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Found 2 results

  1. I've revisited my high tier USN DDs, after not really playing any of them in quite a while (except Benson in Ranked). Took a couple of days to get back into the groove. Here are some thoughts. The take home : "No Solo" Go into a game thinking these ships are powerful gunboats, able to able to fight anyone and anything, and you will die quickly and accomplish nothing. With all three ships you have to play very careful, and very quiet. Staying full health into the second half of a match is critical to your ability to take trades in the late match gunfights. You are by nature well-equipped to win these, but if your opponent if full health and you are at half, you will lose. Until then, you are really just a torp boat, operating similar to the IJN ships, but not the same. Unlike IJN line, you are not a solo hunter, going that route is doable, but its letting your strengths go to waste and letting down your team. You support your team. You have AA, which, while not hero level, is still good enough to shield friendly ships and deter attacks. You have US smoke, which - pause for emphasis - is not for you, it's for your team. You're guns are good for a DD, but pathetic for a cruiser. Smoke up a cruiser, spot, and let his guns work for you. I'm am of the opinion that Gearing is the hardest ship in this game to play well. It's big and bulky and slow, facing multiple enemies each able to delete you in one salvo from across the map. High scoring games requires superhuman patience and God-tier level map awareness. Gearing though, played well and played correctly, is one helleva force multiplier. Consider a 3 x 3 battle between 4 BBs and 2 cruisers, then put a Gearing helping one side, spamming 16 km torps spotting, and hiding the fleet in smoke. The key for Gearing as the match decider, is deciding who to help where, and when. Get it wrong, and you win the flank but lose the game. And that's best case.
  2. OneFitzableBoi

    How to not suck at the Bismarck?

    Hey guys, I just got the Bismarck now, full-stock. Loved this ship even while reading about it while I was a kid, so I'm really hyped to get to play with it. But I seem to have a lot of trouble playing it properly. I've got a 13-point cap on it, built for secondary as of now (PM, AR, BoS, AFT, only MFCSA missing, will be spec-ing for durability after that). I can't even get proper salvos in! I've had some experience in brawling since I've read from the start that KM BBs were balanced in the game to be like that. But the higher you go in tiers, the closer to impossible it's become to get in and brawl properly. I mean... is it still even viable? I've had a T10 cruiser shave 22k off of me in a single salvo behind an island, GDI. Another DD gunboat was able to get the same amount by lighting me up with HE. I've had more fun with the Nurnberg even if it's a glass ship. I rarely get my account to premium unless I can dedicate time to play, so I end up using 4+ hours of Bismarck gameplay just bleeding my credits out trying to get me a decent first win. TL;DR YOUR Experiences with it, how you play the ship, upgrades, damn it even how to aim with the main guns properly, lol! I'll take any info I can just to make the Bismarck fun to play instead of being a showpiece in my account.