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Found 6 results

  1. Posting here just for fun, i know you guys are more well informed. link: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/story-of-fps-fix/ Claim it in the link within the webpage. (or https://worldofwarships.asia/en/userbonus/) Reason: compensation for fps drop by WG
  2. DutchDelightsNL


    FREE FREE CAMMO AND FLAGGS (original from REDDIT Magnus_Lux Submarine Captain for credits) http://bit.ly/2Flaggs (maybe thank you?) Hey guys,Since I know how much you all love free stuff, here are some bonus codes I found while stumbling through the Twitter-verse. PT060CAMMO6 - 10x Type 6 camo PT060FLAGS3 - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) PT0606CAMMO - 10x Type 6 camo PT0603FLAGS - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) As far as I can tell they should work on all servers (have tested both ASIA & NA and the code came from EU) Enjoy! Confirmed EU,NA,RU&SAE
  3. Storm_Raiser

    Free port slot

    I just finished the latest ARP mission and I already had the ship and it gave me a free port slot along with the 1.7m
  4. Smolensk_Museum01

    PSA for those who haven't played WoT

    Check your email, if you're lucky there's an offer from WG to drive a T6 Premium tank (A Japanese Tiger) free for 30 days (check your spam folder aswell) Just redeem the bonus code to get the tank and log into the game, you can keep the tank permanently by completing its missions.. Though i am after the free premium account it you can get (7 days prem just from redeeming the code) and if you complete the in game beginner missions you can extend the premium duration further.. I got 2 weeks of free premium account combined..
  5. Umidoori


    Free Albany. Just type ALBANY in the redeem function. My friend gave me the code and it worked.
  6. Zamuchryshkin_Asia

    "Navygaming", naval history free-to-read magazine

    Sailors and Captains! We are very glad to present you a naval history magazine "Navygaming"! The magazine is absolutely free to read and contatins a lot of interesting information on a currect warship together with articles written by WoWS developers... At the moment just two issues are published. Their topics are the battleship USS North Carolina and aircraft carrier Zuikaku. Just click on the cover, and the magazine chosen will be opened in a new tab. You can both read mags online and download them (click on the links below covers). Downloading Link 1 Downloading Link 2 Well, I hope you'll enjoy reading our magazine. If so, please write your opinion right in this topic. You may also be interested in: Navygaming: General Discussion with FAQ for readers Navygaming Recruitment of Japanese Volunteers (in Japanese) We are also interesting in Chinese Community. If you're interested in volunteering for Navygaming and developing WoWS Community, just contact me.