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Found 5 results

  1. So I have gone over many ships to re-do commander skills and Smolensk (BOO HISS ) was the first. Trying the new build with no IFHE in coop and it is pretty good. At the end of the battle I noticed I got an unsporting conduct warning. Ok, but How? To my amusement it says I shot down an allied aircraft. So do I need to go to the gulag until RTS CVs return to repent for my dishonour shown towards friendly planes? Secondaries were changed to not deal team damage due to them being AI controlled. Why is AA not the same? Anyway ever seen this before?
  2. Aniket_Sengupta

    Can anyone explain this to me?

    How is my good old GK destroying allied aircraft? I thought friendly fire from secondaries and AA were disabled?
  3. For sometimes ago, WG has implemented the indicator that warns you when the shell would likely be clipping the islands instead of the target. This feature is useful to some extent (except sometimes that the indicator would pop up even when all the shell would get through just fine) it helps prevent you wasting shots. Now, the issue is that, it does not warn the players of the shell going to clip the friendly's superstructure. In this case, you are not only wasting shots, but also penalized for friendly fires and be put at risk of turning pink (the clipped HE shell can cause fires on friendlies too). We would be looking at less "accidental" TK'ing from guns. Your thought?
  4. Rocdocta

    Torpedo fragging

    In a few games at the very start i find my ship being targeted by my own teams torpedoes. There are no enemy in sight as its the very start of the game. What the hell is going on with this stupidity? Anyone else finding this?