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Found 11 results

  1. Almost all the "festive" detailing on the Furutaka 2020 Xmas camo is not displaying, leaving just a dark blue hull. I love it!
  2. One of the many great things about WoWS is you are free to set your own goals. Fitting then that my sweetest "victory" of all was completing a task which was entirely of my own design: I wanted to claw back 14 losses accumulated in my Furutaka and a 42% WR to draw an even 50%. Make no mistake, that 42% was earned. No MM unfairness, I really was that bad. So this wasn't just about grinding out the wins, it was about getting good enough to win at all. And 14 losses is a lot to ground to make up. Consider if you play at a win rate of 52%, it would take 350 games to accumulate 14 net wins. I managed to do it in about 150 games (I was 42% after I had about 160 Furutaka games), and now sit on a clean 50%+ WR in all my IJN cruisers (see below). Consider also that Furutaka only has a 49% WR ship average. In celebration, indulge me while tell you how I did it and gush about why Furutaka C is my favorite ship in the game. ***** (Since the A and B hulls blow by in less than 20 games, I'll focus on the C hull exclusively. It's for all intents an purpose a different ship.) I struggled mightily with Furutaka for the longest time. The Eureka moment came 150 games in, when I replaced Main Battery Mod 2 with Aiming Systems Mod 1 and starting trying to hit citadels (or other specific parts of a ship) rather than just trying to hit the ship period. The next advance was understanding the guns(tm) and realizing how much more powerful they can be at 8 km compared to 12 km. The final pieces of the Furutaka "git gud" equation is learning to kite like a boss(tm), together with the sister skill, timing the turn(tm). Secondary but still important addons to the Furutaka captain portfolio include the ever popular shoot over islands(tm) and how to avoid knife fights(tm). Furutaka is a beautiful ship. Not pretty, but well-balanced and purposeful. A Furutaka is well-suited to perform just about any in-game support role you can name: destroyer hunter, cruiser killer, battleship harasser, guard, escort, and scout duties, even capping is possible in a pinch. She has powerful, long range torps, high caliber guns, good AP and HE shells, reasonable armor, good firing angles, decent speed, and reasonable maneuverability. The only real limitations that must be accepted and worked around is the mediocre AA, the slow turret traverse, and the long reload times on both guns and torps. It might be said that the 13.9 km gun range is a limitation, but I would disagree. Furutaka is not meant to hang back and snipe like Konigsberg. The engagement distance you should be looking at is 6-8 km for DD, 8-10 km for CA, and up around the detection circle (~12 km base) for BBs. Furutaka is one of the few T5 ships I can take out in T5-7 MM and not feel disadvantaged in. The trick is to work closely with friendly ships and always keep the exits open. ..... ps. screenshot is of my 322nd furutaka game, the one I crossed over to 50% with. Not my best, but definitely good enough to commemorate the occasion with.
  3. I My team is losing a lot in Random. My Furutaka WR is stuck at 48% since two months ago, even though my WTR has gone through the roof, at about 1100 recently. Shout out to our Kamakaze R who did a great job capping, and everyone on our side down to and including our Wyoming who did his best, all the top 7 played competently at least. Unfortunately our CVs were hopeless, made worse because we had so many potatoes on out side. This one hurts because we had all three caps mid game and looked certain to scrape the win. But seriously - matchmaking hey? With 2 ace Langleys and 2 terrible ones assigned randomly, the chances of getting two bad ones on your team is just 25%. ... so why is it always my team!?
  4. Since I had 20k XP left to get my Furutaka captain to 10 points, and since I also had was down about 20 games on my Furu's win/loss stats, I decided to go all-in on a little "experiment". I played 12 games straight in Furutaka with no premium consumables, no camo or flags, to see if Wargaming would start throwing me on potato teams to encourage me to spend more in-game assets. Instead, MM not only proved me wrong, but the opposite: As far as I can tell I was given more wins than I deserved. Out of 12 games, my team won 10, yet I was only in the top half the leaderboard on 7 of those 12 occasions. On average my team performed better than I did, which logically, if it's all random, there is no reason for the rest of my team to be better than my opponents. Weird huh? ***** notes: Battle 3: Fault Line, Domination, T5-7, I was stuck alone in the middle "guarding" B, everyone seemed to be at A and C so I got bored and tried capping B. Got air spotted, 3 ships took pot shots at me for a few minutes while I unsuccessfully tried to cap. I gave up and retreated, badly damaged, as the cavalry came up from A. Enemy Fiji decided he /really/ wanted me dead so I had to hide behind an island for the rest of the game while he pounded shells into the rocks. I like to think I played an important role as a decoy/distraction. Battle 7: I played well, but just too many potatoes. Archipalego, Domination. We'd capped B and C, looked really solid, when 2 BB and 2 CA went off and chased a lone enemy BB back to the 9 line while the enemy team all swept up from A to demolish me and the rest of the team. Despite me asking them not to run off. Sometimes it's just hopeless. Battle 11: 4 CV battle, our team's CVs got completely outplayed so we were 100% spotted in our spawn, with zero spotting on our side. It was a turkey shoot. I think we've all been there: the entire remaining team balled up in the spawn around the CVs, zero caps. Pathetic. General comment: I hate Clevelands. I hate Atlantas. But most of all I hate Clevelands.
  5. I'm taking a break from the German BB & RN CA lines and I recently started the IJN CA lines. So anyway I'm now at the Furutaka and it's simply outstanding! I know it's early days (18 games in) but this beast seems to be able to handle tier 7's just as well as any other ship she may face. With the current meta I simply can't think of a better tier 5 ship, she's fairly agile, has hard hitting AP & HE shells, awesome torpedoes and looks outstanding. Is there a better tier 5 ship? Who knows maybe my playing the RN line actually improved my normal CA play, lol...
  6. pro_tanker400


    Ok. As I am aware, many people hate the Furutaka, tier V Japanese "heavy cruiser". I am aware how bad this ship is, my first game and I already know the grind will be like the M3 Lee in WoT. The turrets have a very slow turn rate (BB turn rates, as I am aware, with the expert gunner skill). and the guns have a slow reload, and TERRIBLE TERRIBLE range. My Kuma, that fired more than twice as fast, turned twice as fast, and had the SAME range, if not even better. Developers, please consider adding a final upgrade for the Furutaka with twin turrets. And maybe find a way to balance it out with the US cruisers, because as far as I am concerned, the Furutaka is a punching bag for the Omaha, even the Phoenix. the guns are bad, it turns like a battleship, armed like a destroyer (minus the torpedoes), armoured like a carrier. Please, fix!
  7. Retia

    Surrender? Fools!

    We all know that sometimes you lose and sometimes the others win. However every now and then when I fail to provide the appropriate support to my team and watch it crumble a wave of subborness overcomes me and I'll hold on to life for as long as I can. Sort of a "They'll pay for every meter in blood" attitude. Personally, I like these kinds of losses the most. (If there is such a thing as liking to lose.) They get the blood boiling and leave me statisfied despite the inevitable results. And the little bit of credits such losses provide is also quite nice... Anyway, enjoy my first WoWS video, no commentary for this one, just the sea, ships, and explosions. (Also some minor stutters because Fraps is a cake to Retias)
  8. I just noticed it in the game's image Furutaka has Twin Cannons And..... i researched the © Hull and ITS STILL THE SAME AS THE 1930 Hull! Any of you guys noticed it? (Insert Image of Furutaka 1940 Design, since i can't put the Image >_>)
  9. Lets create the ultimate fail ship! I have some ideas. First of all it shoud be japanese, they lost the war, right? It'd be a "heavy cruiser", in name only because we'd give it no armour whatsoever but giant citadels that you can't possibly miss. I'd give it big guns which only do a bit more damage that the 150mm but at least double their reload! To further anny people, we'd give it a ridiculous gun arrangement so that in order to fire an entire salvo, you have to present your broadside to the enemy. Oh, and of course the turrets would rotate really slow to maximize the time that broadside is open to the enemy. Another great idea would be to give it a huge citadel that you cannot possibly miss (or did I mention that already?) and that anything but a destroyer can penetrate reliably. Obviously you wouldn't want to come closer than neccessary to the enemy, so we'd give it mediocre range so as to give anyone the opportunity to hit your juicy citadels and of course make the ship pretty long to improve the chance of it eating torpedo's while not improvinng maneuverability. To make it "balanced" (but really to add insult to injury) give it some torps, which is a great idea for a ship that desperately wants to stay at maximum gun range all the time! And maybe average speed so you'll never get out of range of any other ship thaat's in gun range already so you can run away for ages while screaming like a girl and not quite getting out of range while only being able to train 2 barrels at any pursuer. Oh, and lastly, I'd give it giant citadels! What do you guys think? Any more suggestions maybe?
  10. As you can see, I scored a terrific 33467 with a 3-torpedo salvo whose maximum damage is listed as 14600, yet the game only registered one hit. From screenshot 1, you can see that at the moment the number popped up, the third torpedo hasn't hit yet the ship is already sunk, and 14600*2=29200<33467, still more than the advertised number. What may be the reason behind this?
  11. HeavyResistance

    Furutaka x Omaha

    If you came here for lewd stuff, I'm sad to say this isn't one of those posts *topkek* This is basically a basic comparison of basics between the basics, the Furutaka (a Tier V IJN Heavy Cruiser), and the Omaha (a Tier V USN Scout Cruiser). Take note that we assume that the players are of equal skill. So, we first read their stats on paper. In my pastime, I usually fondle with stats and numbers. I will use top configs. According to the stats, Furutaka is better than Omaha. Why is that? Furutaka has better artillery (57>39), better aircraft (2>1), better torpedoes (19>14), and better survivability (39>34). The Omaha only has an edge over its IJN counterpart in terms of AA (24>13), and maneuverability (75>73), albeit there's only little difference. According to these stats, the Furutaka actually dominates the Omaha in terms of Combat Capability. But, where is Concealment? I didn't put in the Concealment stats. Why? Because, it doesn't matter. Well, Pre-nerf Ninjakaze exploited that, but if I remember well, Syanda said that concealment doesn't matter because when you're seen, it boils down to how tough and girly (since ships are girls) your ships are. As I said, this is just a basic comparison. The Omaha can out maneuver the Furutaka and provide more air cover, but the Furutaka, when loaded with AP and fired straight at Omaha's citadel, will cause painful damage. Whereas the Omaha, with her low alpha citadel damage on AP, will mostly do its job, albeit not as good as the Furutaka. However, Omaha shines with her Rate of Fire. Quick firing guns tend to spread fire all over your juicy superstructure. But then, if you get hit in the citadel by a Furutaka, well, she got the upper hand. So, what did we learn? Nothing! Nah, we actually learned that Furutaka is much combat-oriented than the Omaha, and that the Omaha relies on adrenaline rushes. Furutaka is good when used well. On the other hand, Omaha can also turn the tide of battle when used well. The ships have their own personalities. One is slightly more armored and hard-hitting albeit slow, one is fast-hitting but slightly fragile. With that said, always take note, that it is the player that controls the ship, and as forumers said, it really boils down to whoever's driving the ship behind the monitor. One may not see the beauty of Omaha, and one might not see the beauty of Furutaka. But always remember this, that if you really want to get to know your ship, you'll try to make her strengths shine to the fullest, and her weaknesses gone. Even if her beauty is not yet there as you play her as stock, get to know your ship. Battle with her. Have patience and time and understanding. From there, improve, and improve, until you don't see her weaknesses anymore. Now, that is love.