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Found 18 results

  1. Either something has changed in the patch.... or I've been very unlucky.... or the skill level of the player base has risen substantially in the last month or so.... But since the latest patch I'm finding I am catching fire a lot more often. Catching fire is normal when playing a BB but I'm talking about having 3 - 4 blazing fires near instantaneously. It's happened to me in a number of matches now and it's bizarre as that never used to happen to me before. It used to be the case that if I started getting HE spammed I'll cop a single fire, maybe two if I'm unlucky.... now when I'm advancing with my team I get hit with one or two salvos and suddenly have three simultaneous fires blazing across my ship. Then another salvo comes in and sets off a fourth fire. If I'm suddenly playing unicums with god like aim so be it but it all seems very odd. This almost never used to happen to me before. When it used to happen to me it was usually because I'd been overly aggressive and HE spammed from both sides. Now I'm coping 3 - 4 fires when I'm angled and advancing with team mates... is anyone else experiencing this too? These simultaneous 3 - 4 fires just because one lame cruiser decides to target me seems really odd. Even in my ZAO, which starts fires like crazy, usedn't to do that.
  2. So... Uhm.... just a newbie questions about HE shell (sorry for that) 🙃 First, Can HE shell set fire when not penetrate armour ? Second, how fire lit in the citadel and does it cause same amount of damage on fire in superstructure ? Third, if HE shell not penetrate can it damage module ? (example : AA gun) Last, if you take IFHE is it necessary to take DemoExpert too ? Thank you
  3. Testing the new Halloween mission with the first submarine, on two consecutive missions my submarine was set on fire and it continued to burn (to death) under water, for the full duration of the fire even though I fully submerged the submarine after being set on fire.
  4. I have had a post half a year ago with identical idea. You can find it here: I'm posting again because apparently that didn't gain traction and I think the problem is so blatantly obvious. Alright. I was on PTS server yesterday playing Hindenburg. I passed by a GK while shooting and caught him with 2 HE shells. Completely unintentional. That did little damage by itself. But it also caused a fire on him that kept burning for 1 whole minute. Of course since it's a GK the fire damage is massive and he lost 15K health to that single fire. During that time, I turned from full health, to pink in 10 seconds, and died due to team damage in 20 more seconds. After battle, I caused 65K team damage in total, 15K to GK with fire, and 50K to myself due to team kill penalty. And for that the game awarded me a 19-games pink status. To summarize, my game got completely ruined, my team lost a ship for nothing, and I got a 19-games pink status penalty for 2 HE hits on a friendly, UNINTENTIONALLY. I am trying very hard to suppress my anger and I hope you can understand my frustration and see the problem here. Now, I don't blame that GK at all since holding DC on 1 fire is completely understandable. And ultimately my team did win that game plus it was only PTS. But the same situation could happen and has happened on live server, and I don't think I need to further explain why this is an issue that needs to be fixed. So, my suggestions are as following: Make everything percentage based! 10K damage to a friendly destroyer should not be punished equally as 10K damage to a friendly battleship! It should take a fixed percentage of health done by team damage before pink status is imposed, not by an absolute value. Also when I'm already pink, if I cause 1K damage to a friendly destroyer, I should not take 10K myself, rather the percentage 1K is to that destroyer, times 10, then applied to myself health. Stop making HE set fire on friendly ships! Accidents do happen quite often, and having HE set fire to friendly ships is no different than forcing me to cause damage to my team and punishing me for that. And as a final note please give a thumbs up if you have had the same thing happen to you before. It's important because clearly, WG doesn't pay close attention to this forum board to begin with.
  5. So I'm working my way through the 'Prepare for UK BB' combat mission and stage 3 requires me to set fire to battleships 10 times. Problem being that my only tier V is a British cruiser (yeah yeah) so I can only lob AP. I've been lucky enough to set 1 fire, but sheesh, it really feels like WG are rubbing the Brit AP limitations in my face, in a mission that's should be 'pro-RN'? No way I'll grind the captain skill points in time, but can anyone tell me if the tier III skill 'Demolition Expert' (+2% chance of fire caused by a main battery shell) would help British cruisers? If there at least some underlying chance to an AP shell to start a fire (it would seem so given that I've set one) to which that +2% would be added? Or was my one fire an utter fluke and it's going to be 2%'s chance in hell? Is anyone running Demolition Expert on their Brit cruisers? Cheers
  6. Pseudoscope

    % fire chance

    hi Devs, Just had a round in my Fletcher firing he. 143 hits and 3 fires. The stats say I have an 8% chance of setting a fire, why is it I only get a 2% chance? And yes I realise you have a stupid damage formula that takes into account a lot of factors other than just that. But what is the point of stating there is an 8% chance of a fire? This number means nothing and is miss leading. Also I realise that they might be running fire surpression but still these numbers are way off. Can we please get some meaningful stats? / reworks the %fire Regards Pseudo
  7. According to the wiki, the fire chances will be multiplicatively reduced as the tier goes up, and being top hull further reduces the chances to catch fire. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire Since all T10 ships only have 'A' hull, but is also elited so the ship's hull would be both "stock" and "top" at the same time. The question is, do the fire treats the T10 ships as "stock" or as "top" hull?
  8. Coco_BeanPage

    Team Killing and DOT Damage

    Team killing is certainly hated by most players and is punishable by banning after multiple offences. But sometimes unintentional team killing happens and it's equally frustrating on the committing end. US destroyer captains probably know best - when you accidentally set a fire to a teammate sitting in the same smoke as you are, and they don't use damage control or don't have it available. Then after the game you found yourself pink. Depending on the amount of HP that ship has, it's even possible for you to become pink during the battle and start losing HP due to that same fire you set. It is easy to see that the punishment for such a benign (and accidental) mistake is far from reasonable. Unintentional team damage by guns is so very common and thus should not induce great penalties due to the innocent nature of the action. AP naturally over penetrates superstructures so it's fine, but HE needs some help. A player should not be given pink status for several games simply because they shot a handful of HE shells onto a friendly ship by pure accident. Quoting myself from a later reply (in which I think I did a better explanation of what I mean): Therefore I would suggest changing HE shell mechanics so that it has 0% chance of setting fire on friendly ships. Deliberate team killers can still do their thing (less easily now) and would still be punished, whereas accidental offenders would not be punished unnecessarily due to a lucky (or in this sense, unlucky) fire. P.S. Flooding is a different case as it can be only caused by torpedoes (and ramming, which only enemy ships can do), and I personally think players should be punished for launching bad torpedoes. However, considering torpedoes already deal a lot of alpha damage, I would argue that flooding is unnecessarily harsh for both the offender and the victim. Removing flooding by team would also make it consistent with the behavior of HE shells. But again, I consider changing flooding mechanics much less important due to team damage by torpedo is much rarer than that by gun, and is more likely to be deliberate. That's why I'm putting this in P.S. section and not really pushing for it.
  9. Description: Upon being set on fire, the on-fire icon appears grey. No timer is shown for extinguishing. The fire continues to burn until the Damage Control Party is selected. Reproduction: This problem occurs uncommonly. It appears random between ships, classes and tiers. Always occurs from fires from enemy ships Result: Fire burns permanently until Damage Control Party is used. Time for extinguishing fire is not shown. On-Fire Icon is grey. In this particular match it happened twice. Expected Result: Fire should go out by itself eventually without needing DCP to put it out. Timer should always be shown on how long fire has left to burn. Examples: Python.log was too large (4MB) to upload in this report. File is being hosted here: http://www.filedropper.com/python_7
  10. Hello fellow captains~ So here are some ideas for possible weather events in-game... A volcanic eruption in some maps that could have volcanoes in them. It's the same as a cyclone event—only this time it's a volcano. The eruption would bring ash-fall across the map, limiting visibility just like a cyclone would. Clouds of ash and debris could also erupt from the volcanic island, creating a natural smokescreen over a large radius. Now the obvious problem would be the toll on the PC with this level tho. Another idea regarding weather events is the effect of cyclone (rain) on the speed of fire extinguishing in burning ships. It's only natural i guess for a burning ship to douse the flames more quickly when it's raining. And that's about it.
  11. I was on a mission that required to set 30 fires on ship, so I decided to bring out a Fuso since I don't feel comfortable driving cruisers yet. I managed to land 20 HE shells on a Scharnhorst but did not get a single fire. In return, I got set on fires 11 times from "only" 70 shells. Well, Fuso's HE has 25% fire chance but not so much the case here. Is this an isolated case of "RNG hates me" or is something happening on Fuso's HE?
  12. Aniket_Sengupta

    Fire Extinguishing Help

    Ok, I need some information regarding the duration(not chances) of fires set and how it affects: How long do fires last?(in seconds) Has it got anything to do with HE shell size? Has it got anything to do with the tier of the ship?. Has it got anything to do with the type of ship as target? Has it got anything to do with the section of the ship ignited? On what factors do damage per tick depend upon? Percentage? HP? Tier of ship? Type of ship? HE shell size? Any help is appreciated.
  13. MEOW

    graphical bug glitch ati

    issue:graphical glitch(torpedo,smoke,fire) screenshot : ship:any map:any occurrence: every time tested:i don't know how did it happen but here is DxDiag.txt 21.94K severity: visual error. details: it really annoying to see rainbow pixelated smoke or fire or pixelated torpedo DxDiag.txt
  14. Kongou_1913

    Fire the planes

    I'm a rookie and I really want to know how to fire the planes on my own so I can hit them more accurately. Thanks
  15. for all along, I though that 3 stack fire is the most worst fire, but just yesterday, I got 4 stack fire for the first time. (Really, either my luck or because I play BB not very often, it's my first time) and it's awe me. ARE YOU CRAZY!!? Who the hell put this fire in to this game!!? fire 1 stack, I ignore it, with BB repair party, damage form fire can be 100% recovery. fire 2 stack, start to get serious, if I have less then 50% and got 2 stack fire, I have to considered using damage control party. fire 3 stack, alarm sound hit damage control fast! but now.... fire 4 stack......alarm sound like scream form hell, if my damage control are in cool down, drop the mouse and wait for death, no one can survive this fire. it kill my BB in matter of minute!! even from 70% hp. damn to those who put this into game ... T T fukoda..... wa.....
  16. NguyenArchitakuVN

    Bombers are annoying.

    Do you think that it is annoying to be set on fire every single time you get hit by bombs from dive bombers? Every time i see a squadron of dive bombers approaching my ship... I know well crap... Another fire. I believe ships get caught on fire by dive bombers too often. Nearly 99% of the time i get hit by bombs, they set me on fire. And one more thing WG hasn't get it fixed yet. Torpedo bombers drop their torps too close to my ship. It seems almost impossible to dodge even for a destroyer. It doesn't happen very often but when ever a carrier player decided to "rush kill" an enemy vessel, he manually control his squadrons and drop the torps really close to the target. Of course these carrier players are good enough to estimate the correct distance of dropping so the torps will have enough time to engage. It makes gameplay somewhat frustrating for the victims. WG really have to do something, like increase the effectiveness of AA fire if enemy planes get closer to the warships. And I don't mean carriers are OP are something like that. It's just so annoying to be killed during the first 4 minutes of a battle haven't even seen an enemy.
  17. Pseudoscope


    Hi All, Hoping you can help me out. Just had a game where I was up against a montana in my mahan, he was engaged with the rest of the fleet so I dropped smoke, parked up and ordered the boys to start loading HE. During this engagement I had 84 hits... and not a single fire. The montana had 1 small fire on it at one point but other than that she was ready to burn. Now the Mahan's %fire is 5% or 1 in 20. Thus giving me around 4 fires. Now I realise he could have taken the fire surpression (decreases fires by 7%) which would lower the Mahan's fire to 4.65% which isn't that different to 5%. The question to you all is, how does the fire mechanic work and why might I not have lit any? Also I've noticed you can have upto 4 fires, are there fire 'hit boxes', ie if I lit the bow of the ship on fire and kept landing my shells there I wouldn't light another fire until that one was out? Cheers in advance
  18. iKaMuSuMe_GeSo

    No Landing No Launching Plane Bug

    While playing Ranger my ship was fired i waiting for self fire suppression don't use fire extinguisher and fire is out and then i wanna Launching plane but don't Landing too by any chance delude oneself i clicked fire extinguisher button but don't act up