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Found 1 result

  1. SIGH So flamu's 'CV Imbalance' video... OK, he's not entirely wrong about everything in this video, not as angry and ranting as I expected... It wasn't even as hyperbolic as I was expecting. The comments section would have you believe it was brutal, amazing and some sort of ripping commentary... Not really. It was more of the same flamu but a summary of his opinions on CVs and the CV situation. Summary: He believes that WG have only balanced CVs to their popularity rather than their combat effectiveness... And thus they aren't balanced... Now to the thread title - A good example of what flamu gets wrong... At 3:00 flamu brings up a list of aims of the CV rework, I won't bring it up here but to paraphrase: Fix the skill curve Enjoyable gameplay that is attractive to most players and gives more space for resourcefulness of CVs and targets Balanced class that enriches the game, not ruining it for other classes Increase CV popularity and enhance AA defence ships At flamu's conclusion, he states that 'WG have failed on every point but one' And this is where I have an issue with flamu's content... If you take each point on every single thing in that point, on absolute value - yes. If you don't look at the list absolutely bit break down each component, WG achieved what they set out to do, or at least a majority of points. Let me break this list down into actual components and not four bullet points and I'll show you what I mean. Fix the skill curve progression. Enjoyable CV gameplay that is attractive to most players CV gameplay that gives space for CV resourcefulness Being a target of a CV allows you to be resourceful Balanced class CV class enriches the game CV class doesn't ruin the game for other classes Increased CV popularity Enhanced AA defence ships I have bolded those I would argue they succeeded with... Italicised those that are debatable but could be viewed as checked in some light (or by those more disposed towards them). The Skill Curve is far better than it was, tick The CV gameplay is enjoyable for most folks, or at least enjoyable for enough to make them played more, tick CV gameplay allows for CV player resourcefulness, how much is debatable but... tick Being a target allows for resourcefulness, debatable mainly due to spotting power but you can still mitigate CV damage in some circumstances and it has encouraged folks to group up more which people forget the community was calling for for years... tentative Balanced class... Maybe by certain number definitions or WR, but other definitions arguably not. CV class enriches the game... This one depends on how you define 'enrich'. If you mean to add complexity or flavour or depth, then yes. Gameplay without CVs often becomes static (although can be static with them)... Being able to see where your enemies have deployed to allows for more timely tactical decisions but at the same time can prevent them... I would argue it's a tick simply because it's an extra layer of depth, regardless of whether you like that depth or not... tick. CV class doesn't ruin the game for other classes... Highly debatable, DDs are OP in many tiers without CVs and power wise ran rampant. Having a degree of spotting or targeting power over them could be argued to be ruining their game but then how about the conditions where their targets are at their mercy? tentative based on conditions/targets. But most would argue failed goal. Increased CV popularity, tick Enhanced AA defence ships, lol no, not at any level. AA and plane burst damage has been drastically reduced. So I would argue that flamu merely states a conclusion he wants you to take away rather than objectively an accurate and conclusive one. The points he used as reference had more than one 'point' in most of them, allowing him to boil them down to absolutes in a manner that suited him. Flamu - highly subjective... Floupies - think he's gods gift... Honestly go and read the comments section after watching the video and tell me it isn't cult-like... I tried to see it in that light and failed... SITREP - no change... approval granted for hostilities to continue... In the words of the rightful ruler of the galaxy... "Fire at will commander..." Video for reference: