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Found 6 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    Feed me more planes!

    71 = 2x Air Defense Expert +1 planes. Two enemy T8 CV, one was Kaga. Buffed USN DD DFAA + Kaga planes = GG.
  2. There are already 4 Fletcher in the game: - OG Fletcher: T9 US DD, in the tech tree. - Radar Fletcher - Black: T9 US DD, Steel. - Fletcher with Heal - Kidd: T8 US DD, Doubloon. - Korean Fletcher - Chung Mu: T9 PA DD, tech tree. However, as the most numerous class of warships ever built, the US gave out or sold many of them post WW2. And there are some Fletcher that deserve to be in the game. Let's get to them. AND YOU GET A FLETCHER, AND YOU GET A FLETCHER, AND YOU GET A FLETCHER!!!! - The angriest Fletcher - DD-557 Johnston: famous for her anger in the Battle off Samar. In-game: T9 US DD, premium. Main Battery Reload Booster (same as French DDs) in a separate slot. Smoke is gimmicked with 1 more charge and tiny AoE just to hide allies, duration is the same. - Aviation Fletcher - DD-477 Pringle: nothing too famous, just that she carried an aircraft catapult. In-game: T9 US DD, premium. Fighters/Spotter in a separate slot. No Smoke, Speed Boost from French cruisers. - Unagi Fletcher - Ariake/Yūgure (ex-DD-663, DD-664): served Japan in the 1950s -1970s. In-game: T9 IJN DD, premium. Torpedo Reload Booster (from Monaghan, yeah I know it's US TRB, but they'd be too OP when you give them IJN TRB). No Speed Boost. - Bratwurst Fletcher - Zerstörer 1 to 6 (ex-DD-500/515/516/570/571/572): served Germany in the 1950s-1970s. In-game: T9 German DD, premium. Hydro (from Z-46). Same 10,5km torpedo as Z-46/Z-52. - Calzone Fletcher - Lanciere/Fante/Geniere (ex-DD-468/-517/-561): served shortly in the Italian Navy in the 1970s. In-game: T9 Italian DD, premium. SAP and HE shells. Pseudo deepwater torpedoes from the Pasta cruisers. - Old World Fletcher - all the Fletcher that served Spain, Greece and Turkey. Don't make me list, it's like 10 of them. Pick one. In-game: T9 Pan-European DD, could be tech tree, could be premium. - New World Fletcher - all the Fletcher that served Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Pick one. In-game: T9 Pan-American DD, most likely tech tree. No Baguette or Stalinium-infused Fletcher though. This is a dumb-fun thread after all. Go crazy. Do NOT even mention CVs!!!
  3. Destroyer are small, we all know but despite how small it is, it have to accommodate 200+ crew let see how their living in there P.S. USS saufley is one of fletcher class destroyer no wonder why this is confidential, it would discourage people to apply to navy :D the commentary voice is kinda funny too.
  4. anonym_RJqYIlk6fl74

    Fletcher earnings.

    Why is the Fletcher earnings so little ? 147 hits from main guns , 38000 hits damaged , only 599 ship xp !!!!!!! I take so much risk in the DD and this is the shitty amount I get .
  5. kings09

    fletcher can't save money

    flecther's repair charge is too expensive. i can't save money for 10 Tier. I think that it is wrong. check fletcher plz