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Found 4 results

  1. It is still worth going into the Dockyard and activating any of the free boosters you can get anyway. Because you will still get interim rewards even if you don't actually finish the building the Puerto Rico, such as Free XP and Coal. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/dockyard/ So just use any of the shipbuilding tokens you get from your dailies and completed directives. Now I know most of you don't want anything to do with the Dockyard or Puerto Rico, but hey free stuff is free stuff. And no, unlike Puerto Rico, it is really free.
  2. The Santa Claus Legion ends shortly. In my random act of kindness to offset my upcoming year of forum trolling and general game shittery I will give 5 big Santa Boxes to 5 random people. Rules: Your post must contain your IGN and "gib santa box plox" Its currently 9.00am here in Sydney. This will only be available until 9.00pm Sydney time. All people who have posted correctly in that period of time will be entered into a random number generator which will chose the winners. I will advise the winners shortly after and all participants will get an upboat for their effort. Good luck
  3. Smolensk_Museum01

    Euro's X-Mas Giveaway

    Hello forum dwellers, The contributors are here to present an end of the year giveaway event with doubloons/flags or even a standalone premium boat as reward! All you have to do is to post your best wishes for Christmas down on my video comment section linked above, and I will personally choose the winner after the event ends. 50 winners will get 300 doubloons & 10 of the following flags: Dragon Flag Equal Speed Charlie London Hotel Yankee India Bravo Terrathree India Delta India X-Ray India Yankee Juliet Charlie Juliet Whiskey Unaone Juliet Yankee Bissotwo Mike Yankee Soxisix November Echo Setteseven November Foxtrot Papa Papa Sierra Mike Victor Lima Zulu Zulu Hotel And finally 3 of the best comment/wishes will earn the HMAS Perth Tier VI Premium Commonwealth cruiser + Slot Event start: 23 December 2016 at 19:00 (UTC+8) Event end: 31 December 2016 at 23:59 (UTC+8) Other bros that runs the same giveaways Lengxv6 MajorRage ===== Also, along with the video, I publicly announce that I'll change my current identity (atsf on YT & Eurobeat in game) to simply Yuro on both for the purpose of unifying my identity and making things easier for the future The identity change should be done next week. Merry X-Mas and New Year o7
  4. DaydreamWarrior

    [Expired] Bonus code - 7 days premium

    Since I'm in a good mood and everyone seems kinda bummed out about the launch celebrations (or lack there of) I thought I'd share this bonus code from TGS with the forum! UH5YNDKM43EW 7 Days Premium time UPDATE: Code expired to redeem it, go to this page and type the code in. The Premium time should appear in your account within 5-10 mins If you use the code, make sure you post Hail Vadim! Topic title changed and thread closed on OP's request. ~amade