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  1. Hi All! Currently I think the Carrier Class is overpowered. I haven't played it too much so am not sure of its downfalls but I'll outline why I think it needs to be reworked below. I also think AA needs to be changed up a bit, a bit of manual input to make it more accurate would be nice, rather than press 'p' if required, target the squadron you want dead and then wait. To me, carriers are super OP destroyers, their bombers have the power to sink ships, they can scout over and around cover, their planes move incredibly fast (ducking in and out of AA quickly), and they can constantly change drop angles and re-adjust their bombs until ready, all the while leaving themselves fully protected from their target (usually). Rock, Paper, Scissors - This is the tone the game takes without the carriers, each ship counters one another, however there isn't a counter for a carrier. Carriers are the apex predator of this game, and in real life. Playing the other classes it makes sense to work together, however a carrier doesn't need anyone, especially early game. With every other class, each engagement puts you at risk of sinking (with the exception of stealth torps, which requires great prediction skills), carriers attack without consequence (a few planes here and there). I'm not sure what needs to be changed on carriers or to what degree but somethings that I would consider changing are below with greater reasoning further below, with the main emphasis around making them more vulnerable. -More detectable (think BB range as they are the same size) -Lower ship topspeed (planes do most the leg work make running not possible) -Less 'airtime' (make players want to get closer to the fight and make purposeful movements and make running to a corner more of a penalty) - Make torps invisible for fighter and bomber planes - Reword DD spotting (infrequent position or required them to be incredibly close [with AA off]) - "relay delay" (make them commit to a bomb run further out and make planes respond to orders slower) DD vs CV As a DD your power is your stealth and torpedos, when targeting a carrier you first need to break though the rest of the enemies fleet, find the carrier and then chase it down, predict its path and then torp/gun it down. This rarely happens. From the 20 min mark before you even get close to an enemy ship a carrier can have a fighter squadron above you. DD AA is nothing and if the carrier wants to it can end you with torps, mag you with dive bombers, spot you for the rest of his team and alert teammates of incoming torps. Now lets argue that for once your carrier preoccupied the CV and you've managed to kill a DD or two and break through. 1st, you have to spot the CV, which is done by tracking planes, So you follow them towards the CV, More likely than not the CV is in a corner, or behind and Island and will usually spot you coming, raising everything it has to kill you whilst turning and running from you, giving it minutes more time to counter your push. The only counter you have is your maneuverability, couple the CV's bombs/torps with some stray BB/CA fire and you're probably not going to succeed, as you hopelessly try to burn the ship to a ground and place some torps so well that knowing their path from launch the CV cannot avoid them. Oh and if you happen to be up against 2 CV's forget it. Especially when your smoke practically useless CA vs CV If you manage to get a CV on its own as a CA it either means the CV isn't paying attention to what its doing or the rest of it's team is dead. Once again though, you need to determine where the carrier is, then chase it down and gun it to death. Something that is made easier by your AA and high fire ratio, however 2-3 torps and you're dead. Playing cruisers in the early game isn't really hindered by CV, however as you're the 'counter' to CV you're expected to protect your teammates and shoot down enemy planes that are stupid enough to come close to you for some measly experience. If you don't support your team, the CV will kill your team, and then you. Maybe you first if you're closest. Oh and if you find yourself with no support against 2 torp squadrons, say goodbye. BB vs CV You will lose 9/10 times and you will only ever come up against an opportunity to kill a CV 1/100 games. BB's are the CV's easiest prey, if you manage to be the BB with the least AA support, kiss your ass goodbye, whilst you can eat a lot of damage you will have to limp the rest of the game, sure to lose any BB encounter. CV vs CV This can go 3 ways 1 - You each throw all your planes at one another from the start of the match, 1 CV sinks 2 - One of you has superior fighters and spends the game tearing down squadrons and keeping every DD lit up until they sink 3 - You ignore one another and leave your teammates to fend for themselves while preying on what ever kill is easiest. In essence killing a CV boils down to decimating the enemy team. You will always find CV's behind the rest of the team, whilst they launch the most offensive assaults. CV's have the pros of all the other ships (power, AA, maneuverability, low detection) with none of the disadvantages. The only 1 I can see is that you can't cap points (sanely). -landing hits from a CV required the least amount of patience and skill adjusting all the way until drop circle (unlike long range shells) -CV's always get a broadside, positioning your ship will do nothing but help a CV, hiding against an island? only 1 way to turn now. Turning into/away from bombers? You're rudder is now set, readjust bombers line and drop. - And CV's never put their ship at risk. I just feel that the outcome of each game is influenced too much by 1-2 players. oh and CV players, I'd be interested to know your thoughts especially the con's and how to take you down ;) Pseudo