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Found 21 results

  1. Get to this page: Seven Seas. Game's Anniversary | World of Warships (wows.asia) Log in. Press W and wait (unless you want to see stuff) At the end of the "tour"; you can click a button which will credit a combat mission to your account. The reward for completing said in-game combat mission is the flag.
  2. JA37_Jaktviggen

    Wrong flag on german battleships

    I’ve noticed that the SMS Bayern, Konig, Kaiser has the Kriegsmarine (Nazi Germany) flag when it is a ship from Kaiserliche Marine (German Empire). Below is a screenshot of the flag on Bayern, Konig, Kaiser and Derfflinger (Also ship from German Empire for comparison)
  3. icy_phoenix

    Flag Code: MANJUUFLAG

    If you are a flag collector and want this weird looking flag on your ship: MANJUUFLAG
  4. Okay, even I decided to quit this game, I still had something that I think that I MUST do before I quit. Yet, This is another topic about Pan-Asia flag drama. I write this topic to speak for those non-Chinese who feel offensive by this flag change. I've heard about the Pan-Asia flag drama in World of Warships on Steam. as there's full of PR Chinese people said that they're unhappy to see that the game mentioning "Republic of China" (and some of them triggered because they saw the ROC flag) So, to keep those PR Chinese players on Steam WoWs, WG decided to removing EVERY naval jacks of EVERY ship in Pan-Asia line in EVERY client of WoWs. then replacing it with generic Dragon flag. Yes, This change makes those PR Chinese happy. but not those people from other nations that got their flag replaced (Thais,Indonesians,Koreans) who seen a random generic Dragon flag flying on their ship instead of their naval jack. Did someone ever mentioned that the Steam server where the drama has begun is the ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SERVER from the rest of the world? WHY DID WG APPLY THESE CHANGE TO OTHER SEVERS FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD WHERE PR CHINESE NORMALLY DIDN'T PLAYED IT!? Also that the Wiki page of Pan-Asian ships also removes the history section of ALL OF THE NATIONS THAT MADE UP THE PAN-ASIA LINE. Using this Dragon flag for mention the whole Pan-Asia is fine, But using this flag to hanging on non-Chinese nation ships is absolutely disrespectful for those people who see the Chinese Dragon flag hanging on their ship. And, if someone says "You can still restoring those flags via mods" then listen. Although the flags.dds (the texture file of flag texture) still contains texture of original Naval Jack. You needs the specific scripts that changes the flag of Pan-Asian ships into original flags. Now we hope that someone made a script to restoring the flags. This shouldn't happen on the server where PR Chinese didn't handed on it. Some of you might says "Even German Reich and IJN flags is censored, and those PR Chinese are unhappy to see those flag, why you're so mad about it?". You need to know that those nations aside of ROC/Taiwan that also get their flags removed didn't do horrible things to PR China. So there's no point to censoring them in the first place. Enough of ranting, Hope WG fix this mess so all of us will be cool with it.
  5. SIntreaper

    Pan Asia Flag Poll Results

    Original poll here: https://goo.gl/forms/X71tjFIXY1AHEzj93 Disclaimer The following results are the results of a player-run poll distributed among the NA forums, Asia forums, and r/worldofwarships. The results are not endorsed by any other party except for myself, including Wargaming, Reddit, or any of the developers. As this was a player run poll, I open up my results to any analysis that any players, developers, and/or outside observers would like to make. I expect to be accused of vote manipulation. These results are not guaranteed to influence Wargaming in any way. I am also not an AP Stats student. If you spot an incorrect assumption, please show mercy. Thank you. Introduction and Methodology The following results are compiled from the poll linked above, which ran from 17-11-17 to 22-11-17. The poll collected 387 responses. One of these responses was by a player who exclusively played on the CN server; as a result, their result was removed. This was response number 121. In case you're wondering, I did have to go through 121 responses to find the one person who played only CN. Thus, with the singular response thrown out, there were 386 responses from RU, EU, NA, SEA, and CN. Results were compiled into an Excel doc and analyzed. An asterisk (*) indicates that I lumped similar responses together. For example, if one response was that they didn't care, and another response was that it didn't really matter, I would lump both together. In addition, all of the "other" responses are marked as "Other" in the pie charts. Data Results Do note the data can be accessed at: https://goo.gl/forms/X71tjFIXY1AHEzj93 Analysis The poll results point to an overwhelming majority of people who want the flag changes to be reverted back to the original situation (IE all ships fly national flags by default). This poll proves that not all people dislike the national flags, with the majority of the comments pointing to either historical accuracy or pride in their own nations such as Indonesia. Although a supposed 1.4 billion people from the CN server preferred the generic Pan Asia flag for all of the ships, their results will not be counted in this poll because either way, the result does not affect those on the CN server. It can be said that Wargaming should not bow to the CN server demands because they are not affected by the flag appearance either way, but I do not necessarily endorse these views. However, it can be argued that WG should, in fact, keep the generic flags in order to keep with consistency throughout the line. Either way, the majority of those surveyed who actually play on the main servers believe that Pan Asian DDs should have their national flags back for a multitude of reasons. I am allowing the use of this survey to be used in other letters, topics, threads, or any other communication akin to the above. I do not necessarily endorse the views of those who use this poll. This poll is strictly neutral, with the author attempting to remove as much personal bias as possible.
  6. SIntreaper

    Pan Asia Flag poll

    Hello everyone, I'm back with another poll, this time on the contentious subject of Pan Asia DD flags. As you all know, Chinese players were recently angered by WG's decision to display the flags used historically on each ship. So, they wrote to various embassies, and WG decided to make all of the Pan Asian DDs have the Pan Asia flag as the main flag. This poll is attempting to gauge how the community feels about these Pan Asia flag changes. Please answer truthfully and seriously. Also, I don't want this to turn into a flame war, so please keep it civil down there. Link is here: https://goo.gl/forms/Kj9jGHzWTYGSPWAw1
  7. Voidhawk

    HMAS Perth flag

    Hey all, I bought a Perth a while back While I enjoy playing my Perth and after buying the Hood, I realised that something was amiss; I did not seem to have the commemorative flag So I looked around and found this post: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/123924-does-perth-ulitmate-bundle-come-with-flag/ I bought my Perth before this and I bought it as the "ultimate bundle".. I don't seem to have the flag for Perth.. I know its just cosmetic; as I have the RN Hood and its flag, but my point is I don't/never recieved a flag and I'd very much like to fly it Can a Dev reply and let me know what I need to do to get the flag? (or perhaps fix this issue?) Cheers,
  8. Code : ZONGZI2017 Flag : vvv YYA FREE FLAG!
  9. This rooster flag is facing backward on the ship. isn't it supposed to be facing forward like in the description?
  10. yansuki

    new acievments and flag

    i would like to suggest an opposite achievement to witherer to achieve, a ship has to receive a combine damage or pure fire/flooding damage up to 40-50k like witherer and surviving the match flag. reduce fire duration by 15% and reduce the change or flooding by 5%
  11. Commander_GALEN

    Dragon Flag reservation!

    This Dragon flag thing, I don't want to use it, I just want to reserve it as a remembrance... My question is, if the Dragon flag is only a limited time? or is it there forever? Sorry for bad English........
  12. The Juliet Yankee Bissotwo flag is a flag which reduces the flooding duration by 20%, Let's look how it work. Flooding has base duration of 120 seconds, dealing similar damage to 2 fires per tick. With the flag alone, the duration would be 96 seconds. With flag + BOS skill + DCM2 upgrade, the duration would be 69.36 seconds. Even with 69 seconds of flooding, I doubt anyone in their right mind would not try to put the flooding out. The flag seems to only benefit BB player without premium repair who took another torps right after the repair finished. In my opinion, the Juliet Yankee Bissotwo flag's benefit is too situational. Therefor I proposed the changes as the following: OLD effect: -20% to flooding recovery time. Proposed effect: -10% to flooding damage over time.
  13. FiElD_MaRsHaL_

    MOD Request

    Hi everyone, I request a very simple mod which can MOD flag of Midway(Ranked battle commemorative flag) into flag of my country INDIA Thnx.......
  14. MastFlagMOD 日本艦艇の艦尾にある国旗をマストに移動させたMODです。 また、日空の記念旗を国旗下に配置したり、英国戦艦の旗位置も変えてたりしてます。 現在verでは全ての日本艦艇に適応済みです。 何かバグでもありましたら報告お願いします。 ついでに自分でもできるようにやり方も同封します。 対応ver0.5.4.2(開発終了)
  15. So was looking at the flag area, for some reason although I'm rank 11 I don't have that flag for reaching rank 14 in 2nd season of ranked battles. Granted due to last season performance I started at 12 or 13, would this be a factor? Wondering if anyone else has had this issue?
  16. [REDIRECTION] Further info and new updates please visit the Mod Thread in both EU and NA forum: ======> EU Forum Page ======> NA Forum Page
  17. I have played 2 match just with flag Equal Speed Charlie London. No extra 1.5x exp after finish with daily win.
  18. Monolith_Preacher

    Suggestion: The Rising Sun Flag

    I'm quite curious on why WG won't use the said flag. While they still allow to use it as mods, it's quite frustrating every time you need to update them most of the time(not true) so we'd wish to have it server-side So here am I, complaining over the cheatlandgiving a better suggestion to avoid cultural butthurt and satisfy those IJNfanbois at the same time Behold! The less-offensive-but-still-historical Rising Sun Flag! [content removed] still offended?! here, let me tone it down for you >:E [content removed] If all else fails... Looking forward for your kind consideration, WG -Kotono _(:3」∠ )_ Do not make fun of the RSF matter, as it only serves to inflame the feelings of parties involved. Social/Religious/Political. Thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  19. WGは現在まで旭日旗削除に至る経緯の詳細を全く説明しておらず一部の管理者によって議論すらフォーラムでまともに出来ない現状は如何なものか? これは議論され正論がきちんと主張されれば韓国人による不当な抗議の実態が明らかになる事を恐れるWGAsiaとWGJに巣くう朝鮮人(韓国人)による言論の統制・封殺であると批判されても致し方ないのではあるまいか? 少なくとも議論すらさせない事は異常である。 国際社会に広く知れ渡ればWGがレイシスト企業であると認知され欧米諸国においてその活動を大幅に規制をされる危険性を十分に認識しているのだろうか? 国際社会において韓国の異常な日本叩きと差別的言動はすでに問題視されておりWGがこれらの行為に加担することは日本と日本人に対する宣戦布告も同然である。 少なくとも国際社会において旭日旗は韓国の主張する戦犯旗だとは認められていない。 韓国国内で問題があるならば韓国サーバーにおいてのみ日本ツリーを実装しなければ良いだけのことである。 ましてや議論すらさせないのは論外である。 早急に現状の改善が必要である。 No more threads about the Rising Sun flag in the game. Decision has been made, and it will not be changed. Further threads on the topic will be sanctioned, escalating up to removal of beta acces. Thread closed. User forum suspended 7 days. /AALG Moderation team, WoWS Asia
  20. Jyokinn

    White Ensign.To AALG

    Hello everyone. My English is bad. Pardon me. This is the question that is not interesting. Please forgive me. I ask Mr.AALG a question. http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/4454-royal-naval-ensign-and-union-flag/ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/4470-royal-naval-ensign-and-the-union-flag/page__p__66485#entry66485 Why was this topic deleted? Mr.DanLBob does not write the topic of the Japanese flag. "As such, we will not remove from our games any historically accurate content that is not prohibited by international or national law." http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/17/historical-content-world-of-tanks/?page=1 For this? Is there the agreement? please tell me the URL. To Mr.AALG,Please let me know. Thanking you in advance.
  21. Recently, Wargaming removed the Rising Sun from IJN Vessels within World of Warships because of complaints that claim they were a symbol of Japanese atrocity during the Second World War. Many Japanese people responded to this issue by starting a petition to bring back the flag to the game, arguing that there is no reason to delete a flag that is not illegal for use, but rather is still used by the JMSDF. Any thoughts? I personally think WG should bring back the flag for that very reason: The Rising Sun was used by the Navy way before WWII, and the flag is still in use currently by the JMSDF and therefore should not and cannot be associated with the Nazi Swastika, which is banned in most European countries including Germany. The matter has been discussed and the decision is that the flag will not appear in-game Please do not bring politics into the forums. Thread closed. ~Centurion_NZ