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Found 6 results

  1. blauflamme22


    It's a topic the comes up every now and then, the ability for fighters to have some sort of attack against ships, like strafing with cannons or rockets. I'd like to tweak the idea a bit and instead propose a fourth category of aircraft; the fighter-bomber, in air to air it would be weaker than the pure fighters (slowed down by the weight of those bombs etc) and in the air to surface it would be weaker than the pure dive bombers (having to carry lighter bombs to maintain air to air performance etc.) Because of the nature of Fleet aviation there are a number of example of aircraft that have served such porposes, the Skua, Mosquito, Firefly and Corsair to name a few. Basically they could operate just like the current fighters and dive bombers do just as an inferior mix, though I'd love to see the graphics for a rocket and cannon strafing run. Anyway, I'd love to hear peoples' thoughts, especially those that actually play CVs or are interersted in playing them.
  2. Okay, I'm make this short. I'm playing my Zuihou carrier and I have 1 squadron of Fighters, 2 Torps, and one Bomber. I notice my teammate, who's playing their Ryuujou, is under fire with the enemy planes (same Ryuujou / Zuihou CVs as our team has). So, thinking I'll kill a bunch of enemy planes that are eating his planes for breakfast, I hold down ALT + click above where the enemy planes are, and my squadron does a strafing run - completely mowing down the numbers of the planes (although it says I only got 3 shot down). However, his squadron, which had 3 remaining seemed to be affected as well, as they disappeared after my squadron completed the strafing run. I asked them "did I just kill your planes?" but they didn't respond. I let my planes refuel, etc. And soon after they've done that, my torpedo bombers are getting rekt by the enemy Ryuujou's planes. So I do another strafing run, more kills and it seems my torpedo planes got hit and died... by my own fighters?! My question is, do i need to be careful when doing a strafing run as if my planes are doing a run, can they shoot down friendly planes? Or will the AI ignore damage from teammate planes? I hate to be doing strafing runs thinking I'm doing good for my team when in fact I'm team killing friendly planes. Cheers.
  3. I was wondering whether the catapult fighters on cruisers increases the distance you get spotted by enemy ships? I'm always worried to launch catapult fighters to "scout"(?) the area for enemy DD and others as I'm afraid I would get spotted first. (Would catapult fighters even scout ships at all?)
  4. Was gonna ask this thing, if you have this level on your commander/captain.... How come you have 2 fighters instead of 1? I feel very curious on this one
  6. Just a small warning to anyone playing CVs that the new strafing ability is still bugged. Leaving aside that it's utterly useless against any player with some degree of measurable brain activity, there is a fairly good chance your fighters will bug out after their attack run if an enemy fighter squadron attacks it while doing the strafing run. It will be bugged and unable to defend itself. Thus, I highly suggest not to try out this ability... If you're really curious about how it works do it in a coop match where the loss of a single fighter squadron is outweighted by the sheer stupidity of the bot AI. And remember people, full release soon.