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Found 1 result

  1. Rina_Pon

    I have a question ...

    What is the point of being good at a game if being good at the game does not help your team win? 'Cause that's where I am with this now. Playing WoWS just feels pointless, like I'm just there to shoot at stuff and be shot at for 15-20 minutes while someone else rolls a dice to see who wins. I have a list of grievances. Here we go: 1. There is no WASD counter to air attacks. You can't really dodge torpedo bombers or any other airborne attack anymore, especially not in a battleship. Unless the enemy CV is a noob, they can hit you whenever they want, it's just how many planes they will lose. This is a very static mechanic. No skill is involved on the ship side, just consumables management. 2. Playing any ship with sub-average AA is pointless. In principle AA ships should provide cover for weaker ships, but in practice no one is going to go out in a random battle trusting that to happen when you can choose to sail a ship with good AA instead. Most of my favorite ships are disadvantaged and unused. 3. Similar to the above. Radar is almost useless, torpedoes on cruisers are almost useless, concealment is almost useless. So few ships are viable now. 4. The highest kills I've got recently in randoms is 4, and that was a killsteal fiesta in Colorado, picking off stragglers since I couldn't get to the front fast enough to have more impact. There is no reward for playing well anymore. Sitting back and shooting at things will work just as well if not better. 5. I've been grinding Bismark. A brawling T8 BB with no deck armor, in predominently T10 MM with 2 enemy CVs. Talk about bashing your head against a brick wall... I all could think of while playing is "why am I even trying to do this?" Ugh. I think I'm gonna take a break for a while. Maybe a long while.