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Found 2 results

  1. OK so where do I start with this.. Free experience in the game right now is stupid and is in the name "Free Exp" should mean it is free, well you would think that right? I know, I know the game is F2P and they have to make money somehow and by charging people with doubloons to convert this so called, and I quote "Free Exp" is horrendous. Ok so please hear me out... You have a ship for example a T10 Montana, you play, and play, and play you earned over 500k exp on your Montana in say a month, this is not accurate I know, but just an example. So you have 500k and want to spend in I don't know maybe another ship line like Japanese Destroyers, Ok so how much would it cost to convert all that 500k ship exp to free exp?? Ok so it would cost 20000 doubloons to convert 500k ship experience to "Free Exp" and for me in New Zealand that is $109.90 LIKE WHAT!!! I earned all that ship experience with my blood, metal and tears for a month. and it means nothing unless I have $109.90 to convert it??? Like what?? Some solutions, Maybe make the conversion rate 35 or 40 exp per doubloon. Have a daily allowance to convert Free Exp like 5k a day for Free which I feel it should be. Make all T10 ships earn Free exp only! no ship exp otherwise you end up like me with over 1.2 million exp on the Montana which i can't convert unless I spend lots of money. Those are some examples that I can think of, I would love to hear feedback on what you guys think of all this. Should we keep spending lots of money for exp we already have? Or have something to help us, could be one of my example of many other possibilities.
  2. As per title, just my thoughts, constructive critic is welcomed. I wanted to write this post because in the recent WoWS 2nd Year Anniversary, there is 200% on first victory and premium. Spamming my signals allows me to gain 100K of free EXP in 3 days. What happens when you spams: NOTE: It will be a slow grind, use doubloons is the fastest way. This is just a casual gaming guide for poor users. For those who is lazy to read, Simplified Conclusion: Main Text: I usually do is to use the signals and camo when there is premium time. Example: with 50% Equal Speed Charlie London. Normal: Effective multiplier = 1.0 (normal) x 1.5 = 1.5 Premium: Effective multiplier = 1.5 (premium) x 1.5 = 2.25 From the example, you are getting more from the signals when you use them during premium times. Effects on signals and camo are added together, and multiple in the EXP equation. Premium time is a direct multiplier in the equation, which means you are getting 50% more from whatever you used. It is not hard to see when WARGAMING keep showing you the result screen with premium effects. Free EXP signals are usually in the hundreds. For example Papa Papa, +300%, your Free EXP will increase from 5% to 15% (see below for the formula). Stating the obvious, to increase your free EXP, put more signals for both base and free EXP, not forgetting the camo also. When should I use my signals/camo? Condition 1-> Researching the ship/modules Normal days: Save up unless you have a lot of them. Premium: SPAM ALL signals and camo, on first Victory ships. If you lose, just take it as EXP earning. Special signals can spam lesser, since they are rarer. Premium + special bonus (like 200% first victory): SPAM ALL!!! Condition 2-> Not researching anything, training commander and earning credits. Normal days: Save up unless you have a lot of signals/doubloon camo. Credit camo should still be used on ships like DD. Premium: Use those you need, like Zulu (+20% credit) and Zulu Hotel (+50% commander EXP) Premium + special bonus (like 200% first victory): SPAM those you need, especially on first victories. NOTE2: Spam at ships that you are researching and/or higher tier. Reason: 1) so you will minimise wasting those ship EXP that are useless without Doubloons. 2) Higher tier (like 8+) usually earn more base EXP, unless you seal club at tier 5-7 (i.e. don’t waste on lower tier ships). NOTE3: EXP gained from Base EXP Modifiers are added to the Commander EXP, under “Ship’s bonuses”, so you are also training your Commander. NOTE7: Where can I get more camo/signals/premium time? 1) Public test: usually play 1 battle and earn 3 signals from all type expect special signals. There are also camo and premium time, but you have to spend more time on it. 2) Campaigns and Missions: camo, signals, premium are the rewards in some 3) Supply Crate: 2000exp is easiest to get. 4) World of Tanks: Yes, for those play WoT, they do have premium in some of their missions. Premiums are shared across account. Appendix: