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Found 1 result

  1. i am unicum! NO DOUBT! if you just statbasher or curious if i am legit unicum player...., i will give a proof that i am unicum. you see that? i got 2 WIN STREAK! this is biggest proof that i am unicum DD player! _______________ KRI Gadjah Mada Honestly, i like this pict so much LEL, its finally someone need to review this awesome DD, it wasnt some detailed review. I am just share some insight about this ship from another perspective. for them that interested in this ship and still grinding, KEEP GOING! its very nice and noob friendly! its super versatile againt all kind of ship and can do any task that other DD lack.... If you look objectively, Gadjah Mada is WELL BALANCED and not OP. Flamu say it was Gearing at T7 and everyone said its all around better than Blyskawica. in fact, it have serious fatal weakness. but i must agree Gadjah Mada will bring balance to premium meta, Sims and Blyskawica is simply a bit OP for premium DD. with the Gadjah Mada it can become another viable option for them who want another free choice because cannt afford it. but i am suggest you keep spend money to support WG LOL, everyone need money to feed their family..... Gadjah Mada is not Gun Boat...... Gadjah Mada is not Torpedo Boat...... ITS SMOKE BOAT!!!.................. .................................................... (+) The Main Gun this is the main reason why Gadjah Mada is called OP, there is 6 main gun, good traverse and firing arc, good range and arc, and it can hit any opponent easily. The most awesome thing is the fire chance plus 5 sec reload speed. this ship can operate like lolanta! the shell arc is low at less than 8km but the shell arc is become high againts opponent farther than that..... this making shoot DD at less than 8km very easy. the most funny is Gadjah Mada main gun is FARTHER than Lolanta. if Lolanta try to shoot from behind island, you can also hit lolanta that hide behind island. the another thing is, with smoke and high burn chance.... ONLY STUPID BB captain (Bismarck Excluded) dare to push againt Gadjah Mada! the shell is infused with RUSSIAN vodka! too bad there is no stalinium added here to cause EZ detonation. like khabarovsk, Gadjah Mada can easily deal fire! that is why, this ship gun is more close to khabarovsk than gearing! firing behind island when detected..... pop smoke (+) Concealment the concealment is almost higher than most of DD ship! i dont need to talk about this hehehehe..... the another feature of Gadjah Mada is unlimited smoke works.... you can almost smoked the entire match! (+) Gadjah Mada vs Radar Ship (Belfast Excluded) no doubt, Gadjah Mada can lelsheet on any ship with radar. with unlimited smoke works, lelwater torp and Lolanta main gun...... you need to activate spood beest >> leave smoke in the cap >> get away..... dont hide inside the smoke :V lure atlanta to use radar earlier..... after radar gone? SMOOOKE AGAINT! we got unlimited smoke works!!! waste of smoke? WE GOT MOAR SMOKE!!!! Atlanta radar is on cooldown lel...... unlimited KS works (0) Rudder fast rudder but shitty turning radius, make you wonder why dodging shell is harder againts any ship. dont expect to do any torpedo beat, event if you get rudder -20% upgrade. THE TURNING RADIUS OH MAI GAD!!! NEVER EVER GOT STUCK IN ISLAND! its hard to get out from there... (-) Snail yes.... its snail!!! 36knot speed?? you better use premium spood beest consummable on Gadjah Mada. combined with premium smoke too.... its cost a lot..... (-) Lelwater Torpedo the firing arc, the torpedo dispersion, speed and long reload is just crap! the good thing this torpedo almost deal flood whenever hit and harder to detect even by CV. you dont need to mount Juliet Whiskey flag, this torpedo deal flood easily! i dont mind about firing arc, but THE DISPERSION IS SO WIDE! againts full broadside BB, it can only hit 2 from 5..... againts WASD BB? only hit 1! it was true the torp is hard to detec.... but the dispersion is so wide! even if you see a video people torping is usually only 2/5 torp hit, because its so wide..... -_- ultimate anti BB weapon? what a joke! its hard to hit more than 2/5! and the reload is LOOOOOONG...... and the torpedo is also snail :V (-) IJN DD and KM DD will be your Nemesis IJN DD have torpedo that can oneshot you! KM DD got hydro. the Hydro is very effective againts Pan Asia DD, its duration is long and can detect you! anyway, its still not as annoying as Belfast.... the radar itself is not a big deal, but the high concealment and smoke plus hydro is the real deal! Conclusion : almost all aspect of this ship is good except the pesky LELWATER torpedo -_- the other drawback is, this SHIP NEED PREMIUM SMOKE AND SPEED BOOST! BURN YOUR CREDIT!