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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, everybody. This is my first thread about my exploration on the game mechanics. In this thread, I made my experiment with WJChen and Kimok69 regarding aft penetration without requiring overmatching caliber. Before we countinue, let's provide some description on some of the technical terms: Ricochet: The condition where the armor-piercing shell impact a layer of armor at sufficiently steep angle and skip off the armor without doing any damage. In most cases, if the shell cannot overmatch the layer of armor, the shell with impact angle steeper than 45 degree will have the chance to richochet and will almost always ricochet with the impact angle steeper than 60 degree (USN 203mm and RN Cruisers are the exceptions). High explosive shells do not fall in this rule. Overmatch: The ability of the shell to ignore the auto-bounce angle and go through a certain layer of armor where the said shell caliber is 14.3x larger than that layer of armor thickness. In the video I posted, we used Montana (me) and Izumo (Kimok69) as the examples in the training room. The Montana and Izumo both have 32mm bow and stern which would require a gun caliber larger than 457mm to overmatch it. However, some of the ship's stern do not have enough "pointyness" to trigger ricocheting. In the video, I managed to penetrate the Izumo's stern dealing some significant damage, but not able to citadel. At the end of video, however, I get instantly deleted by the stern shot from Izumo, which is likely the result of stern penetration into the rear citadel bulkhead, thanks to the Montana's ridiculously raised citadel. Conclusion: If you are in the ship with round stern (i.e. Montana, Iowa, Izumo, Yamato) you are running the risk of stern penetration if you point it directly towards enemy's gun in the brawling. The risk further exacerbates when you are in the ships with raised citadel. Granted, the situation where you can take advantage or being at risk from it is rare, but who knows when the opportunity presents itself where you could penetrate someone with 16 inches in the aft... Work-in-progress (time allowing basis): Test against more ships Do some reviews on ship's stern
  2. We all know there's a function where we can bring up the scoreboard/player list by pressing tab,and right click on a person's name to report them or compliment them. This has been bugging me for quite a while now, how does the "compliment" system works tho? Does it even do anything?
  3. cyxnide

    Survive a Ram.

    As much as I know,if two ships in the same class (e.g. BB vs BB / CA vs CA) ram each other,both of them will be sunk. But I recently saw a Tier 4 IJN BB Myogi rams another Myogi and survives. Is that actually possible in game? Or is there a way we could avoid getting destroyed while ramming/getting rammed by the same class of ship?