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Found 3 results

  1. Brunswickz

    About me, and French BB

    1. Who am i ? I used to post using Zwelivelle before. This account originally is my friend's, so i didn't used this until recently. It was like 2 years waiting and he showed no interest to use the account to post in the forum or something. Zwelivelle only had 10 battle record as minimum battle required to post something here, i've done that with 0 lose. At one game it was 6 vs 6, i killed 6. Sorry, im professional seal clubber. 2. French BB I browsed about 2 pages at this General discussion and also about a page of Bug thread. I think no one complained about French BB AP peculiarity. I won Bretagne, tier V from crate before and i used her several times until 0.7.2 patch arrived. I feel the AP is wonky than before ? (I still using 340mm, Bretagne and Normandie) It overpens a lot, it shatters a lot, and sometimes do no damage. Shot at DD overpen 950 dmg Omaha, overpen 950 damage North Carolina 15km, aimed at super structure, overpen 950 damage North Carolina 0.2km (It was an attempt to ram), overpen 950 damage North Carolina's aft lower section, shatters, deflects, 0.5km, well it is normal but i was want to make sure if there is some kind of anomaly. North Carolina's belt upper section, shatters, deflects, 0.5km, normal ? Well angle was bad tho. Fuso, 12km, perfect broadside, 1 pen 4 deflects, 4 shatters, 0 damage.... Some crusiers, 1 pen, 9 miss, 0 damage ???? New Mexico, aiming at superstructure, 14km, 1900 damage, 2 overpens, ??????? No plunging fire ? Not always like this, sometimes it works just as expected but it sometimes trolling. Did i shoot using Baguette ? Honestly HE isn't appealing as well, damage output is horribad. Im pretty sure Furutaka or any random cruiser has 3 times better HE output than these using HE. In fact i was downed 1 vs 1 by Yorck trying to duel only using HE as HP also probably the least at the class, rivaling RN BB. 41K HP at Bretagne. I even wondering if i used the B hull, and i did.
  2. Brunswickz

    Bugs ?

    There are several maybe bugs, 1.French AP shell (observed with Tier V and VI) Idk if this intended correctly or not. I shot at BB superstructure, .... overpen 950 damage. At any range. From 0.2km to 17km. As if the fuse isn't working properly. And the shell shattered too much. Making it is more than bad gambling when used against BB. Pen 1 Overpen 2 deflected 4 shattered 4 And the pen also sometimes didn't do any damage. 2.Game Launcher (standard) failed to pass update check when i switched off my DNScrypt As if i don't have internet connection, strangely it is fine to open any website when i'm doing so. 3.After loading, the game went to windowed mode. Then at the login screen it will give me error message "WoWs has already running at background" when i pressed enter. So i must close the error message and clicked the play button with mouse. 4.Stuttering Im well aware if you're on going to this but i want to add up, the game runs a bit less stutter when i used High sound setting instead of Ultra. Still stutters at long run, but it helped a lot.
  3. i actually fine with 2x4 gun and some weird gimmick about it..... but there is really a thing that bother me the most..... T10 French BB : "France"! why "France"? isnt there is another name that fit perfectly into T10 BB? i even think Baguetta or Escargot is better name. Charlemagne, Paris, or Joan the Arc or something else name please..... i did see France have 8km base secondary, but later IT CHANGE into 7km! ouggh.... they must decide to change it? today my secondary Bismarck cannt killl Pensacola from 8km with only 1K HP. if i hit with main gun it will sunk AND NO CQC medal.... sadly until 1 min chase NO HIT at all! its almost run so i kill it with maingun.... no CQC medal!!! hueeeee the another sheety secondary is a unintended stupid burn.... i am just let the secondary phew-phew the 1/4HP Amagi, shooting the other ship..... WTF burn KILLED IT INSTEAD OF SECONDARY! OAH MAI GAAD no CQC medal tooo -_- imagine if T10 Escargot got 8km base secondary, with spood beest on..... its going to be awesome hybrid sheep! as compensation, its AP only with buffed pen rate. and its base speed should be 33 knot as fast as Iowa. the Escargot only have 2 turret, it mean the ship should be lighter than any other T10 BB right? its so weak compared to other T10BB.... other ship have 12 big gun, Montana, GroBer Kurfurst, Conqueror... and Yamato with biggest accurate gun at least have 9 gun! 8 gun? and its AX configuration -_- its speed is also snail 30 knot? is that sheep Escargot??? even Gascogne have 32 knot speed with ridiculous rudder shift! Conclusion : 1. France name should be change into something else 2. return its base secondary range into 8km 3. 32~33 knot speed for maximum ocean drift 4. add turtleback armor or lower citadel so it can be full broadside without citadel worry (optional) 5. access to rudder shift modification 2.... so its rudder can decreased by another -40% (optional) concealment upgrade is too boring.... who take acquisition upgrade this day?