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Found 11 results

  1. Hey all, just wondering is there any possible way to uncap the in-game 75fps limit? I used to be able to do it with Aslain's in the past but that seems like not an option anymore.
  2. Eason1134HK


    說起來十分神奇這遊戲在我的垃圾筆記本上(ThinkPad E540)運行和在我的 PC 上運行竟然是一樣的幀數 75 FPS上下 有沒有什麼提升FPS的方法
  3. DeltaMikeBravo

    Comments & Complaints! Nov 2018

    I've been playing WOWS since February this year and have over 3,000 Random and 1,500 Co-Op games; over the last nine months, there have been many changes to the game, most of them successful and kudos to Wargaming for their implementation. There have, however, been some detrimental changes and problems unaddressed, viz: 1. Although my Internet speed in Australia consistently averages 95+ Mb/s download and 35 Mb/s upload, I still average ~ 23 fps in the game. This is with most graphics minimized. The problem appears to be the Asia-to-Australia pipe and I'd appreciate some feedback as to how this might be improved. 2. Could Wargaming please standardize the 'Consumables' keys for every ship? The 'Graf Spee' for instance, has the 'Heal' key bound to the letter 'U', rather than the letter 'T' which is the usual. It's a minor fix, but it would get me playing the GS again, instead of being constantly frustrated using consumables! 3. Is there some form of overt 'bias' against the Asian Server community? Is Wargaming restricting the Asian Server to use it for marketing purposes? Since I started playing I've seen the 'Belfast' in the game, along with many other ships unavailable on the Asia Server, but after 9 months, still can't buy it/them, or so very many other unique ships - why? So often I'm in a game and come across a 'new' ship of unknown capabilities. I can't see its specifications unless I look it up on the web. The Premium Shop is restricted for Asian Server players and I can't buy Unique Commanders among other items. So often when playing in the morning (AM) Australian time, there are fewer than one thousand (< 1,000) players in the pool available. Yet if the playing pool was opened to other servers, it would improve the playing experience for players on the Asian Server immensely! 4. Mini-Map: When looking at the game introductory screen, would it be possible to have the 'home' ships shown at the bottom of the screen instead of at the top of the screen as is current? Likewise, could Wargaming position the Mini-Map interface, so that the 'Home' team is shown from the bottom right-hand corner perspective? It would save trying to furiously position the Mini-Map's perspective manually! 5. Match-Making (MM): I've heard that Wargaming is going to address the many problems with MM, but here are some of the examples I've noted during October, viz: A game with my T8 Tirpitz that included nine (9) BB's per side, with the enemy, made up of six (6) x T10 BB's including 4 x T10 Yamato's, 2 x T10 Montana's plus 2 x T9 BB's and 1 x T8 BB plus 1 x T8 CV and 2 x T10 CA's; my poor Tirpitz was focussed fairly quickly as the Yamato's and Montana's formed a BB 'Wolf-Pack'; another T7 game comprised three (3) ships per side... the enemy had a T9 BB + a T9 DD and a T9 CV (Taiho) - we had a T7 BB 9 - my Scharnhorst), a T9 BB and a T8 CV: we lost, their DD and CV chewed us up! a third game (T10) had a T10 CV, 8 x BB's plus 3 x DD's per side... ridiculous! There are many other ludicrous examples! Also, where there used to be some form of a barrier at T7, it now appears that games now load quicker, but any combination of three (3) Tiers is allowed, regardless of how 'fair' it is to the lower tiers. Hence, T7 ships now constantly face T9 opponents and T7 BB's have a hard time against T9 CA's/CL's let alone T9 BB's. T5 ships cannot compete too successfully against T7 opponents and T8 ships are cannon-fodder for most T9/T10 opponents. 6. Russian Ships - slightly OP? In my Scharnhorst, I keep coming up against the Russian T9 Kronshtadt which seems a formidable enemy and certainly outguns and is better armored than any T7 ship. Whilst I can appreciate Russian pride, the Russian 'performance creeps' over the last nine months is disturbing! 7. CV Torpedo planes... I was camped 153 meters from a solid island in my T7 ship when an enemy Torpedo squadron managed to get between the island and my ship and drop five (5) torpedoes. How? How did they even arm? Less than three (3) seconds to respond from a still start? Add to that, as a T6 BB in a T4-T6 game, my BB was cross-dropped by torpedo bombers from a T6 CV - I wasn't aware they were that advanced. 8. RNG & Ricochet's: If anything causes me to exit WOWS in favor of another game, it'll be the RNG. At times, RNG is obscenely ridiculous! At 8.8 Km, my Sharnhorst fires nine (9) rounds at an Omaha - eight rounds 'bracket' the Omaha and I get one (1) ricochet. In another game, the number of ricochets was greater than the number of penetrations... since when do BB rounds 'bounce' off CL's? The RNG is furiously frustrating - I've even had it kick in when the enemy is less than five Km's. (< 5 Km.) away; I used to enjoy the Konig - now it's been 'nerfed' to ridiculous lengths, so I don't bother playing it anymore. Most BB's, especially German (KMS) BB's appear to have been nerfed, although it could apply to all BB's!? Comments: In general I believe Wargaming is doing a good job, although I suspect their Submarines need some 'fine-tuning' in their mechanics, especially torpedoing! With the British push, there's a plethora of DD's coming back into the game (average of four (4) it seems, but this is causing problems with too many torpedos flooding the ocean area. Although I've played some DD's (Japanese, British and starting with American) it seems DD's are somewhat over-powered - DD's focus-firing BB's of the same level? Why have a BB if its armor is that innocuous? RNG has to be addressed as IMHO it's the single most frustrating element of the game! Can we force zero RNG for any BB firing at a target less than say, eight kilometers (<= 8 Kms.) away? Finally, when playing games to reach the 12,500 and 37,000 credit levels, the last game Kmalways ends up just a few hundred credits short, necessitating one last game? Interested in comments and feedback - thx for reading this! Rgds... Mike (DeltaMikeBravo)
  4. Could be my laptop, but FPS seems to have taken a definite backwards step today. Anyone else, or is it just me ;) I'll take any excuse to justify a new laptop ;)
  5. Mad_Rev


    To those who are affected, My machine's fps performance was severely reduced from an enjoyable 74fps to 25fps during game play yesterday afternoon 17/04/2018 (Sydney Time). I have looked for any downloads which might have 'snuck in' and tested my machine which is only 3 months old: pentium I7 16gb ram Nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb 256gb SSD. Other games run as sweet as. The only change I can see is the removal of the tier 10 ships on loan for clan battles and my fps. Has anyone else suffered the same problem?
  6. JohnnyTooGood

    FPS drops since recent update

    I see no one has posted this yet on the Asia forums so I will, heaps of posts about this on the US forums. Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz Haswell 22nm Technology RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z97X-UD3H-BK-CF Graphics: ROG PG279Q (2560x1440@144Hz), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Storage: 2x 256GB Raid Volume, 2x 2TB Western Digital HD, 1x M.2 256GB My frame rates "before" the most recent update ran around 73 to 75 FPS then "after" the most recent update I am getting drops in frame rates to about 50 FPS making the game hard to play. I find this is happening after every 4 to 6 games and I have to restart WoWS. Its feels like lag but my ping doesn't seem to change. Several clan members are have the same issue and are running high-end gaming PC's. I checked my GPU and CPU usage during low frame rates and high frame rates and my GPU and CPU never go above 30-40% usage and temps our great (water cooled). I also checked memory usage and bus usage and all was normal and showed no signs of being stressed. Just want War Gaming to see the post, Feel free to throw in your two cents!
  7. Kightray

    Need Help (FPS Drop)

    well i recently installed Win 10 in my system and after that i experienced a huge FPS drop, in win 8.1 i got around 45-55 fps (on high-medium custom settings) whereas on win 10 i am barely getting 20-28fps(on medium-low settings), i have already tried upgrading graphic driver and tried disabling Xbox Hdvr so need help regarding this anything i can do to increase fps (reverting back to win 8.1 is not an option so need to troubleshoot it on win 10)
  8. Help. I have a PC which I think should be capable of running WoWS with high details... but I am having a hard time squeezing good FPS out of it. CPU: Core i5-3470 (OCed to 3.8GHz from 3.2GHz stock) GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB OS: Windows 10 64-bit I know my hardware and drivers are OK because my 3DMark scores are where they ought to be: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/10253059 And yet, even with that rig, and the following settings: http://i.imgur.com/3rlc55p.png I'm having a hard time staying above 30 FPS. My CPU keeps getting pinned to 100% and causing stutter. When the CPU isn't being maxed I can do 60+ FPS even at 1440p (I have a 1440p panel). seems to have helped with the stutter a bit, though. So, what kind of FPS numbers should I be getting, and what settings do I need to change in-game? This is really annoying me a bit - all I know is that my FPS woes started when 0.5.14 was rolled out.
  9. Hello Captains, I recently had a clean install of windows 8.1 and now I get very bad fps. My Laptop specs are as follows : ASUS RoG GL551JW CPU : i7 4720HQ GPU : Nvidia 960M - 2GB Integrated Chipset : Intel HD Graphics 4600 RAM : 16 GB OS : Win 8.1 Before I used to get around 60 FPS and Very High settings but now I can barely manage 40 on the Low. Appreciate any help
  10. _Yuudachii_

    Reduce FPS

    I want to report on the status of educing serious FPS games, in the game, all the members of the two teams are similar situation. I think someone will have to explain on this issue or this is a bug ?
  11. Good day, Developers~!! This question will probably technical for the community to answer as this is usually answered by respective game development team or even someone who have this knowledge. The gaming community mainly understands that better videocard means higher FPS (depending on settings). Or lower graphic settings means higher FPS. But.... few months ago, I learned this from other game developer (specifically, Reto-Moto) on their flagship Shooter game, it regarding.... not familiar on the technical terms they used.... this is regarding FPS differences on how graphics performance "borrowing" from the processor or the videocard on different graphics settings. Example of that behavior in "that" game using same desktop specs I have & based on observation: I believe Reto-Moto confirmed this and the members of the community forum & steam forum there recommended to use medium settings for better FPS. So.... as I already mentioned all things above. The main question..... is there existence in WoWs regarding the game graphics borrowing from processor or videocard on different settings? Wherein medium settings have better FPS due to the game itself "borrow" from videocard and while low settings have lower FPS due to the game "borrow" from the processor. Regards, Mingfang47