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Found 12 results

  1. CaptainPP

    Game Freezing

    I am finding the game is freezing and I have to restart the game to recover recently. It is happening the end of the battles where the statistics are being generated. Thanks Paul
  2. GreenCatcher

    Stuck at the Battle Loading Screen

    [BAD-ENGLISH] While i was playing WoW ASIA, I was trying to join a Random Battle Matchmaking... I got a lil' bit annoyed because of the Loading got stuck. I can even see the "Real-time" statistic (How many enemy/ally ships got sunked) in the Loading screen. I have waited for over 3+ Minutes but yet it haven't finished loading. After waiting about 4 minutes the game suddenly freezed. When i try to click (on something), The screen suddenly becomes "Unresponsive/white". It already happened twice today, I (My Ship) have lost several Signals and Upgrades. And, I have never ever experienced this issue before. Also, I did not installs any mods in the game... Do you mates have any idea how do i fix this issue?
  3. This error only occurs after I update my game client to 0.7.9. Basically the game freeze when the timer counts down to start the game. There is no crash message or anything, the game just freeze until I have to shut down the process myself. And it happens only on the first game when you start the client, after shutting it down I can reconnect to the game and plays normally, but it is really annoying. There is this crash report I've found in "crash" folder. I'm running vanilla game, not running any mods or anything else. Tried to reinstall gameclient once, still freezing. Can anyone help me with this ? WorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_18-54-55.txt
  4. i don't know if it's only me that got this bug, got it three times by now. i don't have replay on unfortunately Description: WOWS randomly freezes, can only move cursor and use GUI Reproduction Steps: Randomly happens when i play WOWS Triggered in battle and stayed that way even in port Results: Gamebreaking freeze In battle the game freezes, but the client is still responding If in port, ship freezes and stayed that way after switching displayed port/ship Game still record the battle progress in game if screen freezes Can still hear sounds if in battle or in port Apparently the game still progress and responds to commands (ie:firing, WASD, etc) Expected results: WOWS ship display working as usual Can move GUI Technical Details: Time of last occurrence: 6:30 am UTC+08:00 Python.log and DxDiag report attached python.log DxDiag.txt
  5. Hello all, I've been trying to get my WoWS to update to 0.6.5, but it gets stuck on the retrieval of the update itself. As time goes by the timer will tick up, starting from one second and occasionally getting over 900 seconds, after which time it will freeze and not respond. Is this an issue other people are having, or have had (I've noticed people are on the server)? Is the solution the simple, but time consuming reinstall? Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Silvren
  6. LordTyphoon

    Instability of game client

    Hi All, Has anyone been experiencing lots of issues with the game client since the update? (more than usual) I've been having lag strikes, freezing of the game, unexplained episodes of very high ping and need control+alt+delete+ to close down the app after the game refuses to go back to port after a battle. There's been one incident where I was kicked from the game AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME as a clanmate who was playing IN A DIFFERENT RANDOM BATTLE - but we were in different parts of Australia, and other clan mates who are based out of same cities as us who were also playing at the time DIDN'T get kicked out of the game, so I'm not sure what caused it. Starting to suspect is the game client. Also had one incident where I was kicked from the game, but I couldn't log back in because the game client 'could not connect to the server'. Anyone know anything about this? I don't enjoy turning out in my cruiser showing broadside against battleship only for the game to freeze up halfway through the rudder shift. Why bother logging back in again?
  7. Rocdocta

    Ship detached from camera...

    This has happened alot in this latest patch. The game loads. i can steer and shoot etc. But the camera remains where i started and the ship moves away normally. This mainly happens with the Schohrs, Also i have been stuck at the new game loading screen till i quit WOWs.
  8. LightDarkMaster

    game freezes with black screen

    At the begining of the Random Battle, the games freezes itself without reason. I tried to refresh my computer by minimize the game and refresh the whole desktop by right click and refresh. It did not work and the screen turn black and still freezes.
  9. Tomahawk012

    Game Launching crash/freeze

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the forums so please don't get mad. I am having a problem when I launch the game and it comes up with the game loading screen i get the windows 10 error sound. i am unable to alt+tab or alt+f4. when i try to bring task manager up i get a black screen. i was able to navigate to task manager using the arrow keys but i still had a black screen. I press turn my pc off and then it comes up with my desktop for a second and then it starts shutting down and i am unable to stop it. any help would be appreciated thanks
  10. I have this screen freeze issue after I recently installed WoW after few minutes prior to executing the game, the screen just froze like that at the dock, while the background dock music is still playing. The screen just stay frozen until I had to manually end it using Task Manager (the game isn't stated as "not responding" in the task manager FYI). I tried to jump in straight into the battle (intro battle) and the screen stuck at the battle loading page, but I can hear the sound of the ships firing guns n explosions soon afterwards. here's my laptop's specs btw OS: Win 10 Pro 64 bit CPU: Intel Core i7-4500U @ 1.8GHz (~2.4GHz) GPU: NVidia GeForce GT 720M Memory: 8GB RAM any tips/guidance/help/troubleshooting would be very helpful... thanks! p.s : I've played the Closed Beta before and the game runs smoothly without any issue like this using the same laptop.
  11. AdmiralAckbar13

    World of Lagships

    Are Wargaming ever going to fix their servers? I am sick of massive lag spikes, freezing and getting dropped from games at random. I never get such poor performance in any other online game that I play, so why is this one so frustrating that I often end up throwing my wireless mouse across the room? Get your shit together Wargaming, or people will get sick of this game very rapidly.
  12. anonym_E7LiqzUBWa53

    Keeps Freezing

    When I'm in a match, my match keeps freezing when we spot an enemy, or there is gunfire. It kind of does it frame by frame, of three or four, every 30 - 60 seconds. I can still shoot, and everything else, but it just keeps freezing. idk y. PLZ TELL ME Y!!!! I put it on the lowest graphics settings and stuff, but it still happens! Sincerely, FF174