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Found 1 result

  1. 1. Description After MM found a game and puts you into the loading screen, the countdown timer will freeze at a certain number, but the game is still responding to user input. But once you entered the match, the game will lock your camera position to the default starting one and the camera will not respond to your mouse input, you can't aim your guns nor use the binoculars. There is literally no way to control your ship like that, let alone trying to fight in the match. Not only that, but when you do try to go back to port, the game freezes. 2. Reproduction steps Currently no way to determine the reproduction steps, as it happens randomly. But the bug seems to happen a bit more frequently on maps like Land of Fire and North. 3. Result I think it is best to show video examples for this. 4. Expected Results The game should play normally. 5. Technical details 20181201_111607_PJSC008-Myoko-1945_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay The bug happens right after I enter the match, as you can see at the beginning of the replay. Python log : python.log Extra : I have been pink-named twice and also now I got temp-banned from entering Random Battles because of something I can't control.