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Found 3 results

  1. Shiny_Stone

    Game error and crash randomly

    Issue: game suddenly stop Screenshots: http://www.mx7.com/view2/z8DhxqBqpiWzGXBE Ship: Any Map: Any map while playing in battle. And also can happen in map loading screen. Occurrences: Randomly Tested: Must force close the game and get back to the game, but it does randomly re-occur again. Severity: High impact, game error. Details: It randomly happen while playing in battle(sometime crash at map loading screen). It so much annoying me so much and make me die in battle after I'm get back to the game as fast as I can to resume the battle(and I see my ship sinking after I get back) I'm about to stop playing the game for a while till this fixed.
  2. Some time, after you run the WOWS for a long time or maybe use Alt-tab change to other app, the game may crashed and pop up a box say a lot of bug message. It`s mainly point the game crashed cost by like C:\XXXXX\World_of_warships\msvcr110.dll or C:\XXXXX\World_of_warships\​worldofwarships.exe and visual C++. I been search for a fix for a long time in many forums but not found any way. I tried redownload the client, reinstall many versions of visual C++, replace msvcr110.dll inside game client, but not work at all, so I just go official support. After a month exchange information with support, there maybe a way to fixed the crashed problems. At least for support gave me the solution until now I tested the game for 2 days didn`t got any crash now. The support said: We believe a fresh clean install of your game client is warranted. These instructions include a cleaning tool to delete any of our old files in your computer's registry. CCleaner is a free tool that we recommend (there is a paid version, however that is not necessary for the process that we would like you to perform) to remove any old corrupted files from your registry. Please remember to move any replays and screenshots you want to save from the World of Warships directory before deleting it. Note: Please take special care in steps 1 - 5, they are essential to this cleaning process. Please follow these instructions: 1.First of all, please ensure all other programs are closed and not running (ie, Skype, Steam, iTunes, etc). 2.Log-in to the World of Warships Web Portal, ensure you have the "Remember Me" Option selected, then close your internet browser. 3.Please uninstall the game (using the Uninstall a Program feature in windows) and delete the folder "C:\Games\World_of_Warships\profile" (if it has not been already deleted from the uninstall process.) 4.Download CCleaner. 5.Install and run CCleaner. 6.In the CCleaner program, click on Registry. 7.Near the bottom of the program, click 'Scan for issues' and then click 'Fix selected issues' Note: if you are prompted to save a backup of your registry, please click Yes. Save the backup to an easily accessible location, or to an external drive if possible. 8.While you are still inside the CCleaner software, first, please click on 'Cleaner' (upper left hand of application), second, click 'Analyze', and then click 'Run Cleaner'. Note: This will clear out your browser history, cookies, and logins by default, please ensure that the check boxes are unticked on anything you want to keep! 9.Download the game client installer. 10.After installation, run the Launcher and allow the client to update to the latest version. After completing all the procedures, kindly run game test. If the issue still persists, please send us your most recent WGCheck Log and we will do a further investigation on your issue. And the game is running stable for now. So I post this may help someone. I will reopen the support ticket if C++ crash again and post update, if not then this is it.
  3. Communist_Potato

    Crashing while loading game

    Sorry if this already exists as a topic, I recently had to reinstall WoWS as it stopped working on my computer (something about the graphics card not working) and after reinstalling it the game refuses to load, (I hit play in the launcher, the load screen comes up and the game crashes). I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if they knew how to solve it, failing that if there was a client repair type thing for WOWS as I'm not in the mood to reinstall the game for a third time as my max download speed is around 200 kb per second and its a really big game.