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Found 9 results

  1. So the 8 - 10 have Radar in the same slot as Catapult Fighter. Reload times are sub-standard for tier and spicy 1.70 sigma... Balancing factors? (They will probably buff them later on) Radar that can only detect BBs and CVs. Kinda useless if you ask me. You can read about the upcoming Russian BB line here: Tier 3 - 7: https://medium.com/@devblogwows/low-tier-ussr-bb-7d13efcf866e?fbclid=IwAR1M3T8-oU1BNai13kXGoP9IZQmvEYzbbS383RM7ZCIK_9deKVJnD1KbmTw Tier 8 - 10, and the Premium - Lenin (all of these have radar): https://medium.com/@devblogwows/high-tier-ussr-bb-9e599ee4f4b3?fbclid=IwAR1aWFt9cWNB60qYN7bl_jR4oFP_tQnw-aGANWI7KkZq-m1jjfPq12H9u9g Tier 8, 9 and 10 have more HP than German counterparts. BIAS DETECTED!!! AGAIN, where are the stat posts for the RN CVs??? They were announced EARLIER, right??? UPDATE 1: Surveillance Radar. Interface improvement. Flooding. Flooding has been changed (mostly nerfed). Sell your German and RN DDs now!!! https://medium.com/@devblogwows/radar-flooding-c8711f9e87a7?fbclid=IwAR0ycTR_PWVQpz8GNSKBvnO997oKCMPhKsr0ItByx2NORmoAbwgIjVB9NIo UPDATE 2: Russian BBs confirmed to have limited charges of Damage Control Party. Literally cyka bylat Rush B and die in the first 10 mins -OR- snipe from max range the whole match.
  2. I'm stuck at the last stage of "Get ready for pan-asia" Not too hard to achieve 20,000 HP damage with torps, or win a battle. I struggle to get 2000 HP flooding damage. Had a fair few flooding ribbons, but flooding damage is often 0, not more than a few hundred. Have tried mostly T5 and T6 DD's, have also the relevant flag mounted "Julliet Whiskey Unaone" = +15% chance causing flooding
  3. Safiuddin97

    [LEAK] Leaky Boats

    LEAKY BOATS Juliet Whiskey Unaone Recruitment : CLOSE Hi everyone. Im representing my lord Amade (CO) to open up a recruitment. Leak is just some average players who wants to have fun. Sometimes we like to fire torps in intervals so we can farm flooding. Recruiting in small batches (5-6) Will re-open when 1st batch is done Here are the details. Thank you Godspeed Goodluck Fair Seas Arigatou
  4. Preface: I know there are threads like this every so often, this one was just unbelievable. Just jumped in a lowbie match yesterday, just me and a friend in Furu/Koenigsberg and a friendly DD rushing to top cap. Obviously we are going to protect him. Friendly DD is in cap, not spotted, not shot at. There's an enemy Aoba heading around the outside of some islands on the north side of cap. So I pop of some torps just outside the island so that he won't want to turn into cap. A bit of time ticks away... "Don't fire at your allies" You're kidding me, the DD ran a full one and a half grids straight into a torp of mine, without even slowing down or turning... It's ok it's only like 1/2 to 1/3rd of his HP and he can't have used his repair yet, not having been involved in any fighting at all. Time passes... DD randomly dies, "S4pp3R killed ..." Are you kidding me!?!? The DD didn't use repair and died from flooding and now surely I'm pink. First TK for me since just after I started playing (~1 month after release). So here I come bot matches until I can get rid of it. Anyone know how to find out how many matches to go? (I'm assuming I'll be pink, I'll be honest I rage-quitted straight after I died)
  5. Coco_BeanPage

    Team Killing and DOT Damage

    Team killing is certainly hated by most players and is punishable by banning after multiple offences. But sometimes unintentional team killing happens and it's equally frustrating on the committing end. US destroyer captains probably know best - when you accidentally set a fire to a teammate sitting in the same smoke as you are, and they don't use damage control or don't have it available. Then after the game you found yourself pink. Depending on the amount of HP that ship has, it's even possible for you to become pink during the battle and start losing HP due to that same fire you set. It is easy to see that the punishment for such a benign (and accidental) mistake is far from reasonable. Unintentional team damage by guns is so very common and thus should not induce great penalties due to the innocent nature of the action. AP naturally over penetrates superstructures so it's fine, but HE needs some help. A player should not be given pink status for several games simply because they shot a handful of HE shells onto a friendly ship by pure accident. Quoting myself from a later reply (in which I think I did a better explanation of what I mean): Therefore I would suggest changing HE shell mechanics so that it has 0% chance of setting fire on friendly ships. Deliberate team killers can still do their thing (less easily now) and would still be punished, whereas accidental offenders would not be punished unnecessarily due to a lucky (or in this sense, unlucky) fire. P.S. Flooding is a different case as it can be only caused by torpedoes (and ramming, which only enemy ships can do), and I personally think players should be punished for launching bad torpedoes. However, considering torpedoes already deal a lot of alpha damage, I would argue that flooding is unnecessarily harsh for both the offender and the victim. Removing flooding by team would also make it consistent with the behavior of HE shells. But again, I consider changing flooding mechanics much less important due to team damage by torpedo is much rarer than that by gun, and is more likely to be deliberate. That's why I'm putting this in P.S. section and not really pushing for it.
  6. With the introduction of the new flooding system (from 120s -> 90s)(more damage per tick), it makes flooding a more robust source of damage now. I happen to like it a lot since I don't have to shoot torps at an AFK ship in order to get Liquidator which before was next impossible to get normally. Now, as long as you flood a target at the optimal time, liquidator is to be expected once you bag the kill, much like Arsonist now. Anyone else liking the flooding change?
  7. Updates 15 Aug 2016 - Added icon 28 Jun 2016 - Reduced the effect from +50% time to recover from fires/flooding and -35% damage per tick from fires/flooding to +33% time to recover from fires/flooding and -25% damage per tick from fires/flooding. I have been thinking about how to deal with fires/flooding so I came up with this idea. Compartmentalization modifications 1 - 4th slot upgrade (the same as DCP/Propulsion/Steering mod 1) - 250k credit price Effects: +33% time to recover from fires/flooding -25% damage per tick from fires/flooding This upgrade is basically reduces flooding/fires damage per tick, but increases the duration. With this upgrade installed, fires now burn for 80 seconds and floodings will last for 160 seconds for about the same amount of total damage. This might help you stop fires/flooding that occurs when DCP is on cooldown.
  8. The Juliet Yankee Bissotwo flag is a flag which reduces the flooding duration by 20%, Let's look how it work. Flooding has base duration of 120 seconds, dealing similar damage to 2 fires per tick. With the flag alone, the duration would be 96 seconds. With flag + BOS skill + DCM2 upgrade, the duration would be 69.36 seconds. Even with 69 seconds of flooding, I doubt anyone in their right mind would not try to put the flooding out. The flag seems to only benefit BB player without premium repair who took another torps right after the repair finished. In my opinion, the Juliet Yankee Bissotwo flag's benefit is too situational. Therefor I proposed the changes as the following: OLD effect: -20% to flooding recovery time. Proposed effect: -10% to flooding damage over time.
  9. In view of update 0.5.5, and its crazy features, especially the new ship sinking animation(s), I feel that the staff could do a bit more. Death animations of ships can be separated into multiple sections: Fire After burning to death, the ship explodes. Makes sense. Shells After being penetrated by enemy shells, ship explodes. Make sense. Flood Being hit by torpedoes, big holes in ship, ship sinks by flooding to death but Explodes. - Reason In my opinion, I don't really find this making any sense. How can a ship that has water entering into her hull gets blown up after the ship is completely filled with water? - Solution(?) The ship's hull should get lower and lower towards the water level as the flooding precedes. This could allow the ship to be more difficult to citadel (as most citadels are underwater) but in turn moves at a way slower speed. And when the ship is very low in HP, the ship should already stop dead in the water (as water probably already flooded into the ship boilers, making the ship unable to move), hull barely visible. And when the ship finally dies, it would just sink into the ocean, no explosion will occur (even when an enemy kills it with artillery). - Why? The flooding to death situation now doesn't really makes that much sense. How could a ship that is flooding, Explodes? And since the developers already created new sinking death animations of ships, this should an easy thing to implement. Thank you for your time reading this post. Any further suggestions are welcomed.