the game One thing I observed with German DDs: they don't always do a ton of damage, but they often win the game... and most enemy DDs rightly consider you to be dangerous. It's not the guns, it's not even the hydro, it's the fear of not knowing - where you are, if you have smoke ready, if your hydro is off cooldown, where your torps have reloaded. The KM DDs have so many assets and relatively fast recycling, your opponents must always be guessing what you have. Flipside is you don't ever want to get pinned down, which happens a lot if you overextend. The ship is designed to contest caps, not defend then. The difference is in the dynamic, and understanding the distinction is critical to succeed. For capping, ideally, you want to be the reply to the enemy DDs gambit. You wait for a mistake, for the opportunity to go in and hydro. Never blunder in first assuming you will be given that opportunity later.
  2. Rina_Pon


    Played a Zao game last night. The stars aligned and I found myself in a Random battle with mostly T8-9 ships. T8 CV. 1 DD per side. Zao (eyes glowing red): "I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." 2 kills, 14 fires, 3 torpedo hits, 9 citadels, 1 cap assist, witherer, high cal, and confederate medals and 241000 dmg later ... my team just managed to scrape by with the win. I got 2400 base xp. The friendly Mogami working the other flank took second place with 2300 bxp. The game hammered home a few things for me. 1. IJN cruisers can sometimes be gifted "golden games" where by luck and skill you are largely left alone. Against T8 and T9 ships, though, Zao is especially effective since the fire starting chances scale with the tier difference and - with the spotter active - you outrange pretty much everything on the map. 2. Cruisers contribute most in long, drawn out, closely fought battles of attrition. 3. Late game is when Zao becomes especially lethal, when you can (and should) close to duelling range. Those torps pack enough to take out the biggest BB The biggest lesson I learnt here though was that, unpleasant as it may be morally speaking, in Zao you need to take advantage of what I call "ablative armor", i.e. use your teammates as human shields. I can even suggest a technical term for this: untanking. I did as well as I did, and contributed towards winning as much as I did, because by plan or by luck there were always ships in front of me taking damage instead of me. All of them died before I did, but you have to be cold blooded about this fact - better them than you. Some were BBs, but a couple were cruisers. Since I out-tiered them and could do more damage than they could, however, it was better for my team that I should survive. Untanking is the opposite of tanking. Of course no cruiser goes out to deliberately take damage, but untanking takes it a step further and can be considered as a form of negative potential damage. You actively position in such a way to ensure that teammates take damage instead of you. Sounds rotten, but look at it in the sense that those ships would have been targeted - even if you weren't there. You are just making their sacrifice more useful.
  3. I unlocked the UU this evening. That means all my T10 ships have their upgrades, and I have no reason to worry about their upcoming move to the RB. So, Shimakaze. Straight up: if you have this ship, load up the 20 km Type F3 torps. Become a Super-Asashio. There's a simple reason Asashio is one of the most powerful DDs in the current BB/CV/radar meta: you can demolish enemy capitol ships from complete safety. With Shima, you can do the same but damage anything. 20 km torps are used rather differently than 10 km or even 12 km. It's almost entirely predictive. You know the areas of the map where ships tend to cluster, you find a firing solution that intersects that, launch the fish, then boost out across the map so when the torps land you are nowhere near where the enemy traces the incoming torps back to when the torps finally land. Yes, these torps are very easily spotted, but high tier ships are large and often camp. You'd be surprised how easy they are to land. Just having to deal with them demoralizes the enemy fleet. Their BBs are stuck being ineffective on the B line and still having to dodge waves of incoming torps. Can't emphasize the "get out of there" part strongly enough. Key to Shima gameplay is not being where they think you are, and the ships blistering speed means you can be literally at A cap by the time your torps sweep into C cap. The second wave of torps should never come from the same direction as first wave. Contrary to popular belief BB players are not so dumb that they'll fall for the same trick twice. It's usually better not to go for the cap initially. You want to concentrate on helping your team dismantle the flanking BBs first, before you tackle the DDs and cruisers at the caps. Of course spotting is a big part of your job, and with your speed and concealment you can do it easily. The Unique Upgrade is an extra -15% reduction in torp reload time in return for a -70% (!) loss of launcher turn time. Means they become useless in any kind of situation where you are under fire and dodging. It's an interesting option, but I'm not convinced the returns are worth the risk. The sneakiest of the sneakiest - Shimakaze. Do I like this ship? Yes. Do I love it? No. Too much of it plays out like drone warfare, it's neither especially difficult, nor risky, nor even challenging. Yes, there's some satisfaction when everything breaks your way and you can get around the enemy to torp their broadsides, but it's more about patience and luck than actual skill. Obviously, you have the option to mount the other torps and play much more aggressively, but there are simply not enough opportunities to use them in a typical game to validate the choice. That's my view of things at present, at any rate. Of my three T10 DDs (Halland and Gearing being the other two) Shima gets more damage more consistently, and gets more wins, but is the least interesting to play for me.
  4. just get shot by friendly teammate lose about 4800 hp but he didnt turn into pink
  5. Rina_Pon

    All Rolls, no Rocks.

    A number of CCs have talked about the increased frequency of blowout games in Randoms recently. While it doesn't seem to be quite as prevalent here on SEA, I have noticed a weird shift in the meta here too, more or less lining up with what the CCs have observed. This is a really recent and sudden change. I first noticed it around the time Ranked Sprint ended. Suddenly there are a lot more games where all caps fall to one team early, while the other team just sits back and watches it happen. Even if it doesn't go to that extreme finish, various outcomes all seem to originate from the same basic starting profile: a good chunk of both teams sit out the first 5-7 minutes of the game. You have good players unwilling to commit, and you have clueless players uncertain of what to do and having no one showing a lead for them to follow. Then you have this stage where several ships make moves, either moderately good players who understand what should be done but don't realize that without support it can't be done now, or moderately bad players who understand that something much be done but have no clue what. Mass casualties ensue, and often by mere luck one team gets a huge advantage. Then you have the final stage of the game, where you have several campers derping around doing nothing and a few remaining unicums desperately running against the clock to pick off the enemy ships and carry their team. This is affecting all higher tier matches (T5+ but especially T8+), all days and times of day, and is independent of whether a CV is in play or not. Some people are saying that it's caused by too many new players buying their way to T9-10 through the armory, but I don't think this is the reason. For one, the clueless players are not consistently in premium ships. Also, the timing doesn't match up, T9 premiums have been around well before this started. Maybe all the skilled players are at CB? Or just taking time off before 9.8 drops? Or is there a sudden influx of new players recently? It feels to me like the basic problem is an vastly increased skill gap between the best player and the worst player on the team, and far fewer average-to-decent players filling the roster.
  6. 1. Change carrier spotting so that when a ship is spotted by a plane it's surface detectability range is increased by 10%, or 20% or whatever. This value can be altered depending on what class of ship the plane is spotting. The ship is then only seen by other ships within the surface detectability range. This change is intended to buff DDs primarily because carrier spotting can really limit their gameplay options. 2. Add a radar jamming consumable. This would add some counter play against the current radar cruisers. In terms of design, this could either cut an active radar when used or perhaps run for a period of time and prevent a radar from being used during that time. 3. Add more interactivity between ships on the same team to further encourage team play. For example, the previously suggested radar jamming consumable could be mounted on certain cruisers, say the French line, but activated by DDs on the same team within a certain proximity (perhaps even of the same nationality to add further complexity). I like this arrangement because it gives the DD ultimate control of the radar jamming, given that he's the one that really needs it, but he still needs his teammate there within range of the radar ship. In this way you would need two ships to use the consumable. 4. Add more options to the 'chat wheel' (not sure what it's called). I think something like 'push left flank', 'push mid', 'push right flank' could be useful. Also more specific commands for allied ships could be useful. For example, 'fire from cover' and 'tank enemy fire' and 'push forward'. These could all be useful because 'requesting assistance' isn't very specific. Hopefully these ideas can spark some discussion. They are not meant to be final.
  7. I'm grinding the pasta ship line, and the line is a breath of fresh air from my main IJN cruiser line. Pasta ships don't play like all other cruisers. They aren't firestarters of course, so BBs are among the lowest priority lists for guns. But with a pasta ship, I threaten mostly destroyers and other cruisers simply because SAP hits so hard on destroyers while pasta ships can easily dodge cruiser and BB shells with WASD. And those torpedoes with slow speed, long ranges, and short reloads allow me to flood an area with lots of torpedoes. If I would have my way, I'll make the torps a little more slower so they stay in the water for far longer. I'm looking forward to the Venezia's torpedoes. With a full torpedo reload build, I'll have 54 torp reload with each torp staying in the water for 7.7 minutes total (I computed for it). By the 54th second, I'll drop torps again and the initial torpedoes are only about approaching halfway their total range. Talk about a creeping wall of damage. With IJN cruiser torps I can't do the same thing. IJN torps are indeed long ranged, but they travel fast and reload slowly-- too fast and too slow of a reload to replicate RM torpedo work. If I'm in an IJN I would firespam against BBs and load AP against cruisers, which is almost standard for all other cruisers of other nations except possibly some RN cruisers. But the pasta ships have a completely different playstyle from all the rest; IJN torpedoes are more powerful indeed, but it's much more limited in use. I also desire to exploit RM shell dodging abilities to the greatest extent. Repeat successful shell dancing in front of the enemy is a strange kind of pleasure. And if it's just too much shellfire, then I'll pop the Italian magic trick and disappear in a poof of smoke. I hope they don't change the RM cruisers into another IJN or RN line. There's no need to turn the RM into another one of those lines when those lines already exist.
  8. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    Which coal ship?

    Yep, its another one of these, and my main question is, which of the freemiums to go for out of Jean Bart, Georgia or Yoshino? (maybe salem, played des moines in space battle and it was so fuckin fun) Now im asking now so when I get the coal for it, which one? Some BG info, my first line was the IJN line, so the Yoshino's long range 310mm 'high explosive watermelons' is very appealing ive watched a lot of flambass, and he plays JB a lot, so I've seen the best of her However the Georgia is a hybrid that im interested in, not many guns, but they're big and accurate. It seems appealing as I have the tirpitz, and secondaries are what the Georgia and Tirp specialize in, and very similar style of armour excluding the turtle-back armour scheme of the tirpitz. not only this but also I've heard you need a 14 point captain for her to truly shine aaand the salem, well, the only experience ive had with des moines is, like I said the space battles, which is very different to the random battles, but it was huge fun and I was doing damn well. nonetheless I think she wouldn't be a bad investment. overall I need a ship that can bring back the bacon, because... well to say this much, I went from 1mil credits to 200k after playing ranked battles with the rental ships. ofc that was my first time playing those ships AND in ranked so clearly was never gonna do well oh well, still, that's just gonna be something that I will want help with, and also ik that JB is goin to go before everything else but idk how to play it, oh well, every new ship is going to be trial and error anyway thanks again!
  9. Ok so i have the Tirpitz, the premium t8 German battleship for captain skills i have; Priority target, Exp. marksman, superintendent, AFT and manual fire for secondaries One thing i have noticed is that the secondary skill helps so much, the secondaries hit their target more often, rip destroyers apart, and it makes it more enjoyable. The Tirpitz, well, i have no particular playstyle. But one thing i've learnt is that this thing cant handle focus fire, and despite the 32-50mm deck armour, i still get 14k salvos... through the nose. This varies from amagi to vlad. Another thing, this cooks so incredibly easy its not funny, and no matter how many times i watch Yuro's guide, it doesnt help. (however that vid was back in 2016 so very very old, not IMO) I've tried being aggressive, it sinks in the blink of an eye, i've tried being a support ship, follow top tier bb's, but it never really works. However i have had some great games in it, so its definetely fun in the right situation Overall, i love the Tirpitz, its fun even though its been power-creeped the hell out of. I would love it even more if i knew how to properly play it. Advice is greatly appreciated 😄
  10. Player_3356594408

    CVs Making it Work

    I have played WoWs Blitz for the last 8 months and have almost all lines to tier 7. Got introduced to the game by a friend and well, because of bandwidth limitations, went for blitz. Recently I picked up Wows again (on a new account) and have been working my way through understanding it. It's massively different in so many ways. More different than I expected and it's a bit of a learning curve (at anything but the lowest tiers , down there i do great because I know how to shoot). Anyway, I picked up the Hermes and I have to say, coming from the world of blitz, I much prefer the PC version. I've seen a lot of feedback that it's not perfect but I'd view it as a step in the right direction. It's way better that the top down view that makes you feel like you're playing a different game. Are there improvements to be made, sure. But it's a lot better than that top down view. I can play those Japanese carriers and control 4 airgroups in the skies at the same time - on my phone. I was very much looking forward to using those skills on the PC with the much better inputs. However, with the new changes, at least this means that the damage being done TO has been directed by the player itself.i have to get there, I have to aim, I have to hit. I've seen one good comment that the damage back is random. That's true but with what I see, it's a step in the right direction. The challenges that face Wargaming are obviously bandwidth and processing time of running AA, the risk that the difference between player directed AA and AI AA throws the whole game out of whack, and how much time and attention ship players spend on the sky. I never see anyone address that last one. When you're in the thick of it and getting lined up, do you really want to be looking at the sky directing flak? tl;dr the new planes view is a positive step , but it is very likely a step.
  11. Player_3356594408

    The Hermes

    I've got the Hermes and my impressions are. Attack planes good but I need to get better at using them. What number of rocket hits would be considered a good strike? Using rockets is easy, but tricky to get good hits. I normally hit the stern of the enemy. Are there any good places to find hints on using rockets. Bombers? Why do I get so many non penetration hits against battleships? Is this just a feature of British bombs or does it mean I'm doing something wrong. Torpedos. Practice and more lead. And learn how to release further out! The ship. I'm trying to learn to follow in behind the fleet so I reduce my travel time and can lend AA support. The ship can take a bit of a beating but once it starts, I'm a big target. Setting a course that follows the fleet (without going backwards, I won't be repeating the zig, zag pattern anytime soon), means setting waypoints with 45 degree turns regularly. Usually I do this after a squadron has taken off and been sent the right direction. Strategy, scout and get my team something to shoot at. Then once the battle has started find out where the destroyers are, once that's done, blow shit up. Any tips or hints I could use? How is the Hermes different from other carriers (those bombs?).
  12. MikuChrome

    Enough is enough

    Well done WoWS team, you just achieved exactly what WoT did to "Artillery rework". The whole game is now unenjoyable with this "CV Rework", haven't you learn anything like at all ? You have like the whole community as a reference to prevent this from happening but no you just not get it don't you, you just have to push this through because you spend your time and resources on it. SEA server potentially be the "worst" server, for what reason, why don't you try to find that out by simply visiting the place and see the meta as a reference to make the game better and more enjoyable ??? So many misturn starts with Belfast, British Battleships, British Destroyers and all other type of unbalanced/premium ships introduced but we all can accept this to certain level since it doesn't really effecting much players. Bugs that exists since beta still around the players can still accept it since again it doesn't effect much players, GUI is an annoyance of waiting and stuttering but we love the game so whatever. But this .......This is too much You have 4 classes of ships 3 of which are surface units having a role of a footsoldier. The last one have a role comparable to a "Commander" role in some FPS games, no doubt about it this is hard to balance it out since it plays completely different. Since you want that role to be somewhat accessible to all kind of players by toning it down to be somewhat closer to surface units gameplay..... Now look at your magic. All 3 surface units are now basically a punching bag for the game, AA ships can't even fend off for itself every single one of them either have to hide in fear or flocked up like a sheeps waiting to be picked off. I don't know what you're trying to achieve other than alienating those 3 classes of ships out because your magic did exactly that, Making the "Commander" role play like a Footsoldier. If the players get to choose between the two role with no limitation everyone will no doubt pick the one that will grant them more power than the other role. The change that changes nothing. You say this change will make the class less dominant, which make sense, considering you're tuning the role of a "commander" to be more of a footsoldier. Fixing the problem of fishermen altogether. Do you failed to realise when a group of players want to rip your game aparts they absolutely will !? You're suppose to reward these players for going through your work to an extreme and accept that not all the players are going to do that but no you just have to attempt to bring them down to the same level as other. For how long do you think these players will stay the same level as the other, think about it, these group of players loved your game so much they will rip the game apart to be up there at the top. Sooner or later they will be back achieving what they always do so what's the point of this so called "change" other than alienating more players and potentially enraging these hardcore fans ? Also if I have to be more direct on this subject this is exactly what the game is like 2 years ago before all the AA buff and CV Changes. You just need to learn to let go of these wasted resources/time otherwise its the players letting go.
  13. hbogyt

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    This is supposed to be a combat game, but realism has been sacrificed in an attempt to make every ship class viable. I am most frustrated with: Visible shell trajectories which allow CAs and DDs easily dodge them. Torpedo arm time too short, which allows torpedo bombers to drop at point blank range and still hit me. Also, while we're on the topic of torpedo bombers, AA damage should scale up exponentially with increasing proximity to the ship. HE shells light ships on fire too easily and for too long. There aren't that many flammable objects on the deck of a ship for god's sakes. Warships didn't get lit on fire that often historically. Firing from within smoke. This shouldn't be allowed. If you're in smoke, you should lose all vision of enemies, including shared vision.
  14. A pretty common complaint no? You are in the top three with mua points but your team loses and it can't possibly be your fault ... I have two observations on this. 1. Actually it can still be your fault. XP is primarily given out for damage done, and its very easy for a good player to draw out a game and farm damage after most of his team is already dead and the game effectively already lost. IJN cruisers are especially guilty of this. Damage comes in two flavors, useful damage that leads to kills early in the game, and useless damage, for example on a BB who still survives to the end of the game. The game mechanics is such that damaged ships retain 100% combat effectiveness: no kill = no good. So don't look at the score, think back and reflect what you accomplished in the first 8 minutes of the game. Did you protect your DDs? Did you sink enemy ships? Which brings me to my second insight, 2. The most common way to guarantee a loss in random battles is to lemming train your BBs. I lousy DD or CA player on your team, while a significant handicap, can usually be overcome since on average the enemy team will have a couple of potatoes too. Having all your BBs break right or left however is a strategic error of such magnitude that the game can be considered over before it even starts. Typically: 3-4 light ships DD/CA/CL steam off for the side of the map without BB escort, they get wiped and the enemy force pushes up through into your spawn to flank your main BB group who are pushing down together on the middle of the other side of the map. I seen this error made several times recently, it always lead to the same result. So yeah: pro tip - with those spawn configs where 4 BBs are in the middle with CA/DD groups on both sides, split your BBs L/R or lose.
  15. Is it me or what, I am noticing increasingly there are players in team playing highly unsportsmanlike. Say asking for elp and when one of us respond by coming to help, they run without helping to form retreat or a stand despite having plenty of life still. Or BB who keep asking DD to go fort and cap but will not go up front to support Even worse. seeing man playing wit intent to let teammate take all the damage and deal some, killing themselves and then come out from hiding to take poke shoot at the enemy now down on life, not contributing ... and similar .. so many occasions I had to really question if I should go out and help the tea at all when asked. More than often I am up front and trying to do te job when just left hanging dry when they just run, despite having almost no damage taken. I wonder if the game had any mechanism for us to penalize such un-sportsmanship
  16. Hello all, I am your average Joe who has a standard account and who deals decent damage and does the fair amount of necessary teamplay in order to win any battle. This type of playstyle however becomes extremely costly and loss incurring in terms of credits and the experince gained becomes lower at higher tier especially at T9 and T10. So is there any tips or tricks to improve gameplay in order to make T9 games more viable for a guy with a std. account?
  17. WoWStats is a great site because it is brutally honest. I had this idea that I was pretty good in Furutaka. Numbers don't lie: I suck. And the reason I'm not as good as the BB/DD lines is equally obvious: I don't play them enough. So this week it's been as much CA games as I can stand, with DD/BB games only when my bruised ego can't take the punishment any longer. It's been quite a drubbing. Taking a break, I'd like to ask you guys a few things... First: Aoba "feels" much bigger, heavier, and more powerful than the upgraded Furutaka but looking at the specs it seems practically just a re-skin. +6% gun range, +3% health, 3 mm more bow armor. Armor, armament, and detection radius are almost identical. So, what makes Aoba a T6 ship? I don't get it. Second: does MM hate me? My win rate is tanking, even though I'm rarely in the bottom third of the leaderboard. It seems the better I play, the harder the enemy team gets and the more likely we are to lose. Also, I'm up-tiered T+2 way more than I used to. So, yeah .... have I angered the MM gods or is that how MM is supposed to work to keep up the "challenge"? (I suspect that since I'm doing relatively well with the BB games, MM is giving me a tough time in the CA games assuming my skill level is equal for all ship types ... does that make sense?) Third: How do you Aoba? DD support I think I have the right general idea, but BB escort I don't seem to be able to find any kind of groove. My play style can best be described as "taking long-distance potshots when I think I can get away with it". Do you position behind a BB to support, or in front? Any advice welcome.
  18. Equipped with the ramming flag, and go out for someone. It's nothing to be shamed about for being a (1 - 67700) X 1.5 damage torpedo equipped with some broken shells. This should be the most glorious way to maintain the pride of Royal Navy.
  19. I got a suggestion to improve CV gameplay:What if we actually remove the concept of fixed loadouts, so CV players will actually start with no squadrons at all?Instead, THE PLAYER will determine which squad composition he will go for, like in RTS games! And that's not all - you will also have the option to "swap" squadrons by storing said squad in the "hangar" and launch an alternative squad to your liking; you can swap w squads once the squad you want to replace has returned to the CV, and "swap time" would be equivalent to servicing time if not slightly longer. Squadrons automatically get rearmed and restored once in the hangar, and if you lose a squad you have the option to either deploy stored squads or launch a different squad type of your own liking. Going the extra mile, we can even add the option to queue up numbers of squads of each type ahead of time while you're controlling your launched squadrons, ready to be swapped at any given notice. However, you still have to take into account reserves to replace lost planes, and each squad would cost credits. IMO CV gameplay becomes more dynamic this way; turning CV battles into a chess game. For example: CV1 goes full spam on TBs;CV2 finds out and launches a full spam of fighters instead.CV1 realizes this and sends some of his TBs back and store them in the hangar; replaces them with fightersCV2 spots an ambushing DD; replaces some of his FTs with DBs to intercept it; DD was eliminated; swapped DBs with TBs to engage BBsso on and so forth~If a similar system gets implemented it might get RTS players to try CVs, and eliminating the fixed loadout-based system could also prevent "one-sided" CV matches caused by a mismatch in loadouts.
  20. InversoSk3lo

    Balance is Wack

    Just a few observations, I'll try and contain my fury and keep it civilized. 1 - Every ship may as well have smoke, it is becoming so ridiculously overused the battlefield is constantly littered with smoke bursts. No to mention if you have carriers to spot targets and your playing a BB. You can be certain your not having a good game. 2 - Why are American BB's still so inaccurate!? They have the worst caliber, range (to an extent) and dispersion especially or more specifically at the higher tiers. Someone wanna explain how they are supposed to be balanced. Especially considering their powerful AA is now redundant with the new Soviet DD's and no doubt the French Cruisers are going to play a part in making them even more useless. With that said though it almost seems BB's in general are obsolete and I'm struggling to understand where they fit in, that isn't just an Xp and Credit farming method. *Edit - American BB's also have the worst armor, they're not equipped with the turtle back or massive slabs of belt armor like the German or Japanese BB's which just seems to increase the detriment to American BB game play. Especially considering the German and Japanese BB's get these higher caliber guns which just overmatch American armor anyway. I'm sure I will find of more in time, but if anyone else has any observations of their own I'd be interested to read about it. Cheers.
  21. legionary2099

    Lexington 2x Double Strike

    This is the battle i got 2x double strike. This is extremely weird and prove that strike US CV can be quite lol. Anyway this is the case , i dont know how to turn replay for the game on so no replay but this is what happen : i double strike twice at 2 different target groups ( 1 was a dd and the other was a bb that was at 2 different locations ). Is this even possible ? I thought that you can only double strike 2 guys right next to each other. Oh god what timing . What are your thoughts ?
  22. We tend to hear stories on how things(mainly gameplay) on the other servers are. These stories by default are anecdotal and it is up for interpretations. The best thing to do in order to know about it is to actually play on that server and form our own opinion. Since I doubt most could spare the time to do that, I'd like to present a data collection following a really liberal interpretation on how things on the other servers are compared to ours. This is gonna be a long post with lots of numbers. Main data will come from Warships.Today and will focus on Tier 7 and Tier 8 CVs I will be presenting the 2weeks data of their average performance and compare them with other servers. I will also present the data of the top 10 players in both WTR rating and Win Rate and see how the players that bring the ship to her maximum potential USUALLY fares against the "meta" of the server on a later post if needed. Rationale: Why CVs? I believe they are the class most affected by gameplay that actually translates into numbers. If the enemy team goes maximum teamplay, the CV will have reduced numbers. If the enemy players decide to go off alone everytime, then the CV will get higher numbers. With enough number of games, a trend on how games are is seen just by comparing average damage done. There are also other stats it can incorporate to. It is important to note USN with specialized loadouts skew the data so much that it becomes really unreliable. This goes much more especially for the high tier ones. But we can use the skewed data to our advantage. Hiryu and Shoukaku having a predominant 2/2/2 loadouts will also serve as a reference or benchmark for this. Only Two weeks worth of average player data will be used in order to gauge their performance better by not including any substantial buffs/nerfs/changes. I'll be starting on the T7 numbers to represent "Mid" Tier as I'll be calling it from this point forward On the Asia Server: On the NA server: On the RU server: On the EU server: I'd like to point out that there's a lack of Aircraft Carrier battles on the RU server. The class itself is relatively less popular than the other servers. Then looking at the damage caused, we can see that the EU server has the highest while the Asia server has the lowest even when the NA server has USN ship popularity going for it meaning more +AA. But then again, looking at the average plane kills, it seems the CVs from the Asia server prioritize killing enemy planes more which leads to the damage output being gimped on both sides. Another thing I'd like to bring to attention is the survival percentages. The Asia server has a 'marginal advantage' in survivability over EU and NA which are identical. The RU server has it lowest which backs up the claim of their aggressive playstyle. Tidbit: It is also only our server where the Saipan beats out the Hiryu. Now to begin with the T8 CVs On the Asia Server: On the NA server: On the EU server: EDIT: Rearranging
  23. spider4929

    Crashing because of Fuso?

    Issue: Game crashes when I interact or look at the Fuso. Screenshots: NoneShip: FusoMap: AnyOccurrences: RandomTested: Yes, zoom in/spectate/fight etc. a Fuso.Severity: Heavy Impact on my gameplayDetails: The game crashing for some unknown reason is no stranger to me and is negligible but this crashing with an oddly specific reason is kind of impacting my gameplay. Whenever I zoom in on an allied/enemy Fuso at >4 km, fight with a Fuso at close range (i.e. torping a Fuso at close ranges), spectate a friendly Fuso, etc., my game crashes. This crash is really impacting my gameplay because due to this problem, I can't fight a Fuso properly due to the fear of crashing. I can't even help out friendly Fusos fearing they might cause the game to crash. Can anyone please help me solve this?
  24. anonym_u8Kt9r5hcGd6

    Hearts of Oak(e) World of Warships videos

    Hi everyone! I've been making World of Tanks videos for a while now, and seeing as World of Warships is shaping up to be a really good game (I've been fortunate enough to get into the beta testing as an EU community co-ordinator for World of Tanks) I'll also be making some videos of that! Perhaps some guides, perhaps some ship reviews, and hopefully if they implement a replays system some viewer replays too. But for now, lets just take a look at the game and some aircraft carrier gameplay. Feel free to get in touch or keep an eye on what I'm up to! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AgingJedi Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AgingJedi Twitter: https://twitter.com/AgingJedi Duxter: http://duxter.com/oake
  25. Carnage26


    I have played this game fro awhile now. Really loved it and even bought premium. I do have some suggestions to improve gameplay. Players should be awarded by killing planes much more since they are the only means for carriers to do damage and are very dangerous to all ships. Players that assisted in kill should be awarded or there will be 'kill stealing' in game and results in unfair gameplay. perhaps the highest damage by a ship should be awarded for the kill while others get an ' assisted in kill' award. Allow for auto pilot following in ships such that some ships are travel in formation and cover others. Keep up the good work this game is awesome.