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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I am fairly new to the game a level 5 with a tier 3 st.louis Cruiser. I have been watching a lot of WOW videos on youtube, reading guides and battling a lot to learn faster. Now i am looking to make friends with people, talk with them about the game, ships, offtopic etc and play together to have more fun and learn more in a corporate team. I am From Australia,Sydney and my Game Username is MedoRashed. Hope some one or group replies and can't wait ^_^
  2. Hi Is there going to be a reward system similar to wot for inviting friends in to wows?? Kristoff

    Friend Beta Codes

    I suggest that people in the closed beta receive a beta code to give to a friend and they can receive another if the friend they gave the code to plays until tier 4. (4 seems fair, enough to show that they have played a fair amount of the game but not requiring too much gameplay.) I'm suggesting this because if the developers are looking for feedback about the game, not only can having friends that play the game increase the play time exponentially but it also gives the tester a person whom they know to discuss things, come up with ideas that may improve the game or may be negatively impacting the game, and people with friends tend to become quite imaginative because they have more players and can try more playstyles and strategies. Well to be honest i can see a few downsides to this as well. I have concluded that world of warships may be running out of server slots for more testers and is not able to accept more players. Also this may lead to people creating "more" "smurf" accounts which is not particularly negative but it does take up codes and server slots that could have been given to other people can benefit the development of the game. Just a small tangent~ I really want to play world of warships ASAP. My friend plays and we want to play together. When you said that you had the information disclosure because you did not want people to prematurely judge the game or let people down I laughed a little because I believe people who would rate a game poorly during beta then preach their opinion, have no understanding that a game in beta is a game in development. They obviously have not considered that maybe their opinion is one of many and is not absolute. People like that end up on my ignore list in WoT, I personally would ask you to let them hate and leave them be so they do not become the players on my WoWS ignore list. Also they seem to not understand the flexibility of games which can be updated and patched regularly One last thing (I promise it's the last thing) Ever since i started playing World of Tanks I have been impressed by Wargaming, I have desired to work at Wargaming and express my love for games, war and war gaming. I do realize that the closest Wargaming studio is on the other side of Australia but I will happily support you guys over these forums.