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Found 3 results

  1. WoWS_Summer_Satan_114514

    Research Bureau: What Should I Choose?

    Research Point ("RP") is probably the second-hardest-to-get resource in the game (the first is Steel). A unique upgrade costs 19200 RP, which is the amount of RP for resetting a tech tree line with the double bonus. Therefore, newcomers need to think carefully before they decide to consume the precious RP. I have every Unique Upgrade ("UU") (almost all obtained by ancient missions) and every ship except Vampire II in the Research Bureau. Therefore, I am happy to comment on the value of Research Bureau stuffs. TL;DR: Purchase ships first, then UU. If you reset a line, you may not use UU, but the Research Bureau ships are always available. Additionally, the ships are good for training commanders. The most worthy and useful UU: Conqueror, Gearing, Des Monies, Worcester The most trashy UU: Yueyang, Grozovoi The best ship for beginners: Ohio The funniest and happiest ship: Paolo Emilio The most challenging ship (not very suitable for beginners): Colbert First, start with ships. Why I would recommend Ohio to beginners instead of the famous Slava? Slava is a Kremlin with: 1. AP with the best in-game penetration value, even better than Yamato/Shikishima/Kremlin 2. Unique accuracy: CA level in 20km+, but worse than all other BB within 7km. In short, the farther, the better. 3. Much worse survivability: 32 mm deck, 25 mm head and butt (all BB in T10 can force-penetrate with AP and deal a lot of damage); 10k less HP; 1 less Repair Party; above-waterline citadel 4. Lower caliber that cannot force-penetrate 30mm mid-deck of T10 CA. Therefore, this ship requires some understanding of the minimap and the ability to catch the enemy's broadside. Additionally, this ship dies fast if under concentrated fire. Moreover, the commander skill build may be different from conventional tech tree USSR BB. Thus, I don't think it is suitable for beginners. However, I think it could be the second ship to purchase, after Ohio. Some people think Massa, Georgia, and Ohio are the third USN BB line: They all have good, accurate secondaries, large caliber, and good survivability (38 mm deck + Repair Party reloads fast). Since Massa and Georgia are no longer available, Ohio would be a good substitute. Additionally, a durable BB with a large caliber is suitable for beginners. Ohio's main guns are also a bit more accurate than tech tree USN BB. Commanders from tech tree USN BB can also suit Ohio well. Paolo Emilio: You'll never find a second destroyer that has (1) fast speed + (2) exhaust smoke + (3) SAP + (4) high damage torpedoes at the same time. The SAP hits hard on enemy DD, and launch a surprise attack under the cover of smoke at a corner is the happiest time in WOWS for me. However, due to its relatively high detectability and long reload time, this ship deals most damage from the surprise attack. SAP damage to enemy DD is only incidental. Colbert: The biggest problem is the caliber. 127mm caliber can hardly do direct damage in T10, even with IFHE (cannot penetrate armor thicker than 27mm). The ship's armor, concealment and consumables are not good enough to individually hunt DD. Additionally, due to the commander skill change, the maximum firing range is 16 km, which is rather short in T10. This ship has a good repair party, good acceleration, good ballistics, and a good chance of starting fires. However, beginners can hardly make good use of these advantages. Useful UU: Conqueror: Even this UU takes slot 5 and reduces concealment, the maximum concealment for Conqueror is still lower than 14km. The biggest threat to Conqueror is citadel/torpedo damages due to the low recoverable percentage. The UU enhances the ship's maneuverability, thus increases survivability. Des Monies: The biggest distinction between DM and Salem is the radar range and this UU. This UU can insanely increase the acceleration speed (but sadly no effect on deceleration), which is very needed for island campers. Gearing: The UU can make Gearing's concealment the best in T10. The debuff is not significant. Gearing with the UU is still capable of solo with other DDs that Gearing can solo before using the UU. Worcester: Compared with other options in that slot, why not the UU? The UU can significantly reduce consumable reload time and increase one consumable. This worth at least 3+2=5 skill points. With this UU, the minimum reload time for DFAA is only 45 seconds (and you have 6 DFAA), and the survivability is also increased due to the changes to Repair Party. Trashy UU (don't waste RP on them unless WG buffs them): Yueyang: It is mainly because Yueyang is too trashy in gunnery. Had Yueyang's stock reload time reduced to 3.5s, (UU reduces it to 2.97s) I will use the UU. The UU sacrificed Yueyang's concealment in exchange for 3.4s reload time and enhanced radar/smoke. However, before using the UU, Yueyang's maximum concealment is 5.7km, the second-best in T10. With the UU, Yueyang's reload time is only slightly better than UU Gearing, but the concealment is much worse. In DD battles, even 0.2km worse concealment can cause significant HP loss. As for the radar buff, even Yueyang spotted enemy DD, Yueyang may not solo with the DD due to the bad main guns. For the smoke buff...If I want to hide in smoke and spam HE, why not choosing Daring/Harugumo? Grozovoi: I don't think it's a good idea to sacrifice 20% (25s) torpedo reload time in exchange for an additional 6% (2.5s) main gun reload time. The -5% main gun reload time skill costs 3 skill points, the -10% torpedo reload time skill also costs 3 skill points. Grozovoi's torpedo is 10km and can be useful. Unless you are sure you never use the torpedo, otherwise not worth it. Choose the conventional main gun upgrade instead.
  2. Chinese Version: Difficulty:4/5 5-star Difficulty:5/5 Credit and XP Reward:5/5 Ship Limitation:UK,FR,US,USSR CA/CL.(Kutuzov is the only Premium available) Recommended Ships:Edinburgh(can repair),Cleveland(Radar+Hydro+AA),Charles Martel(Useless if don't use Engine Boost) Main Goal: 1.Save at least 1 of 2 Regiments. 2.Destroy both enemy Airfields. Secondary Goals: 1.At least 4/7 ships from team must survive. 2.Save both transport ships. 3.Save both Regiments. 4.Destroy enemy Atago 5.Destroy 40 aircrafts. Key for win: 1.Don't press "S" key.Full speed ahead.It is you protect allies,not allies cover you. 2.Don't press "S" key.Full speed ahead.It is you protect allies,not allies cover you. 3.Don't press "S" key.Full speed ahead.It is you protect allies,not allies cover you. 4.Edinburgh's AP has difficulty in damaging Airfield. The 2 on the right is the 2 transports to protect. They'll be attacked by enemy DDs.Kill them ASAP or their torp sea will kill us. Tips: 1.Edinburgh stay at front with hydro and repair. 2.Once your ship is "spotted",use radar ASAP so can spot DD earlier. Then 2 Regiments are spotted.Once they got spotted,they got attacked.Move to protect them ASAP. It's better to use 2-5 or 1-6 Formation:2 Ships(Edinburgh and an AA ship) go middle of the map in order to fight CA and protect the coming allies,the rest go protect Regiments at full speed. After that,reinforcements will come(1 Lexinton+1 Essex(can repair freindly ships+2 Flecher(NO AA)) This is why someone must go middle:If no one goes,enemy ambushed DD and 40 enemy TBs will kill our CV. Atago is easy to kill. This is the location of enemy airfield.Remember to attack it.If time expire,the operation fail.
  3. This is a (simple) game guide for new Halloween scenario. I don't recommend using DD in this mode because they're too fragile(The filthy boost can't heal much HP),unless you play in division and have an experienced CV that can heal you.But one game strategy is supporting your team by torping outside filth until reached 20k damage.Actually BB and CA is enough to deal damage.But it's better to have at least 2 BB,because they're tough and can heal the team.CV only carry 4 heals at most,and it is only used for emergency. At the beginning,CV shall immediately retreat to the back,somewhere around the middle tower,or even further,because the expanding filth will do extra damage to CV,also sending a CV in front of enemies is not a wise choice.(However today I've seen at least 4 doing this!)It's better to retreat by the white route in above screenshot because at -14:30,the enemies attacking the front tower will appear in the red circle(s),and Rasputin come from 1 of the 3 yellow ones. Also at the beginning,it is better for CV to send attack squads to the blue circle in order to hunt enemy BBs and do damage.Others can go to the yellow circle and defend the front tower.Though it will definitely get destroyed,saving it from the attack of the 6 enemy ships will buy the team some time.If the enemy ships appears around tower,CV need to disable them immediately.But if it collapses(or after it survived the 1st attack),move to defend the middle tower ASAP. As for the 2 big ships Rasputin and Great Gorgon,I have to say,it somewhat needs some luck. If Rasputin appear outside of filth,it is easy to kill.But if it is inside,it recover HP at a speed about 5k/s,so concentrate fire is needed.But DD's torp salvo will make this much easier. As for the enemy CV Great Gorgon.don't expect killing it with TB/DB:Its AA is too powerful.Its AA does more than 700 damage per second,also have DFAA.I also don't recommend using DD because it will still take some time to eventually kill the enemy CV,but its secondaries hit hard. But the most simple way to kill them is ram with a shield-activated BB.With Hotel-Yankee will be better because sometimes killing the enemy CV protected by filth takes more than 6 seconds.The biggest problem is,it's hard to locate enemy CV in filth,so CA's radar is a must. 1 good thing is,after the filth disappears,you have about 10 seconds before the game finish.During this time period,all enemy ships will suffer a 5k/s damage(however only 30k in total),and the Great Gorgon and Rasputin is not protected by filth,so concentrate fire on them immediately.