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Found 19 results

  2. Dear WG Developers, Could you please give consideration towards having a one click checkbox to remove all consumables, flags and camo for example prior to entering a co op battle?
  3. I don't know if this topic has been broached before, I imagine it most like has been multiple times, but I think it needs to be pushed again into WG attention. I notice that WG, as a Russian based company, has taken the care with ships of its own country to even have two separate ensigns for pre and post Revolution so that ships of both eras have their correct ensign while the background flag for ships in the Menu is the flag of the USSR. I think this is a good system as the ships under 2 different ensigns are correctly linked to the same country. In stark contrast the ships of Australia and Canada fly the 1976-2013 version of the Flag of the Commonwealth of Nations as their ensigns. No ships or Army have ever fought under that flag. I don't really object to these ships having the "Commonwealth" flag as the background for the ships menu but I highly object to these ship flying this flag as their ensign. The Royal Australian Navy fought under the Royal Navy Ensign from its creation in 1911 until 1967 when we created our own ensign to differentiate our ships from RN ones during the Vietnam War. Similarly the Royal Canadian Navy fought under the Royal Navy Ensign from its creation in 1910 until 1965. The correct ensigns for these "Commonwealth" vessel in WoWS is the Royal Navy Ensign. I imagine ships clumped as "Pan-Asia" and "Pan-America" have the same issues and no doubt players from China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Argentina are just as annoyed/insulted as Australians and Canadians for not having the correct ensigns. WG loves making lots of silly flags for people to put on their ships so would it really be that difficult to put the correct ensigns on the "Commonwealth", "Pan-Asia" and "Pan-America" ships it makes?
  4. Most of World of Warships Players are aware of above options that are given on obtaining daily containers. I think these options/ content needs a rethink. 1) More Credits - If you are lucky you can get maximum of 1,50,000 credits. Now i can earn that in premium ship. I missed out on the Missouri. But i earned Indi and Aigle, which earn decent credits even if you have bad game. So why would i go for Credit containers. Also the daily missions gives me credits occasionally. Duplicates get converted into credits (Go navy and WOW anniversary special arsenal currency if left unspent) So only new players will pick this option if they are short on credits for buying new ships. Having said that the cost of lower tier ships is pretty low. 2) More Signals and Camouflages - Most of the in-game missions and events give me signals and camouflages as rewards. For Example - Go Navy Event, WOW Anniversary Event or Current Royal Navy Event - gives everyone signals and camos from dedicated containers. On going Kitty event also is rewarding with signals. Also in game rewards like dreadnought, fire proof, etc gives corresponding signals. So why on earth would i choose this option from Daily Containers. 3) More Consumables - Again something that can be brought using credits (auto-resupply feature uses credits).These consumables are also available via daily missions. 4) More Resources - a no brainer - Coal is needed in Arsenal - to buy new ships, upgrades, even signals, or commanders. So almost all players go for this option to stockpile on coal. 5) Try Your Luck - few players will go for this option of trying luck of obtaining Super Containers. I only try this on my 3rd container of the day. So if coal is highly valued in current setting, the other 4 options are almost rarely selected. I think other players might be thinking down same line. So i think these daily rewards need re-think. Players must be made to think long and hard before going for an option, rather than just grind for coal. (Just like current Royal Navy Event - I have to think hard on what i want to buy using Sovereigns - whether i want to buy premium dd or premium bb or 10 point special skill commander)
  5. Sting_Ray_05

    Signal Flag Contest # 2

    May I know when exactly would the winners of the above topic be announced? It is already March 21, 2018. Thank you.
  6. Coco_BeanPage

    A Button to Mount Flag to All Ships

    I have 60 ships in port, and I'm sure some people out there have many more than I do. With the start of a new ranked season I would like to mount the rank flag on every one of my ships. Unfortunately I have to do this one by one, which is a pain. Since in many cases, players want to have the same flag for most of their ships, it would be nice to add a "Mount on All Ships" button right under/next to the current "Mount" button. Something like this:
  7. BunnyDragon

    Capture the Flag!

    This post is anyone with a hilarious or absolutely stupid, or even just wanting to brag about what you got post about the past British Battleship Missions. Brag- I got all the flags! Yeah Baby! Absolutely stupid/Hilarious part - I got my final flag with the Danae with under 20,000 damage done. I go in, manage to kill off a another badly damaged Danae and shoot up a destroyer before dying to a Myogi and South Carolina firing blind into a friendly destroyer's smoke, (following my tracers most likely) and killing me. I had some hits and under 20,000 damage. By this point in the game, it's been 4 minutes with about 16 mins left on the clock. I log out and do something else as my luck for the last 5 battles had been very similar. I would like to thank my team in Random battle that day, for being so crappy and sucky, that I finished either in first or second place out 12 people, just so I can potato my way through the last mission. Freak, I just thanked a team for being awful, what am I coming too. Wait, even better, I just remembered, I potatoed the last requirement for ALL OF MY ARP SHIPS AND THE FLAGS FOR THE BRITISH BB'S.
  8. A simple quality of life interface improvement: Add some options for mounting on all ships when right clicking on a flag/signal/consumable. e.g. right click menu for a dismounted item Mount on this ship Mount on all ships Mount on all ships of same nation Mount on all ships of same type Would save a lot of time when using something like the ranked season flags, for example.
  9. KillStealz


    Personally i'm getting a bit tired of this game mechanic, no skill involved... 100% RNG based and just a frustrating mechanic. Yes I have had my fair share in the past week, hence the post. It does not make the game "fun and engaging" in my opinion, and if they aren't going to remove the game mechanic then at least make the Juliet Charlie flags more easily available, getting them only through actually detonating and crates is not enough. Anyway interested in others peoples thoughts and whether anyone actually likes this mechanic...
  10. captain_scarlet

    where did the flag specials go?

    Jeez WG, your marketing people don't have a clue Just after Xmas which is when the flag specials appear, I (like everyone else I expect) was strapped for cash. So I bought what flag specials I could. As soon as I get some finances the flag specials disappear. Were WG actually trying to generate some income and for once offering something that would be helpful to purchase? For god sake bring back the flag specials and next time think about the customer and leave them on after xmas for a bit longer. And get some new marketing staff - the one's you have currently are amateurs

    thank u wargaming

    HALLELUJAH finnaly they have listen and have given us the choice of flags i am now a very happy man thank you wargaming thank you
  12. TE_Moemiji_

    Juliet Charlie Flags

    My battleship blew up in 1 hit and I lost an easily carriable game,how do I get more JC's without detonating? .--. .-.. . .- ... . / ... . -. -.. / .... . .-.. .--.
  13. GOTT_MIT_UNS_steel

    Wanted: Historical Flags For Ships

    I've examined quite a number of Simulators which take a different approach to war gaming and one thing all have in common is that the flags are not the true Historical Flags. I am really wanting Historical flags on the ships. Germany for Example should have it's Historical Flag. If we had to pay like 5 or dollars to have this feature UN-locked I would be happy to. The main aim for this is to have Historical accuracy in World of Warships.
  14. I've been looking at the US and European stores for WOWS and notice that both have ship choices which don't appear in the Asian store. In fact the US store has 6 premium ships available as well as an array of flags for sale. Wouldn't it be better to have the same items available? At the moment the US store looks a better place to be playing. News items seem to vary also with the European site making big mention of the coming German fleet with nothing showing here? Also are there any plans to allow us to use the same program to log onto either US Euro or Asian servers? (I know you can do this by rewriting the scripts but would prefer the ability to be made official)
  15. So apparently, WG is going to put up some flags on sale in upcoming days. Source: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?act=findpost&pid=130501 So what's your opinion on it? I think it was a smart move by WG to avoid pay2win accusation by not putting up BB flags on sale (ones that improve fire/flood resistance and damage repair) Other flags though, have rather minimal effect. Pack1: Minor flags such as speed boost, secondaries boost, ramming boost and detonation prevention. You get 100 of each type for a pack. Pack 2: Mainly economy boost, include exp and credits flags and repair discount flags. You get 50 of each type for a pack. Price haven't been disclosed though, I wonder how much do they cost.
  16. daniel98

    IJN naval flag

    Hmm I have been wondering why WG have to put a country flag on IJN rather than putting a naval flag. Except UK, Soviet and USN. It would be much cooler for the nation to apply the naval flag rather than its country flag. I know there are mods for it but wouldn't it be official for WG to do so?
  17. capt_cannonballs

    country flags

    just curious if it would be possible for the DEVs to make country flags for the ships? even if you would need to buy for some deploons. i would for sure buy the country flag and fly her on my ships. i would think others would like this also. just a thought