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Found 4 results

  1. J_Covid_20

    Al. Nevsky

    right so I have the Nevsky - the problem is it just does not start fires like it should, even with both flags on and Pyrotechnician..... like i just had a game in silver qualifying ranked and out of 120 hits got 2 fires... less than 2% anybody else experience this?
  2. Updates 15 Aug 2016 - Added icon 28 Jun 2016 - Reduced the effect from +50% time to recover from fires/flooding and -35% damage per tick from fires/flooding to +33% time to recover from fires/flooding and -25% damage per tick from fires/flooding. I have been thinking about how to deal with fires/flooding so I came up with this idea. Compartmentalization modifications 1 - 4th slot upgrade (the same as DCP/Propulsion/Steering mod 1) - 250k credit price Effects: +33% time to recover from fires/flooding -25% damage per tick from fires/flooding This upgrade is basically reduces flooding/fires damage per tick, but increases the duration. With this upgrade installed, fires now burn for 80 seconds and floodings will last for 160 seconds for about the same amount of total damage. This might help you stop fires/flooding that occurs when DCP is on cooldown.
  3. To many times are big ships burning to death from a small ship getting 10 or 30 hits. I don't mind them hiding (dd's), or long range (cruisers), but the damage that a small shell can do with fires is out of proportion when hitting a big ship. Idea, small shell dose small fire, maybe 1/3 and 3 small fires = 1 medium fire. Medium shell 2/3 damage, 3 = large fire, and large shell =large fire.
  4. Right now, nobody likes the fire mechanics, and nobody likes being useless, the rock-paper-scissors method of balance doesn't work and WG is about to release a game with a bunch of serious issues and only seem to have a desire to milk more money through premium boats, so to alleviate the constant barrage of Tirpitz threads (the trolling of which is apparently less constructive than repeatedly spamming "soon" and other meaningless comments/topics?), so here is a thread with suggestions which I feel would bring balance to a better state, for the more conventional ship classes and the usage of primary guns. Battleships AP - Right now, battleship AP is incredibly effective in almost all situations, my suggestion is to increase the number of over-penetrations against non-citadel hits, which means that if you don't have a good aim you'll be doing less damage per salvo. Right now the average battleship damage per game far exceeds that of cruisers and destroyers, which I feel is a result of their survivability and their very powerful main guns, increasing the number of over-pens is both reasonably logical owing to their calibre, and as it does not reduce the effectiveness of citadel hits, skilled players who can aim well are not seriously effected, meaning that battleships retain their position as a high skill ceiling class, while bad players will do worse (sniping at max range where citadel hits are very rare will be much less effective than as it is now. HE - Leave it as it, but drop the chance of fire right down, people who have no clue how to play getting rewarded for their ignorance is bad game design for a competitive, PvP game, to put it bluntly they don't deserve the extra damage that RNG-generated fires cause, if they are playing a skill-sensitive class without an understanding of how to play they shouldn't get free damage for their mistakes. Also drop the damage for non-pens, which means that HE will only be truly effective against destroyers in emergency "I'm about to get torp'd rip rip rip" situations. Summary - Overall a nerf, however they are very powerful right now, and these changes would only affect bad players, so overall the difference is not huge. Cruisers AP - Big buffs, cruiser AP has not been very effective since the 3.0 (or was it 3.1 changes?), which brought in the fire spam, a mechanic which has been pretty much universally reviled since, to balance this out I recommend buffing Cruiser AP so that it is always a better option against other, same-tier or lower cruisers (higher tier cruiser should have more armour, and hence less vulnerable to AP) than HE, right now cruiser AP is only effective when you are facing a cruiser who is broadside to you, allowing easy citadel shots, and HE will otherwise out-DPM a cruiser using AP, in contrast to battleships where AP is almost always the best option for dealing with other battleships. These AP buffs will also make cruiser AP more effective against battleship armour, yet without allowing the option to cause citadel hits. What this could mean is that a cruiser aiming well at a battleship can potentially cause more damage per salvo against a battleship who is aiming poorly, which given the highly important nature of aiming in this game, is an effective way to reward skill without upsetting balance, or allowing cruisers to truly wreck battleships (they will ideally still be unable to cause citadel hits barring extreme circumstances). HE - Slightly lower the damage of non-penetrating rounds, do the opposite for penetrating rounds, lower fire chance, this is for the most part a destroyer survivability buff (most HE rounds don't pen), and makes HE more situational, so less desire to spam it against everything like it is at the moment, while also give destroyers a slight buff without reducing the cruiser's role in destroyer hunting, reduce fire chance because again, fire spam is stupid and nobody enjoys it. Summary - AP buffed to reward skill more properly, HE nerfed to make spam less appealing, cruisers retain current role as jack-of-all-trades, but overall more effective. Destroyers AP - AP for larger calibre guns buffed (ie Gremyashchy, presumably other Soviet destroyers too), this is to keep them close to the cruiser changes, without changing drastically how they perform. HE - Damage buffed across the board, destroyers are right now in a really bad spot balance-wise, making their primary guns more useful would at least help in that regard and make them less reliant on torpedoes which only work when their target isn't paying attention, though fires are, like everything else, nerfed in terms of how often they are caused. Summary - The changes here aren't huge, but should help make them less situational, which is a good thing when you're talking about the class that is overall doing the worst, and by quite a big margin too. Some of these paragraphs are a bit of a wall of text, but it's something I've felt like writing about for a while now, plus my understanding of how good battleships are, and how badly cruisers and destroyers is now backed up by stats, and also since I'm not really playing anymore now is probably the best chance to have a good ol' ramble about balance and stuff before everything is changed and I become that crazy old guy spamming out "back in my day...." posts in the newcomers forum.